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It looks nice, good luck ;)


Nice work GLWS :)


Looks like a good product seen in big media news website, like dailymail, you need to put a big description, and more details how it works, what video provider support ?

Thanks mate! Yes I will add more info. It supports videos that are hosted in WordPress’ media library, YouTube and Vimeo.


surtsey Purchased



i think to buy it if you can make it for vbulletin forums or make it as jave script code so we can add it in vbulletin forum

Hello there! Thank you for your enquiry. Sorry we only sell this as a WordPress plugin at this stage.

hello. Can you add dailymotion support?

Hello there! The plugin now supports videos from dailymotion. Demo: http://stickyvideo.octave.systems/dailymotion/ Cheers!

Thanks, look like very good.

Hello. I have buy your pluggin for my website, i use dailymotion video or youtube vidéo but it don’t work. Do u know why? My site: www.buzz-days.com

Best regards,

Hello! What’s the best e-mail to contact you?

Please disregard my previous comment. Can you kindly send me a private message using ‘Contact Author’ under item support tab? We will help you to set it up.

Can you I add support for the jwplayer? I use exclusively that player because you can add ads to it. They have an official wordpress plugin.

Hi! Thank you for your enquiry. We are working on adding JWplayer support. Will let you know as soon as it is ready. Cheers!

Hi oso33055, This plugin now supports JWplayer!

Does this plugin work for other video services like Wistia, Anvato, Brightcove etc.? Conceivably, could you take any video service that supports an embed code to display?

Thanks for your enquiry. We are currently working on adding support for more services. Watch this space! :)

Wow, this is perfect! I’ll buy this tomorrow i’m just waiting my payoneer money ;)

Cheers mate!

I just purchased it.. is there a way to turn it off on certain pages? I only need it to work on a few pages…

Hello! Sorry the current version of this plugin does not support this feature. But we are hoping to add this in a future release. Cheers!


Brosko Purchased

Good day!I bought the Sticky Video plugin for WordPress (code 5741eb7c-3be0-4de1-9efb-5b2de7fd39b0). But when you install the plugin in wordpress shows the error – “Files failed to install. Correct plugins found.” What do I do?


Brosko Purchased

Sorry, I figured out… Sorry for bothering you, thank you!

No problem. Let us know if you need any help. Cheers!

How does this plugin work. Does it detect and stick any playing video on page? Is it a shortcode enabled plugin? Can you add support for Facebook embedded video, including Facebook live?

Hello there! Depending on the settings you select, the plugin will detect the first video on the page/post and make it sticky or you can use a special class on any shortcode. Facebook videos are currently not supported. But we are currently working on adding it.

Hi roguevoice, The latest version 1.2.0 now supports Facebook videos and many more. Read more: http://stickyvideo.octave.systems/


Hi Ayron, Depending on the settings, this plugin will automatically add the sticky video function to the videos you have it on your page. But it will not auto play the video. Users still have to click on the play button on your video player.

Hi Bornersthetics, Can you please send us a private message using the ‘Contact Author’ form? We’ll help you to sort this out. Thanks!

Hello, great plugin. I was curious if there is any further development planned to support sticky video on pages with multiple videos (ie in long scroll or videos in a carousel pages), instead of just the first video? Ideally this would then make only making the currently playing video sticky? Thanks

Hi wpd-billing, Thanks for purchasing the plugin. Yes there’s a major update coming up, with lot more player support and admin customisations. We’ll send you an update notification as soon as it is ready.

So I am clear, does this include support for multiple videos? and is there a rough estimate for when this update will be live?

Hi, I just purchased the plugin, installed it and activated it. However, it is not currently working.

We use videos hosted on Vimeo, but when I click ‘play’ and scroll to the bottom of the page, the video window does not float. See here: https://lebanonbfc.org/sermons/thy-will-done-part-2/

Can you tell me how to fix this?

Can you please try setting the option “Enable stickyness on paused videos” to “True”.

Hi, I enabled stickyness for paused videos, and it still doesn’t work.

Hi mintdave, Can you please send us a private message? We’ll help you to sort this out. Thanks!


gomajjee Purchased

Hi, I’ve just bought the plugin and installed it. It looks like working, but the position of floating player is not “right” or “left”. It’s “full” width at the bottom. How can I fix or move this to the right site in small box format. Also, it needs to be reloaded for working. Could you tell me how to fix it?

Check this my webpage http://skeca.org/archives/311753


Hi gomajjee, Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Under Settings > StickyVideo there is an option ‘Sticky video width (px)’. You can set the width there. Hope this will fix it. Cheers!

Hi gomajjee, We have checked your page and realised that there is an inline CSS rule in your site that forces all iframes to be full width. If you can send us a private message, we can help you to fix it. Cheers!

Hey, why your code is ignoring the z-index on my page? http://pilatescoluna.com.br/semana-de-atualizacao-2017/


Hey! We’re almost there! Please, take a look! any other tweak or idea? Thanks you very much!!!

i think i found a way to get this done! Thanksss again!!

No problem! Glad you managed to fix it.