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It does not work… I’m using Divi theme and I’ve tried all plugin options, but it fixes the video relative to parent div, not to browser viewport. I’m not using other plugins.

The page I was testing: http://cursos.mude.nu but I had to disable because of the error. I’d like a refund.

Hi there, Can you please send us a private message? Will help you to sort this out.

Yes, please.

Hi there. I’d love to know if I can turn your sticky video OFF on a page by page basis – eg I have a landing page built with elementor, and in this case, I do NOT want the youtube video I am using, to turn into a widget, and leave a horrible large gap on the main page :) Thanks for your help! Stephen

LOVE IT. I wish there was a way to DISABLE this feature on a page by page or post by post cases. Or maybe there is and I don’t know?!

Hi, Does it support the current version of WordPress and the Vooplayer?

Actually, I will be using YouTube videos, but that will be wrapped under “Vooplayer” skin since they offer many other great features. So, My main aim with this sticky video plugin is to be able to make those embedded Vooplayer videos ( which will actually play YouTube hosted videos) to get sticky using this plugin.

Is it possible with this? Thank you.

Also, I noticed that it was updated one year back. Are you planning to update it again with modern codes and maybe some new features? Thank you.

Hi, facebook video is not working for me. Any solution?

Hi, Can you please send us the link to your site in a private message? Cheers!

Hello, i really like your product and i was wondering if i can integrate your product with this one here: https://codecanyon.net/item/facebook-live-video-auto-embed-for-wordpress/18144979

i would like facebook live video sticks on the screen. I use this wordpress template https://themeforest.net/item/sonik-responsive-music-wordpress-theme-for-bands-djs-radio-stations-singers-clubs-and-labels/16691545

Many Regards.

Hi, We have not tested our plugin with Facebook Live Video Auto Embed plugin. I would recommend for you to test it with the free version of StickyVideo. You can find it at; https://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-video-free-edition/


I have to use just normal youtube link (not iframe) to use other plugin issue but height does not properly working. (probably for iphone user) is there anyway I can control height of video? I tried to use custom responsive CSS div class but it didn’t work

Hello, Can you please send us the link to your site in a private message? Cheers!

I have tested the free version of the plugin, but it doesn’t work with the caching plugin “WP Rocket”. Is it working with the pro version?


I’ve tried the FREE version, but I don’t see a way to add an .mp4 video that’s hosted from an AWS Amazon bucket.

Does the PRO version allow external links? I host my videos on Amazon servers not YouTube or Wordpress.

Thank you in advance.

Hello! Depends on the video player you are using. You can find a list of supported players at https://stickyvideo.madebyoctave.com/

StickyVideo is not a video player. And it does not generate embed code. What it does is, pin your player (you already have) to a side of the page.

But in order to d that, first you need to embed your video to your page.


Is there a way to define when he pop-up player appears? I’d like for it to pop out after it reach certain target ID in the html.