Stickman Ragdoll- Online Unity Game( Multiplayer, Customize Mode…Unity game)

Stickman Ragdoll- Online Unity Game( Multiplayer, Customize Mode…Unity game)

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  • Stickman Ragdoll- Online Game is a fascinating physics simulation ragdoll game.
  • The player’s task is to score as many points as possible, collect items in the game and defeat other players in online PvP mode!
  • Customize mode that allows players to create their own map is already available
  • And many more exciting things are waiting for you to discover


  • Create by Unity Engine( require Unity 2019.3.9f1 (64-bit) pro or higher). Support Unity 2020 pro.
  • Unique Online PvP mode. This mode is always extremely interesting and appealing to players. Online mode have 17 maps ready to use. Easy to edit or create new maps for Online PvP mode. This mode uses the Photon engine. It is very simple to configure. Just paste App Id and done.!
  • Customize mode. The mode allows players to create their own map and save it in a list. Players can draw to create blocks, rotate or move it in the map. 16 props available to use to create maps (Rocket, canon, arrow, pinball, fan..etc) and all can move or rotate.
  • 22 maps with exciting items: Coins, rocket tower,canon tower,arrow tower…are ready to publish. You can easy to edit or create new maps.!
  • 10 Bonus maps. You can easy to edit or create new bonus maps.!
  • 12 vehicles ready to use.
  • 12 Characters ready to use.
  • 22 Props ready to use.!
  • 6 items game ready to use: Purple Diamond, Blue Diamond, Red Diamond for bonus coins, Treasure Chest for open treasure of coins, Discount coupon for discount 50% off ( unlock new maps), Key for unlock bonus maps. Beside it this game included Vane bamboo item used helps the player to fly in maps. Magnet item helps to attract items around. Animation of these items create with Spine Animation, so smooth and optimize performance.
  • 11 popular language options in the game. Including: English, Spanish, Arabic, German, Korean, French, Russian, Japanese, Italian, Portuguese, Chinese. Players can switch to their own language. You can easily change the translated words.
  • Blood color personalized!
  • 50 available achievements.
  • Unlimited missions for player in game : Upon completing the quest, the player will be rewarded with a corresponding amount of difficulty. This is a great way to retain.
  • Monetization with Ads Admob+ Unity Ads; In- Apps Purchase.
  • Full services and plugins have been integrated: Admob, Unity Ads, In- Apps Purchase( Prices on IAP packages are localized in the player’s currency), Leaderboard, Achiements, Share Native, Realtime Internet Daily Gift and Event Watch Unity Ads for Coins Now, Push Local Notification… All are detail video tutorials and document.
  • Fixed for all available resolutions and screen sizes.
  • Optimize game size.
  • Professional support We will support 24/7 all problems you have with this project.

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