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lol u used my profile pic! cool :)

Hehe, yay :)!

Great idea!, just wondering if is possible to make a list of games?

I’m afraid not, the Steam api can only return the top 3 games you played in the last 2 weeks. Would like to see them add support to get a list of all the games you own!

I like that. Would be nice to expand it in this way, that you offer a “create widget service” and then offer a embeding code (copy &paste) for like forums or clanpages are shown. That way you could use it e.g. in your clan and tell your members, they can create a widget and put it in their forum signature. Just an idea ;)

Hmm that would be a nice little addon for it indeed! I will look into it, thanks for you comment!

Um, it is possible to get a list of owned games, such as this site did. :evil:

You should be able to get this information using the Steam API :)

Thank you for this! I will use this on my project where users can create their Steam profile widget to their website. Thanks!

Thank you for your comment as well :). I hope you enjoy the widget!

Cool, thanks …

Does not work, gametime wont update and we cant save as image :<

Do not buy.

I can ask for help in the installation


imogene Purchased

The script doesn’t seem to work, could you update it please? It keeps saying that the username wasn’t found: “Username not found”