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Hello, the plugin used to have international airports, but since updates now I cannot select international airports (not only the country selected) how can I get these to work as well as google address dropdown?

Thanks in advance for your reply.

There’s no support, so the plugin turns to be useless.

Hello, How to remove these sections in the payment form “Source Contact Name – Source Phone Number – Destination Contact Name – Destination Phone Number”

Anyway, remove the code from the form

No car available! how can i fix this error

my client bought this plugin i read all documentation when turn on tax it does not apply

Its not working with last wordpress version, when you make update, everything is crushed. Sorry guys. Is there any chance to fix it?

Hi! Almost there and looks and works great, but (!)... in the design-menu, there is no button to save the settings, so… I can’t save the design-settings :/. What to do?

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Hi SternWebAgency, I just bought your plugin. Great plugin! I have a quick question: I have my private taxi services operating in several cities (Madrid, Paris, Berlin etc) in different countries. How can I use just one booking form for all of these cities. Will I have to create different websites for each country (a lot of work)? since the plugin only allows you to show just one country. Thanks.


So all works amazing, really nice. But, since we work with a group of drivers, there will always be a taxi available. We have to kinds of cars. So i could add 50 taxis and 50 busses to never run out of cars (which I did) but now the customer can choose 100 cars. They should just choose category 1 or 2 and thats it. Or see just 1 taxi of the 50 and 1 bus of the 50 (php when displayed once do not repeat?). How to do so? Then all is set to go. Hope you can help best regards,


Hi. How can i set up an extra option for shuttle taxi fare? Exactly that i need is a car fare per person/seat but per distance. Example: 1 person for 100KM distance total fare 10€, 2 persons for 100KM distance total fare 20€, etc. Any advance?

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Please any help about the request above? I need a calculation of total fare (distance x seats).


Could you recommend a theme for use as airport shuttle then add this plugin

hi can someone advise me on this plugin and is it worth buying please will like a live demo email me on

Hello, I have a problem with Stern taxi fare for WooCommerce, because for some day it does not mark that: Stern Taxi Fare: Please Enable correctly all Google API. I try to change the Api code, create a new page but still the same things!

Can you help me ?


Résolu !!!

Howdy, I have a little prop I followed the tut and I can do everything only I’m not able to save Design Settings. Due there is no save button.

Hello, in Germany, the base price and kilometer price is different at night! is there a way to enter that!

This plugin does not work properly. Do not pay for it. Fill out the form on the demo site and see that the dates are even wrong. The developer does not answer any questions. He’s just looking at the money.

If you need help or customization with this plugin please feel free to contact us at


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Where Can I find a Tutorial please ?

I have been using this plugin for about 1 year now. I noticed a few people are having an issue with the save button disappearing …. That’s an easy fix but it has to be done on the hosting server…. Increase your memory allocation.

My issue is this API distance Matrix error -----—-DEBUG-----—- object(stdClass)#16947 (2) { [“results”]=> array(0) { } [“status”]=> string(12) “ZERO_RESULTS” }


I have seen a few people comment on this … and I have had this problem before.

Eventually it comes good but I really do not know how to fix this issue.

I can see there is many live sites working using STERN TAXI in 2018, so I don’t think its an issue of updated or out-dated. I am using version 2.2.10 ….. is there a later version ?

I know that this version should be used with php version 5.6 or below. The problem is if I use 5.5 I cant use that with my payment gateway stripe.

my website is