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Hi there. This plugin is exceptional!

I’m wanting to make Round Trip the only option. I then will hide that from view of the user using CSS. I can think of two ways of achieving this but not sure where to find the code in your files. 1. Disable single trip or 2. Disable return trip and calculate single trip to x2. Can you please shed some light on where I might find the calculations?

Many thanks Kelly

I have come up with a work around whereby I have doubled the fares and disabled the return trip option but have one last issue that I need sorted.

I am not wanting the redirect to the checkout page. Instead I only want the fare added to cart. I see that there is a function call checkout_url_function(). Could you please let me know where I can find this function and whether or not this function is the correct one to amend the redirect?

Many thanks kelly

no problem with this plugin,,only need some custom for code mybe you can cek this sample and if some one need help some custom code for fix map you can contact

I need help setting up Google API for this pluign. I will pay for support. If anybody is interested please contact me at

Hi, The plugin works without a problem, but now i get this error: “Stern Taxi Fare: Please Enable correctly all API Google.” i see also this problem in original demo. Please check and fix this problem on new update. Thank you!

It dost work for me. API all fine and I’m able to insert source data and destination, but drop down menu option is not working at all, rules are not working neither. Im very disappointed so far. Lost so much time reading all the support documents and trying to find a problem. Even bought extra theme : enfold, that was suggested by stern to use, to don’t have problems – but it only gave me more problems. Now plus to all what is not working – design looks horribly wrong. #mental breakdown and lost time:((*(

not to say that its a 100 euro thrown on air..((

Hi!! Is it possible that, once paid, the client may print a vouche with reservation details and number??


Is it possible to display all the available cars with prices for giving From: and To:? so, I the customer wants to go A to B and makes serches and we show the results as; car A= $10 , car B= $15, car C= $20 and so on… and give some details about the car with images. like listing available products…

Also, can we create a calendar for per car/area? e.g… for the giving dates the car A is not available but car B and car C inavailable in area 1. for area 2 only car C is available…. for area 3 nothing available… and so on


Pre sales Q.


1- I need to assign a Formula for each City, its possible? Multiple formula? 2- The prices varies depends on Day / Night, how to made this with your plugin? 3- Is possible to do in final step: Pay a % of total price calculated? or min fixed price from calculated?

Thanks a lot!

Bonjour ! j’arrive pas a configurer le plugin pouvez vous m’aidez svp ? quels thèmes gratuit me conseillerai vous pour qu’il soit compatible avec ce plugin ?

In backend I’m not able to enter source and destination Its displaying message that “sorry something went wrong” source and destination fields are disabled Please can anybody help me on this?

i m not author..but you cek there i m using custom templet for get like nativ app..if some one need my backup web full with database ypu can sent mail to


Hoey Purchased

Hi Guys

I have just upgraded your fantastic to plugin from 2.2 to the latest version. Unfortunately now this marvelous plugin no longer works. I am running WP 4.7.2

Be grateful for any assistance Hoey

HOEY =Le plugin from 2.2 fonctionne pas avec WP 4.7.2 = WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1 et WooCommerce 2.5, WooCommerce 2.4.x, Bootstrap 3.x

HOEY = The plugin from 2.2 does not work with WP 4.7.2 = WordPress 4.4.2, WordPress 4.4.1 and WooCommerce 2.5, WooCommerce 2.4.x, Bootstrap 3.x

Hello your Stern taxi fare plugin is supert. Super good work. It just lacks an Android application and ios now that would work with and it’s the TOP. Cordially.

Bonjour votre plugin Stern taxi fare est super .Super bon travail . Il manque juste une application Android et ios maintenant qui fonctionnerais avec et c’est le TOP . Cordialement.

Is it possible to differ prices when choosing day hours or late night hours by using price rules?

Hi, Presale question Is woocomerce absolutly requierd ?

When do you plan to update this great looking plugin for wordpress v4.7x? I assume the curren version of your plugin is not compatible with any of the latest Woocommerce and Wordpress?