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Android version?

Does the other person need to have this app installed to see the stickers iam sending?

Hi there! Nope :) Remember, the whole point of the template is for you to put and use your own stickers in the app

What image formats can be used to create stickers

Hi there! .jpg / .png / .gif / .apng – But for a better experience we recommend .png as they can have transparency. Regards, RockStar_Media.

Hi, Very nice app..I was eagerly waiting for such app. I am interested to buy this so can you please tell me how many stickers does it has?? is it easily work with Xcode 8 ?

Looking forward to hear back from you!

Thanks, Vinod

Good day Vinod111, you can have as many stickers as you want to have inside… and yes, it works with Xcode 8. Everything is easily explained in our documentation. However, if you struggle, you can also give us a shout and we’ll be more than willing to assist.

Thanks for information. Just not sure what do you mean by “you can have as many stickers as you want to have inside” ? do I need to do program for having stickers in app? do this app has existing stickers which I can reskin?

Hi there. You don’t need to program anything to have stickers inside, everything is well explained in the documentation

Great app. Very easy to edit. Is the archive supposed to be named “StickerPackExtension?

Great. What’s your skype ID?

I’m receiving errors when I try to upload the finished archive to Apple. Sadly it fails without an error code. I’m on Skype as “Solacetech” please help. Thanks.

Good day, we are currently closed for the holidays and only re-open the week of the 3rd. We’ve noted your request.

Figured it out. Didn’t need this code after all. Paid for nothing.

hello, beautiful app stickers .. I wanted to ask if the stickers you can also drag and drop the messages or if you can only send?

Hi there, not sure what you mean exactly, but you drag and drop the stickers into your messages then they send

does this support .gif

Hi there! Apologies for the delayed response, yes, it does support gif, but .png is recommended :)

hi, i am seeing an error saying embedded binary not signed with same certificate as parent app…can you please help?

Hi there, you need to change the code signing of the app to your own credentials if you are now wanting to submit it to the AppStore. Are you familiar with these steps? if not, a quick google search will help, and Xcode will also assist you.

I still see the same error. I made sure code signing is same for target and extension components. Has anyone else reported the same? please help..

Hi there, please view this video and follow along the instructions… https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jRnVjtNLLLk

@atulya183 I am having the same issue, you got it to work?

Hi there, no email received from you, please make sure you are sending to: studio@rockstarmedia.co.za – if you are still struggling with this matter please send us an email and we’ll tell you of another option to run your apps successfully.

Ok. Sent it again from gmail and msn…

Do you have a sample app in the App Store? Can you drag the sticker on top of a message as seen here with Donald Duck… https://cdn.macrumors.com/article-new/2016/06/iMessage-apps-2-800x525.jpg?retina

Hi there…. no demo on the AppStore, but that’s exactly how it works… :) – if it doesn’t work that way we will give you a refund! The template is there to teach you how to develop your own templates, so you’ll be able to develop as many apps as you want at the end!


ardck Purchased

Having this problem on the upload, can you help me?


Thank you!


ardck Purchased

Hello; Thank you for your reply. It is already like that… I don’t understand why there is such a problem?

Have you also not used it before?

Just try and make a new bundle identifier altogether

Hi, does it support on the latest iOS? Specially on iPhone X.

Hi there. Yes, it does.

Awesome. Buying

Is there any way to load the images from a remote server? So I don’t have to release a new update every time I want to add a new image.

Hi there, yes, it is possible, but it requires additional development.

How much would that cost? Also how about adding a search to search image names?

Good day, please drop me an email via: studio@rockstarmediastore.co.za