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PRESALE QUESTION: I have a theme which allows front-end contents being posted by users. I was wondering if this plugin will automatically post this video in the post if users will submit the videos through front end. 1. Will this plugin auto post on the blog 2. Lets say if a user posts multiple video in a post from youtube + vimeo + vevo etc then how will multiples videos perform on scroll?


Hi smazhar, In the plugin settings there are two methods you can select.

1. Auto Select -The plugin will auto-apply the stickyness to the first video detected in a page or post.

2. Adding a Class – There are 2 classes you can add depending on the container.

“sticky-video”: you can add this class to the video tag (e.g. <iframe> or <video>) to make it sticky or “contains-sticky-video”: you can add this class to a wrapper container (e.g. or an outer ) to apply the stickyness to the first video detected inside that container.

These methods will work with all the supported video platforms.


Hello, does it work also for videos in sidebar widgets? Thanks.

Hi neurro, It’s not. It will only work with pages and posts.

Hi neurro, Please disregard my previous comment. It does work on sidebars. But it has to be either a single post, or a page. Not in the post archived page. Sorry for the confusion.

Real Cool Work !!!!

Thank you!

Hello, is the plugin available also in a standalone version (no WordPress)? Thanks

No one can answer me? Do you have a plan for a standalone version, no WordPress? Thanks

Hi michele_, Apologies for this late reply. I missed your previous comment. Unfortunately no. It is currently only available as a WordPress plugin. Cheers!

Ok, thanks.

Just bought the sticky video, wow, wish I knew when this came out, I love it. It’s working great, but not on one video type that I use an iframe on. you can see it here https://www.wpcrafter.com/course/3-steps-wordpress-success/

To enable the close button, you need to go to Settings > StickyVideo > and set the ‘Enable close button?’ option to ‘true’.

As for the height issue, we could only replicate that issue with vooplayer running on Safari. Can you please send us a private message? We will help you to get it fix. Cheers!

This is not an option at all in the settings panel. It’s just not there. These are the only settings available https://www.dropbox.com/s/ozozadeqczuvxir/Screenshot%202017-02-25%2022.04.53.png?dl=0

Just sent you a reply via a PM. Cheers!

Does it support Amazon s3 hosted Videos ?

Hi ramzi2306,

Can you please tell us what video player you are using? It doesn’t really matter where the video is hosted. What matters is the video player you use. In the demo site, you can also download the free version of this plugin so you can give it a try.



cyump Purchased

Hi I’ve purchased the plugin back in november and it worked fine, now after the update the position of the video is not working properly.

You can see it here http://mintsdeals.com/testing-video/ . When you scroll down the video shows on the upper left side under the menu bar, but it should be on the bottom right side ( you can see that the close button shows on the botom right).

V1.01 worked with the theme just fine, I just need the extra features you’ve added ( html class to select video to scroll and the close button)

Hi cyump,

The sticky position is incorrect because there is a CSS rule (maybe coming from the theme?) which is forcing the top and left position to the iframe. You should be able to fix this issue easily by adding the following CSS to the page:

.fluid-width-video-wrapper [data-sticky-video-state=”sticky”] { top: auto; left: auto; }

Do you have any plans to release standalone html version?

Not at this stage sorry. It is currently only available as a WordPress plugin. Cheers!


gpbwweb Purchased

what is new in the last update ?

Hi gpbwweb, You can find these info at the ‘changelog.txt’ which is located inside ‘sticky-video.zip’.

With the release of v2.0.0 we’ve done the below;

- Removed jQuery dependency - Fixed minor-bug on window resizing - Added “data-sticky-video-state” attributes - Added fade/motion/scale transition types - Added placeholder-background choice - Added styling options for mobile breakpoint - Improved compatibility with WP’s media player - Improved transition performance

My videos are currently loading using a shortcode from another plugin. Videos hosted on vimeo. If I don’t use the plugin to make the main video look good, it displays with a lot of black space on either side, but YOUR plugin works. If I DO format the video using that other plugin (shortcodes ultimate), it displays fine large but can’t get your plugin to position properly. Any advice?


daisypeel Purchased

Sent you a message, and tried implementing the fix you sent (same as the one you suggested above). Doesn’t work.


daisypeel Purchased

It does work if I just embed the vimeo video link in my page, but I need to be able to set height/width because otherwise it doesn’t display properly. And as soon as I use a shortcode to do that, it breaks :(

Hey daisypeel,

We checked your page again and it seems the stickyness is working fine, have you found a solution or is it just a temporary fix? If you’re still having trouble with the shortcode please restore it in your page because it is hard for us to provide a fix unless we’re able to inspect the code that breaks. Once it’s published let us know.


hi I was looking to buy this plugin. I’m creating a new site and wanted to use it alongside wistia videos. however doesn’t seem to be working (I tried the free plugin to test).

https://training.safarpublications.org/?p=24 – Youtube works https://training.safarpublications.org/?p=16 Wisita doesn’t work

appreciate guidance/clarification

Hello there! This plugin only support iFrame embedding from Wistia. Please follow the instructions here; https://wistia.com/doc/embedding#fallback_iframe_embed

1- Does this plugin working with infinite scroll of posts that contain iframe videos?

2- Can I choose to sticky the video when user start it not when scrolling only?

Hi Westlir,

1- Yes the plugin will work with any iframe videos. But it will not work in the post listing/blog template. It will only work in post article template or in a page template. If you are not sure about this I would suggest to try the free version of the plugin before you purchase.

2- This feature is available under the settings. But it will only work with HTML5 videos and videos that are embedded from the WP Media Library. It is not available for iframe videos.