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can this be installed on a magento footer?

Hi – it can be manually installed by editing template files.

not by just adding to the footer block, inside the magenta back end?

Sorry, no this is not possible.

Can I put instead footer, on header position? and instead popup menu-thing, a drop down effect?

Sorry no, this is currently not possible.

Hi mate! Realy add to opencart?

Hi coolmax :) Sorry, it is not opencart extension.

Yes i know=). But real adapt for opencart? Insert in footer?

You can install it manually in the footer.php and also call the css within header.php :)

I’m having a big problem in safari in iphone because the menu is displayed open on all the screen and at the same time the SHOW MENU button appears on top. It doesn´t work. How can this be fixed?

Sorry but currently i cant debug iOs. If i get a chance i will take a look at it. Thanks.

As others have said, the sub-menu items and the contact form do not open when you make a computer browser smaller or when viewing from a phone or tablet. This menu is not responsive even though it’s advertised that way. Please fix this.

This is how the menu works within smaller resolutions – you can check all the features and responsivness before the purchase.

Hi, pre-purchase question here. Just bought slick modal. Love the funcionality of this item too. However, i find really annoying that a grey status bar at chrome and firefox appears over the footer while hovering over a link (the bar appears bottom left while mouse is over a link). Is there a way to avoid this behavior? I know it’s a problem with how those browsers shows or hidde the status bar. I found a few sites where the bar is not showing while hovering a link at the footer. For example: Thanks in advance, Martin

Hi Martin,

only way to prevent this is to put a margin below the footer hence rising it up a little.

can you make a sticky contact footer that only show in mobile devices looks like this site : (see in mobile devices)

can you set this to display on only a single page? and can it have a single link to say a single page without the drop down menu?

You can display it on specific page with javascript or via server side (php). You can have only one link without the submenu.