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Nice game but I have 2 questions.

  1. It is possible that the block which apear to be animated ? Like on the original game?
  2. Your description image is strange, which are the implications of Fiverrhttps://cdnil1.fiverrcdn.com/photos/2623031/v2_680/5starrating.jpg

You may need to refresh your browser Ctrl + F5

Shouldn’t the block be spawned outside the layout and then be animated at the choised position ? Just asking.

Nice game BTW.

Yes, and it is. It didn’t work like that before, but I changed it. The block is animated from out of the layout to the chosen position. Thanks

Is it easy to change your logo duquekarl image on the game? Where the admob ads go? Top, right, bottom, left or middle?

The logo is not included on the final file – only for preview (you will get the game without logo). You can easily add your own logo if you want (instructions on the Documentation file attached). I can help with adding Admob ads (top/bottom/interstitials) and with your modifications in case you need it.

Thanks! I’ll be back when I have setup the site for this game. GLWS!

Which version of construct 2 is required? i have construct 2 r168, would that work?

Hi my friend lugolm, I think any C2 version should work but I can’t tell 100% if it’s compatible. This game was created with Construct 2 r195 last stable version – You can download here for free https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases – You can try updating C2 and I will help you in case there is any problem

Nice developer and games! I’ve already purchased a few and I will purchase more! Keep up the good work!



Thank you, Javad!

can you reskin it on Intel XDL ? Do you have chartboost ads?

Hi vagentillpengar. Thank you for your message. Game is very easy to reskin. I have read you can use Chartboost with Construct 2 but haven’t tried myself. I use AdMob ads.

Why sound is not work?

Can you vive more details? Platform (web, mobile?), do you use the sounds originally included or new ones?

Can you make game like this http://igroflot.ru/flash_games_18.htm? Xexxagon

It is possible. Contact me vía mail – duquekarl@gmail.com

sent you letter)

Is it possible to translate the game to portuguese?

Hi friend. Yes, you only need free Costruct 2!

Hi mate! I recently purchased your game and love it. So easy but effective. I use it for client work and need to rebuild the so csalled player sheet. I have updated it but it appears to be very small. I have a little bear with moving hands instead of the samurai. Question: I tried to resize the player sheet but it ends up with blinking sheets. So, thats not so easy possible. Is there a way to resize the player sheet just alittle bit? Thanks

Hi my friend! If you are just editing the playersheet, you must stick to the same size. There is another (and better) way to do this is using the (free) Construct 2, which you can download here: https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/new then follow the steps on the Documentation PDF or check this tutorial introductory to Construct 2: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/37/beginners-guide-to-construct-2

Thank you for purchasing!

can i edit this game? for example …. i want to save the score after finish game… to database mysql i wanna edit that the score after playing this game will post to some database.

is this hard to edit coding that get total score after finish playing this game ? (i can code javascript ….. normal skill.. )

Yes, you can edit the game. To save HighScore here you have a step by step tutorial: https://www.scirra.com/tutorials/4839/creating-your-own-leaderboard-highscores-easy-and-free-php-mysql Email me if you have any problems doing this

Hello is it possible and easy to change the backgrounds of the game ?

Bonjour, yes it is very easy to change the backgrounds!! The game comes with documentation to do these simple tasks, but email us if you need help! Thanks :)