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instead of playing playlist: [ {file:”muz/intro.mp3”, title:”Intro”,

i would like to be able to use

playlist: [ {file:”song.asp?id=1”, title:”Intro”,

is this possible?????????

Yep, if song.asp?id=1 is a music file.

Hi, Great PLAYER!!

Need help please, if it is possible….

If i put a button/link anywhere on my page and i press play would it play on the player?

How to make the player sticking on top?

i would pay extra for such support.

First, yes play button will works at player too. It can be sticky on top, i can do it for you for free. But i can’t give any promises because the player was developed for bottom.

Can you add remove added item from playlist?

Hi, kczangel:) Thank you that you noticed that. I’m working on it. Soon our player will be even better!

If i put a button/link anywhere on my page and i press pause would it pause on the player?

Thank you for your attention. It is a conflict with a theme. We are trying to fix this problem.

hi me again :D, can you add m4a support?

Hi)Nice to meet you again:)Sorry, but i can add only that formats which supports by HTML5 or jplayer’s flash playback.

Can I use this player in wordpress?

We have a WP version that you have already found:)

Hi, i want to buy your app. Can i play my local mp3 / mp4 audio files ?

Hi,Hormonpatlamasi! thank you for intresting my player! you’ll be able to play these files if they are on the server, not on your computer

I’m switching my site over from my old html layout to a new php layout code. How do I implement my sticky music player into the php code?

as HTML, only outside <?...?> tags

I’m not understanding would it be possible to have your help on this?

Unfortunately, we are not experts in your content management system. We can help HTML or WordPress only. Thank you for your understanding

It is possible to start, stop, set track and add to playlist from JS Code?

Right now there is no API, only for custom buttons with right classes.

Can You provide a combined & minfied version of all js in one js file?

The files too small so i don’t use minified versions.

Hi, I set the player as autoplay: true, it plays automatically on laptop, but on tablet and phone it doesn’t play automatically.

Hi! It associated with the policy of operating systems (iOS, Android). They do not allow autoplay

I really enjoy the layout of this music player, but upon website integration, I ran into a particular problem (as it pertains to the mobile rendering).

With regard to the computer desktop display, and using Chrome Browser, no negative display/function issues were found. It rendered beautifully.

But as I checked with the way it displayed and functioned on my HTC smartphone, a major issue arose. Upon first tap/click of the play button, the playlist popped-up just above and as expected, but the sliding scroll bar beneath the album covers was hidden, and no touch-slide functionability was available.

So I then wanted to disable the playlist altogether. Which led me to add a negative pixel amount to the bottom position in css. As a result, the playlist no longer displays in visible view, but it takes TWO taps/clicks onto the play button in order for the first music track to play.

Naturally, I would prefer that only ONE tap/click will be necessary.

Any helpful suggestions for a remedy fix will be most appreciated.

Kind regards, Chad.

So after further tweeking and fiddling, I was able to play the first track on first tap, but on most occasions, it takes two and three taps. I adjusted the play button surface area by increasing the width and height from 24×24 to 64×64, but no improvement was gained.

Is there a way to increase the tappable sensitivity of the play control button when using a mobile or tablet device?

Ultimately, it would be nice to simply tap the play button with a normal/light touch (and on first attempt), without having to press hard and multiple times.


My run-in problem had everything to do with the following script:


As I was using a different jquery library version (not of the one provided in your download package).

Thanks again for providing a great music player.

Hi! Thanks for your interest in my plugin!

About One click playing in mobile devices – I’ll correct it in next update.

Sorry, could you explain me more what problem do you have with js-script? Is it also related with playing in mobile? Send me link to your site, please, I’ll look at it

Is it possible to put the files on a remote server and still use the player properly?

Hello! Yes, you can put files on a remote server. But you need to paste part of code on your site and change url’s to plugin files http://joxi.ru/DmBlEx8fwN3ZPA

You can find this code in file index.php in plugin root folder

Works with soundcloud yet? How?

Hello! Yes, it works with soundcloud. To connect your souncloud you need to paste your Soundcloud ID in plugin settings.

Trying to embed this player on my forum index.php page but so far, no luck. Get a blank white page every time I save the script and refresh. Please advise.

Hello! Thanks for questions! You need to paste plugin code in footer.php or header.php file, for example. But not in index.php file. Try to do it.

Write me if you have more questions.

I’ve sent a couple messages to the author of this plugin (via themeforest button) but haven’t gotten a response so I figured I would sent a comment also. Specifically, I need a refund if possible because I mistakenly purchased this instead of the wordpress version. I already bought the wordpress version but this one I can’t use. Thank you! :)