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Is there plans for next update

Hi I will fix one bug and add one new functionality to the side navigation menu.

hi , is it possible to change the navigation position for mobiles only ?

Hi, no it is not possible.

How do you programmatically make the wizard jump back to a particular step (not prev or next. For example: On step 7 jump back to step 2 when FINSIH button clicked)? I cannot find this in any documentation. Thanks

Hi, yes you can use method goTo() like: var sfw = $("#wizard_example").stepFormWizard(); sfw.goTo(2); // movo to third step

Hi! I’m looking for a step form plugin where I can collect the information from each step and then redirect to a custom page of my choice, with all the information in a GET or POST global variables. Can I do this with your plugin?


Hi, this plugin uses origin behaviour of element <form>, so after you click on finish button, form will send all fields to address that is specified in “action” atribute of <form> element and via POST or GET, this is specified in method attribut of <form>.

Do you have a wordpress version?

Hi, there is no wordpress version of this wizard.

How can i echo an array on the summary page? i tried

{{animal[]}}but it doesnt work.

Hi, you can’t use javascript variables in summary page, It is only for form elements like input, select, checkbox and radio. If you still need it, you have write it by yourself into some event, like sf-step-after or onSlideChanged.

Hello is it possible to load different set of form fields on the next tab based on selection? Like choose your option 1 or 2, the if 1 is chosen then load two fields but if 2 is chosen load 3 or more fields? Thanks

Hi, yes it is possible, but you have to load step via ajax or show/hide content on specific step depends on previous selection. You can use for this events, but you still need to know how to do this in javascript.

Can I use “Form Validation” with your Step Form? http://formvalidation.io

Thanks. Regards

Hi, yes you can.

Ok, thanks!

Hi, is it possible to have a link to return to step 0 only on last step?

Many thanks and have a nice day.

Hi, yes it is possible. If you need it only in text, you can add onClick event to some element and in this event just call something like sfw.goTo(0). If you have still problem, you can send me message via support page.

thank you very much

Title Text on Step not appesring in Chrome

I answered you to email.

Hi There! Thank you for a great wizard with good documentation. I’m a bit new to Javascript and didn’t realize you can only have 1 id per element. The problem I’m having is that my form already has an id because I use Stripe for payment processing and the form is a registration form that uses javascript to send the payment to Stripe. But this wizard uses and id instead of a class to work. Is there any other way I can use this wizard for my signup form?

Yes, it looks alright. Important is if it works for you :)

It does indeed! This wizard solved a lot of issues for my new site. Thank you again. :) Cheers.

I am glad to hear that!


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Hi, how to create a from like ‘Validation Example’ on your example? I want to make index unclickable and have different color?

I’ve found it : inkNav: ‘prev’,


Hi again, do you think it’s possible for the wizard to be an accordion instead of a slider?

Hi, yes you can. Look to last example on this page: http://ajoke.cz/wizard2/examples You need only add parameter transition: ‘fade’

Ahhhhhhhh Nice! Thank you. :D

You’re welcome :)

does this include the server side language to receive the form information ?

Hi, no it is only jQuery plugin. No server side files is included.

Hi Pre-purchase question please, can I change href depending on checkboxes selected, for example select category 1 then click next select another option and then return with the text I want for the users? SOmething similar to http://www.howtopurchase.com/

Hi, sorry for late answer. This wizard is not prepared for this by default. You can do this, but you need some little advance javascript skill and create content of steps by your scripts in wizard events.

The step form wizard will not render internet explorer on windows 7. Displays one long page. Ok for chrome and Mac users. Pls help

Hi, I just tried it on Win 7 and IE 11 and it works fine. Do you have update IE 11 to latest version?

<meta http-equiv=”X-UA-Compatible” content=”IE=edge”> was the answer! :)

Great, thanks for sharing your solution with others. :)

Hi.. is it possible to use these form-wizards with angular 2?

Hi. this wizard need jQuery library. If you have jQuery library in your Angular project, you can use this wizard, but I do not recommend mix jQuery with Angular only Because of this wizard.

Can I connect it with database like mysql ?

Hi, this is only jQuery plugin. Connection with SQL can be establish only via another script in PHP, ASP, C#, nodejs, etc.


Does it send the form data or does that require additional php?

Hi, if you mean “send” data like send on email then yes, you need additional script file.

Hi, does your form support conditional logic ?

Hi, yes, but you have to direct it by javascript methods of wizard