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will you give installation support?

Yes will do


Pre-sales Q:

Two quick question 1. DO you system can doing STOCK AUDIT function? which is monthly warehouse stock count with stock adjustment function.

2. ORDER with 999 AMOUNT of product, making your system took along time to list out a LONG list of product item ( which is quite weird for this ), the long list appear after i click “RESTOCK FROM LPO”. Do this function will be revise soon?

No I cant do Stock Audit as of now. The Large number order issue should be sorted out with an update

Hello Does this system have commission option for seller?

As of yet no

Hi, Presale Q.Do you have a version whitout Invoice, Sales, Quote, Paymentetc.. where I want to manage only the Warehouse

Hi, Presale Q.Do you have a version whitout Invoice, Sales, Quote, Paymentetc.. where I want to manage only the Warehouse

Hi as of now no everything is interlinked

how to upload inventory in bulk via csv or excel

What’s the error

Okay go to .env change app_debug to true and app_debug to true then send me error screenshot via mail


I have sent you the email with the error message

What is demo username and password for admin and customer ?

Is it possible to get the login credentials. Does this support multiple warehouses?


Login with test123

please provide username and passowr , some where in the description

Done Reload Page

i tried to upload csv file after filled but i got whoops error ? is there any character can’t be used in product name? maybe that’s is the issue


jpadiaz Purchased

Hi, madawar please I need your help for to get the Excel file for change de language to Spanish please. Can you help me?

Hi i tested the software its grate, how will the storekeeper login looks like. are delivery notes available. is stock item history report available. if not will you custom code it for me

How do I add a new language to the system?


I went through the full demo and we are looking for a solution to manage our warehouse, however I am unable to find out how I can view the item locations without having to go via warehouse e.g. I want to know Item A all bin locations in all warehouse, is that possible?

Cheers Amit.

Hi there, your product looks GREAT – just one question: can the offline version be used with an Apple Mac (e.g. XAMPP instead of WAMP as for PC)?

How can add products in Warehouse ..? choose warehouse .. is this option can be add while the time of adding product..?

Are you providing install and some customize in the invoice as per my request ? i’m looking to buy it but need some change in location, features.. etc

Are you still providing support to this system?


I’m willing to buy the dispatcher part for the whole price.