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PRESALE QUESTION: I have a theme which allows front-end contents being posted by users. I was wondering if this plugin will automatically post this video in the post if users will submit the videos through front end. 1. Will this plugin auto post on the blog 2. Lets say if a user posts multiple video in a post from youtube + vimeo + vevo etc then how will multiples videos perform on scroll?


Hi smazhar, In the plugin settings there are two methods you can select.

1. Auto Select -The plugin will auto-apply the stickyness to the first video detected in a page or post.

2. Adding a Class – There are 2 classes you can add depending on the container.

“sticky-video”: you can add this class to the video tag (e.g. <iframe> or <video>) to make it sticky or “contains-sticky-video”: you can add this class to a wrapper container (e.g. or an outer ) to apply the stickyness to the first video detected inside that container.

These methods will work with all the supported video platforms.


Hello, does it work also for videos in sidebar widgets? Thanks.

Hi neurro, It’s not. It will only work with pages and posts.

Hi neurro, Please disregard my previous comment. It does work on sidebars. But it has to be either a single post, or a page. Not in the post archived page. Sorry for the confusion.

Thank you!

Hello, is the plugin available also in a standalone version (no WordPress)? Thanks

No one can answer me? Do you have a plan for a standalone version, no WordPress? Thanks

Hi michele_, Apologies for this late reply. I missed your previous comment. Unfortunately no. It is currently only available as a WordPress plugin. Cheers!

Just bought the sticky video, wow, wish I knew when this came out, I love it. It’s working great, but not on one video type that I use an iframe on. you can see it here https://www.wpcrafter.com/course/3-steps-wordpress-success/

To enable the close button, you need to go to Settings > StickyVideo > and set the ‘Enable close button?’ option to ‘true’.

As for the height issue, we could only replicate that issue with vooplayer running on Safari. Can you please send us a private message? We will help you to get it fix. Cheers!

This is not an option at all in the settings panel. It’s just not there. These are the only settings available https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozozadeqczuvxir/Screenshot%202017-02-25%2022.04.53.png?dl=0

Just sent you a reply via a PM. Cheers!