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Nice navigation :)

Thank you !


look great. GLWS 1 How many scripts/files does your code ad to my site?

2. Any plans for a WP Version?


Hello and thanks !

If you already use jQuery, you’ll need 2 more script files and 2 CSS files (you can merge them so you’ll end up with 1 file for each).

The icons are from this set, I’ve left 6 files in the item.

And there’s only 1 image part of the footer, the others are only decorative for demonstration purposes (logo, background, gallery).

There’s no plan for WP at this moment, maybe in the future.


Hide option does not work. I change “stickyfooternav_hide” to “true”, but only arrow is change. Footer not hiding. I must click arrow to hide footer. How to hide footer default, and open by clicking in arrow?


Hello, well that’s quite strange that I missed that. Anyway, open stickyfooternav.js and change the line 85 from this :


To this :


If you want to use the minified version of the script, then you should minify again the uncompressed one after making the above change.

Now it works very well. Thanks for fast reply. Regards

You’re welcome :)


would this one also be relevant for an embed on several websites through php include method ?

thanks Guilluaume

Hello, yes that can be done via the include method :)

If you choose to click reaction when we have the mobile mode, clicking on the cross, div is not hidden.

Yes, it is a file from the archive 02_stickyfooternav_click If you make the screen smaller, to turn on the cell type, when clicking on the X Window closing is activated, but the script detects another click as the call to open, he tried to fix js, but ran into other problems, this decision will be glad to see you.

I’m not 100% sure to understand but if this happens only on a desktop browser, I guess that it won’t be noticed because this functionnality is designed for mobiles. So if you don’t have issues on mobiles, I’m not sure if it’s worth investing time in that. On my side, I don’t have any problem with all browsers tested but again, this is coded for mobiles essentially.

Thank you! You’re right, spent a couple of hours, but it was simply not needed so tested.

5 stars!

Hi, Your gallery breakpointon firefox goes from 4 to 1 columns Can this be set to stay at 4? How would I remove the padding between images? Cheers, J

Hi, yes this can be done for sure, the gallery is using a CSS grid so you could make a specific grid for the images in order to display them in another way and remove margins.

Hi, I cannot get BootStrap widgets to work within the StickyFooter navigation. Bootstrap works fine outside StickyFooter but as soon as I place it within Stickfoort, the Bootstrap. For example I use this bootstrap widget: <input type="checkbox" checked data-toggle="toggle" data-size="mini">

Hi, I’ve replied to your email.


How could I add 2nd/3rd level menu?

Hi, well that’s not a simple change that can be explained via comments, there’s actually quite a bit of work in order to make it functional and responsive. If you have no idea where to start, you may then would need to hire a coder who could do it for you.

Lovely looking plugin. What would it take to make it sticky to the top of the browser instead of footer?

Hello, well in that case you may want to look for a mega menu which can be fixed at the top maybe? For example something like this one https://codecanyon.net/item/flexinav-flexible-and-responsive-navigation/6528657 Also make sure to browse the wordpress category if you’re using this CMS.

Amazing! Good sales for you

Thank you :)

Hi, I need a sticky header/menu like this (below slider)

https://avada.theme-fusion.com/header-below-slider/ It´s possible with this plugin?

Hello, that’s not the primary purpose of this footer, you may want to look for a component that sticks to the top instead. Also if you need a wordpress plugin you should look into the wordpress category, this item belongs to the javascript section.