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Hi there, I love the potential of this app!

1) When I install the free version of the app – it says “this app will slow down your iPhone – the developer needs to upgrade the app”. Any idea why?

2) Is it possible to change the link to post on Facebook to post to a specific Facebook Page I will create for the app?

3) Is it possible to create more than the 7 sticker categories you have in the live app? I have over 300 stickers to add for specialised project.

4) Is it possible to have you customise a version, where I can also add text to photos?

Looking forward to hearing from you!



1. The free version was compiled with a old version of Xcode and armv7 is 32 bit processor, I have to remove that from architectures list to fix it. If you check the paid version you will se that all is ok. The free version will be updated soon, so this issue will be disappear. Currently the source code work fine.

2. Yes, sure. It depends on facebook API if it allows that.

3. Yes, sure. You can add as many stickers as you want.

4. Yeah, I can help you to customize the source code. I need just a detailed specification about what exactly would like to change/add.

Thanks for your reply. I have sent you an email with a customization request.

apk version soon?

Hi, sorry, but only iOS version.

good job, very nice work ! wish you lots of sales ;)

Code has lots of Errors and Bugs. The Stickers wont save after saving, the sticker table is not centered. Please fix this issue

After sending a message, He helps me modify the code. His support is super fast, really amazing and better than I expected. Thank you!

Hi, “All UI Artwork must be changed” can i know how many?

Hi, there are some background and buttons about 40 in total.

The Code was working 100%, the problem is only on my Xcode. Thank you for this Code :)

Hi allzone!

After installing the pod and running the xcode file, we have multiple “not found” file errors. For now, we are manually changing the paths so that you can find these files but I think this is not the solution.

Could you help us with this?

Thanks in advance!

Note: we are run in Xcode Version 8.2.1 (8C1002)

Hi, I hear about this issue for the first time. If you correctly installed all pods there shouldn’t be any issues and missing files. Please email me to discuss in more details your issues. Thanks!

Hello, I wanna buy this app. But I prefer Admob instead of Revmob. Can you help or any documentation about this inside the package ?

Hi, The update will be available next week hope… I will let you know here. The second thing don’t worry I will offer a full support on making any change you want in case you don’t have any knowledge about it. Just email me and we will solve all issues.

great !! Thanks :)

Hi, The code was updated. Now it contains AdMob + feature of adding text stickers.

Android version?

Hi, Sorry, but only iOS version.

HI I want to ask If can modify the images (mustache) for any other images and if this can be remotely so I can change them with submit to app store again? Im planning to do something like this but for my brand https://codecanyon.net/item/weathergram/8020424?s_rank=1

the whole idea is been able to decorate a picture with some images on top and share or download

Hi, Yes sure, you can replace all stickers in app with any other images you want. I’ve replied to your email. Please check your inbox. Thanks!

I have been purchased your code. there is huge bugs on filter option. when i click on filter option it doesn’t works at all. fix it otherwise refund me.

Hi, could you please email me? To help faster to solve the issues you have. Thanks!