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Great game. Before purchasing, is it optimized for iPhone 6 and 6 Plus resolution? Will it look good or bad quality?

hi in iphone and anroid looking good.

Hi, i buyed your script. how can i edit game name im wanting edit turkish. ty

im used it but im not make turkish :/ can you help me for this ?

ok,what name do you want?

i did it. ty :

looks aweful on mobile, was expecting it to fit the full screen

hi,can just change the image size,is easy

hi how to convert html5 files to apk !

hi you can use inter xdk,or coonjs,to convert the html5 file.to apk or ipa


I used Construct 2 to edit the game but when I use Intel XDK to build an APK, Best Score is always “0”. I deleted the line where you assign it to “0” but after that the Best Score doesn’t show at all. I tried with Crosswalk and normal builds, didn’t matter.

What is the solution to this?


Is there any update about this problem?

Any news?

hi,is may be the construct2 bug,i will contact the c2 team ,and fix again

Hi, whats included in this new update?

hi,fix some bug


I’m interested in buying the game but confused about the PHP and SQL note in includes.

Is PHP and SQL required? Or just optional for some features (could you name them)? Since IMO this would be trouble when creating an app from this game?

Tnx in advance!