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ayazash Purchased

I am not sure why we are not getting any support and plugin also doesn’t work properly. What will happen can i get any answer. Please

How can we fix the problems in this.

Hello, I’m interested in buying this plugin, but any problem. I have a strip account for payments, can I add it?

I just bought it, I see that I have version 2.2.10 and apparently there have been updates. Where do I find the newer version ??

There are also bugs in the plugin like the return time that is not in email and cms of live commerce.

The calculation of the distance on an ordinary route is really not correct. Shows odd amounts!

Support would be welcome but I see that they do not give other product more support so they probably stopped or so? Then themeforest would have to intervene and appoint someone else for that.


spcopps Purchased

I keep getting Error! Price is null! Help please just purchased yesterday

Bonjour, les champs “Adresse de destination” et “adresse de depaart” sont bloqués. je suis en phase de configuration du produit.

les champs : “Adresse de départ “et “Adresse de destination” sont figés et bloqués.

No support / No changelog since march 2016 / No compatibility after woocommerce 2.6 That’s a pity because the plugin seems to do the job on paper. Is there any hope to get an update and compatibility soon ?

hello i’m creating a vtc site is this plugin compatible with any template ? i need to have booth package to airport and “from to” in paris does this plugin for me ? and last the cars will be in woocomerce as à product ? so i can have discount for partners ? thank’s philippe