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This free download for march-16 don’t even work when I try to install it? If this doesn’t work, I’m afraid to buy the pay version.

It fits nicely into our website. Thanks for sharing :)

Thank you for this March free file ;-)

Thanks for the free download of this plugin.

I am wondering if is is possible to have the pages open in a new tab or browser window rather than open in the current window/ page that Sticklr Displays on? I don’t want to take people completely away from our website when they click on one of the items that Sticklr displays. Is this possible? Thanks, Chris

i keep getting (The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.)


zaclag Purchased

after installation , in admin area, plugin looks messy ..

Please how can i make this appear only on the homepage

Is this plugin still supported?


I’m really interested in acquire your plugin. But I have two question about it:

1. It’s possible to set the a floating menu? Like the one in this page: As you can see, there are two floating menu: one with € and the other one with a phone.

2. It’s possible to set two buttons like the web I sent?



I am looking for menu like on the right. Sticky and minimal icon… Do you have this menu feature?