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Hi i want to add embed code from www.brid.tv ,want to know whether it works ?

i have added sample script for reference

<script type=”text/javascript” src=”//services.brid.tv/player/build/brid.min.js”></script> <script type=”text/javascript”> $bp(“Brid_98025073”, {id </script>

awaiting reply


Hi David,

We haven’t tested the plugin with brid.tv platform yet. But I would suggest you to download the free version of the plugin and give it a test. You can find the free plugin at https://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-video-free-edition/


Plugin is not working on our wordpress site. Wistia video. https://www.interlockroofing.com/

Hi plumptree,

When using StickyVideo with Wistia you need to use iFrame embed option. So please try to replace your video with an iframe as explained here: https://wistia.com/doc/iframe-embed-options


Hey, Since I want to use a plugin for customize look of video using Plyr plugin (https://wordpress.org/plugins/plyr) along with StickyVideo plugin, so before I make purchase I wanted to make sure that this plugin would work well with that. Please help me with my concern. Eagerly waiting for your reply. Thanks

Hi wpLabs, I just did a quick test with the Plyr plugin and it works with the videos that are hosted inside WP’s media library. I would suggest you to download the free version of StickyVideo and give it a try. You can download it at https://wordpress.org/plugins/sticky-video-free-edition/

Hey octavewp, Thanks for your response. I tried Plyr plugin with the free version of StickyVideo plugin and I think it’s not working with youtube videos or I might be missing something. If you guys can add same functionality to StickyVideo as of Plyr or make both plugin work together, that would be great. By the way, Plyr plugin is opensource, this might help. Thanks

I have close button enabled, but it’s not showing on the videos. Please advise.

Hi tonihogan, Can you please send us the link to your website in a private message, so we can have a look. Cheers!

Hi, is there a tutorial for how to add a youtube video?

Hi, is there a way to have a youtube sticky video without having this video also on the page, i don’t what to have this video included in my webpage, i only what to have this video as sticky.

Thank you!

Hi shapehost, You need to have a visible video in your page in order to use this plugin. So on page scroll it will pin the video to a side.



StickyVideo used to work perfectly… Until now. I didn’t add any new plugin, maybe a Wordpress update is in cause?

Would you please check to see what gives?

Here’s an article of my blog with a video on:


Thank you very much.


Damien Casoni

Hi Damien,

Just to let you know, we only provide support here for the Pro version of the plugin. But we had a quick look and it looks like you have a plugin conflict. Try disabling the plugin ytSubscribe.


Thank you so much! That was it. Such technical skills is like magic for me.

This is a really awesome and powerful plugin for publications, but sadly I don’t see it working on Firefox, Safari, or Chrome when logged out. I see it work when logged in though.

This is when Auto select is chosen. When option 2 is selected nothing works even when signed in.

IMPO it needs and overlay icon top left corner similar to what Facebook displays. If people are more inclined to read than watch the video they won’t even start the video, but just read.

If they knew the vdo floated they might be more inclined to click play. Similarly for those who generally only watch and don’t read. Result, potentially longer time on site.

I hope you can give us a solution. If we can get this implemented we will be the first news site in Asean with it & will be happy to be a reference site once it is working.

Cheers, John

Site (video section): https://aecnewstoday.com/aec-video/#axzz4nkHK43Ot

Hi John, Can you please send us a private message? We will help you to sort this out.

Thank you. Message sent. For the benefit of anyone else we found that wrapping the Facebook embeds in <center></center> tags got all of the Facebook video embeds working.

Hi John,

Just sent you a reply.

Just for the record here, wrapping the video inside <center></center> has no effect, what really matters is the source of the iframe: Sticky-video will check, at page-load, all iframes included in the page and checks if any matches a supported source (Facebook or Youtube video for example). So as long as you include an iframe from a supported source sticky-video will work.


chass57 Purchased

Hi Author

There is problem in your plugin , z-index problem , video is showing below all contents , please check your self here below in this link


Hi chass57,

The z-index of the grid system of your theme is overriding the one set by sticky-video. The solution is to reset the one set by the theme by adding a CSS code. If you’re using sticky-video only on your homepage, you should use this code:

`body.home .grve-element, body.home [class=”grve-column-”] { z-index: inherit; }`

This code makes sure the fix is applied only to the homepage and doesn’t affect other pages. If instead you’re using sticky-video on multiple pages, please use this code:

`.grve-element, [class=”grve-column-”] { z-index: inherit; }`

However mind that this last code will affect your grid system in all pages, so be sure to check for other z-index issues anywhere the grid system is used.

Hi chass57,

Just realised few characters from the code I added above been stripped. Please send us a private message. Will help you to get these fix.


Can we show a single custom video in all pages by doing some changes ?


Can we show our channel video in this ?

Hi ravibadoni, What do you mean by a ‘single custom video’? Can you please elaborate on this?

You can have multiple videos in a page. But the plugin will add the sticky function only to the first video or a selected video based on the ‘Video selecting method’ you select under the Settings.