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Dear Madawar You did installation on my server and it goes down after few days only. i have emailed you about this issue, but received no reply yet…. Please reply so i can start work again

Will take a look at it in the evening and see if I can assist


Any response to my email?

Hi, before purchase this item, I want to know about a function that transfer the stock or ship the stock between warehouses, is already included? Because I need this function especially.


No that functionality is not included

I sent an email to your email and please check for me

SIr the download link is broken, I am not able to download this script.


Can you add profit – expense calculation feature?

Hi Madawar … I am interested in purchasing your software to help with my warehouse management. Can you please tell me what bar code software / scanner is your program compatible with?

Hi, any plan to add new function to move stock from one bin/location to another bin/location ?

Hello! Is this compatible with PHP 7.x ? Also, when is the next update scheduled and what it will contain? I see that you haven’t updated the product for some time… since January to be more precise. Also, I need to be able to create an accountant user and that user should only be able to create reports and save them as PDFs. Also, the accountant should only be able to see and download the invoices and the reports generated. The accountant shouldn’t be able to do anything else in the system. Also, if you plan to make an update… for Haven’s sake, please update the invoice pdf! It looks like we are in the year 2000.

Thank you for this awesome product!

Kind regards,

can you provide customization


etse007 Purchased

I get a lot of error when adding product category. This is the error when i click on submit button. QueryException in Connection.php line 761: SQLSTATE[42S22]: Column not found: 1054 Unknown column ’/category’ in ‘field list’ (SQL: insert into `product_categories` (`categoryName`, `categoryDescription`, `/category`, `companyId`, `createdBy`, `updated_at`, `created_at`) values (GTP Clothing, All cloth produced by GTP, , 1, 1, 2017-04-10 23:43:57, 2017-04-10 23:43:57))

Hi, is this plugin still active with support? Because I’m considering to buy but i see no update about the comment, thanks

I am interested in purchasing this as well, but seems like updates are dead. Please advise.

Updates will resume next month don’t buy as of yet

I need to have a discussion with you about some functions, how can I contact you?

Hi madawar, I haven’t asked you before to support cause I installed successfully. But now, I’m installing it white page, althought I’ve changed all folders to 777. Please support me this time!

Try changing to 755 if it doesn’t work send me TeamViewer credentials

Ok I’ll change it to 755 now. If not work, I’ll send you TeamViewer info.

Hi still not work, plz get into my TeamViewer for me to check again, many thanks!

Madawar, does this item still get supported and we have a big problem after install and running a test.

1. when you creat PO, doing receiving (restock) if one item we purchsed 10 units. we need recevie 10 times for each. normally we are doing more than thousands qty pruchase, everytime and this function looks like a bug. 2. when we creat restock item. if we do 1 time for qty 500. system creat 500×500 qty for this time. 3. when we do sales order and invoice , the detail showing total different $$ numbers in detail page.

You can send me TeamViewer credentials I’ll fix it

i will send it to your msg. thanks