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Hello, can i use this plugin for WordPress??

Hi, this is not a Wordpress plugin so that’s possible as long as you can integrate the code manually.

this Footer with theme blaszok is Compatible?

It’s not a question of theme as this footer is not a Wordpress plugin.

Great product! 2 questions though if anyone has asked this -

1. How can i move the links over a bit to add space on the left side?

2. How can i add non-link content (like without the

  • ) ?


  • edit to above – i want to be able to add the user name when logged in… so it’s non-link content

    Hello, in that case I’d suggest to wrap the element in a span for example so it’s easier to target and style. In other words, you could have this : <li><span>Login</span>... </li>
    Instead of this : <li><a href="#" class="dropup">Login</a>... </li>

    The in the CSS you can add your own styling in this way (in this example it’s styled like the link element) :

    #footer li span {
        padding:0px 15px 0px 15px;


    is it possible to add antoher kind of code? for example an audio player?


    Hello, theorically yes but if you have an example I can test it locally. Would you add it into the footer bar or within a panel ?

    Hello, I am highly considering purchasing your plugin.

    Can I achieve something similar to this footer bar on this page

    Thank you.

    Hello ! Actually your example is showing a quite simple bar that is displayed only at a specific position : it disappears once you are almost at the bottom of the page.

    I guess that this other product would be more convenient : you can set bars that appear / disappear wherever you need. Also this is not for Wordpress as you mentionned “plugin”.

    Thanks a lot for your time. I need it for wordpress. No problem. I keep searching.

    Hi sir, im considering to buy yur script but I wanted to be sure that it can be converted to what I needed before I buy it. Is there any way to place a subscribe form in here? similar to thank you

    Hello, that’s possible, however it would require a few customizations or additions in the CSS to style it properly.

    Hi, i need to implement a footer on several website with the possiblity of update contents in the footer in a centralized way: could i use iframe within the footer to call external contents ?


    Hello, well I’d recommend to use PHP instead (the simple include), an iframe is not quite convenient and it may not be displayed properly.

    thanks for advice ;)

    hi.can ? move the this menu bar to the left side.

    Hi, sure, the bar is positionned with this left and margin-left values :

    .footer_fixedwidth {
        margin:0 auto;
        width: 980px;
    You can set both of them to 0.

    You can also more the button accordingly :

        position: fixed;
        bottom: 0px; 
        right: 10px;

    You can here set the right value to “auto” and define a left value according to the footer width you have.


    I just purchased your script, but I don’t understand the installation instructions at all.

    How do I install this to my site’s footer? The below instructions makes no sense to me….

    To integrate this footer on your website, you’ll need the HTML part : 1 2 3

    You need to know HTML/CSS coding. This is not a wordpress plugin.

    Never said it’s a WordPress Plugin. Didn’t buy Sticky Footer for a WordPress site.

    After adding the files to site’s root directory, what is next? The following labeled section “Setting the Footer” of the documentation is not clear.

    Setting the Footer

    You’ll find in this download :

    2 HTML files : fixed_width.html and full_width.html for each variant of the footer 1 CSS file : footer.css 4 JS files : jquery.js (you might have it already on your website), footer_plugins.js (required), footer.js (footer script) and a minified (compressed) version footer.min.js (loads faster). To integrate this footer on your website, you’ll need the HTML part :

    1 2 3 <ul id="footer"> ... < / ul> </ul>

    I was expecting upon uploading sticky footer files, I would be able to work my way with the default as seen in demo. The footer does not even display. How do I get the footer to show?

    Please ask for a refund, if you’re lost it’s probably not for you at all. The documentation is not supposed to teach what to do with HTML files. This type of product is rather supposed to be integrated within your existing HTML pages. In short this means adding the assets (CSS,JS files), include them properly and copy the HTML markup of the footer within your content – and again, the documentation is not a toturial to teach these basics. If this doesn’t make sense to you, it’ll be very difficult to use this item.

    Im not a JS expert sorry. I want to change the drop down trigger arrow to a close action in the script as at present this hide trigger is conflicting with another js script I have. Can you tell me who to change the js of your code to a close action? Thanks in advance

    Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t have the code you’re asking for and I have no time to handle customizations at this moment.


    I have a problème, Firefox V46 and Chrome V50 le code is not Works.

    Menu: Large content, images, text, tables & lists will not open. with explorer 11 and edge is ok. Even in your demo.

    Can you help me ?

    Thank you for you response

    Hello, well it would be very strange that only 1 panel wouldn’t open on 2 specific browsers… I’ve just checked and it works normally, also I don’t support beta browsers, only stable releases. Chrome 50 (stable) works fine and firefox 46 is in beta, 45 is ok for me.


    I’m sorry but it did not work for me. Firefox 45 and Chrome 50 does not work, also watch your demo on this site that does not work either.

    Thank you

    That’s actually what I did, have you tried on another machine ? It’s quite difficult to imagine that only 1 panel wouldn’t work while the others would, there’s no difference between them except their content. Are you trying on a touch screen by any chance ?

    hello is the footer sticky responsive?

    Hello, this one is not responsive, but this other one is. Also on mobiles the footer is not sticky for the simple reason that fixed elements are not scrollable so if the height of the footer is bigger than the height of the screen the user has no chance to see the content. Anyway, I’d recommend to try the demo on mobiles devices and see by yourself, don’t hesitate to contact me again if you have other questions.

    Hello, Short question. Is the footer responsive, Tried the live preview from this website on the iphone. It did not size up to the iphone resolution dimensions. Thank you.

    Hello, this one is not. I have another product which is coded to be responsive here, feel free to try the demo on mobiles (without the top frame used for demo only)

    Is this script compatible with the sticky-kit?

    The footer doesn’t work.

    Sorry I missed this comment, I believe we already talked by email

    Hi, Great Plugin, I would like you customize two plugin for me. can you create wordpress plugins from your Sticky Footer script and Pull-out Content Pannel? kindly notify me if this is possible so we can discuss in greater details.

    Hello, I’m sorry but I don’t work with Wordpress at all.

    Will this sticky footer work on any site? Or I would have to make a lot of operations with css logic, js, etc. before I can use it? Or just simple add this to html page and it will work?

    You just need to copy the files and that’s it. If you already use jquery you shouldn’t include it again. Changes in CSS or JS are required only if you want to customize it.

    this plugin download files are missing

    This is not a plugin, it’s a static web component