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yo bro! if you could make this work with BuddyPress profiles that will be sooo crazy!

im working on a bp gaming sites and im making custom plugins to show xbox and psn activity… and Steam is the onlyone missing! =)

if you could, let me know… even if is a custom version with freelance.

cool plugin…

So, you would like a php class to get the data from steam? I can work on that. :)

You should add Shortcode support! :)

Sure, I will see what I can do ;) I’ll let you know when I make an update.

I’d also like to see this work with BuddyPress profiles, that would be great!

I would like to buy the script but not as a WordPress Plugin. Just a script that will run in the browser. Your demo is not working by the way.

Thank you Jerodev – I would buy it instantly.

It won’t be ready in the first few days because I have exams to make, but I’ll do my best!

Any particular features you would like? :)

Hello again – Best of success with your exams…. I am looking for all the possible features available…. Can we go as far as steam chat? I also would like the game inventory… If you are selling things on tf2…. + basics like what are you playing right now/status. etc… anything you can find I would love to have :)

Hello Sir – I am following up with you to see if you have anything available? I would love to buy your non “wp” script.


I will look into this. But I’m still having exams, so it could take a while.

You should quit school – I would really love to have it ;)

Can this plugin be used specifically for a Steam “Group”, and not an actual person?

I’ll see what I can do. :)

Oh ok, cool. Thanks!

I’d be happy to pay an extra fee for the development work on making it a group version – up front too – as an incentive for the customization.

Will this plugin work with Buddypress?

This plugin is a standalone. I have not tested it, but it should work just fine alongside Buddypress.

the demo site is down, please check

Presale question. Will this work in buddypress and are you there for support? Demosite is down.

The plugin is currently not compatible with buddypress.


I bought the plugin, but now he shows me always the following:

Steam Profile

User does not exist.

What do I have here set the? or where the user has to specify its Steam profile?

Many Thanks

King Regards Andreas Fritz

Great widget, but unfortunately will break a HTTPS site. The icon used for the player profile is served via Steam’s Akami CDN, and it’s HTTP only. To fix this, I simply downloaded that image, uploaded to my Wordpress media, got the direct HTTPS link and then hardcoded that in steam.class.php. However, it would be nice to see this image cached locally in the images directory of the plugin so that it won’t be the only HTTP content on a HTTPS page, breaking the HTTPS by loading insecure content.

Is this still working/being updated? Also any news on the shortcode functionality?