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Seems just perfect! Can it be localized? Cyrillic e.g. Will I be authorized for localization? Thanks

Yeah it should handle it just fine! Go ahead and test out creating some things in I know there are a few known bugs where custom letters dont show for certain fields but I have a fix for that if you run into that issue :) go ahead and check out the demo!


Thanks for quick answer! The script is really great. I intend to purchase a copy and use it it as a helpdesk for some projects. Best regards!

Great! That sounds awesome! Let me know how it goes! I love hearing about how people are using the application :)

Would be nice to try out but un/pw don’t work….

Hello! I just tried using company ID 1 username admin password admin and it worked fine. Let me know if you have issues!

I am having trouble with the page going blank after I work for a certain period(10 minutes). Is there anyway to fix that?

I have no yet seen an issue like this. Who is your hosting provider? Sounds like a server issue to me. Could you send me a link to your Steady Project account?

Hmmmm everything seems okay on my end! Have you contacted your hosting provider?


Have you any plans to allow export of tickets to excel or psv format perhaps ?

Thanks, Stu

Excellent, thanks for the quick reply. The script looks great btw, good work :)

One other thought. It would be great to have a button for “close” in the ticket view, rather than having to edit first.

I agree with the “close” button for sure :) you’ll have that in the new version. I’m upgrading to a new framework and giving the UI a refresh as well :) SO excited to get this new version out to everyone. Thanks for the compliments.

When will version 3 be available? WIll it include an easy way to upgrade.

Im working as hard as I can at the moment on v3. But at the same time I’m launching an iOS app with a small team of developers so that is taking up much of my time. I’ll keep updating this page when it’s getting closer. Hopefully a couple more months.

It will be an easy upgrade though I’ll have full details :)


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For future customers, here are 2 things that need to be fixed right away:

1) As someone previously mentioned, you’ll need to add this .htaccess file to your project root:

RewriteEngine on

RewriteCond $1 !^(index\.php|resources|robots\.txt)

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-f

RewriteCond %{REQUEST_FILENAME} !-d

RewriteRule ^(.*)$ index.php/$1 [L,QSA]

2) You’ll need to update lines 51, 52 & 54 of applications/libraries/functions.php with YOUR OWN DOMAIN NAME for emails to be sent, in most cases. (Not sure why the developer chose to use HIS own domain name, because this could have been set on the initial installation.)

I’d have given this 5 stars, otherwise, but I don’t like things not working as they should out of the box. Will re-evaluate again on the next update.

Thanks for the suggestions!!!! Sorry there were a few minor bugs for you. Hope you enjoy the application!!


312 Purchased

The fast responses and helpful support alone are worth 5 stars. Thank you, again.

Anytime man! Thanks for the 5 star! Keep me updated if you need my help again and feel free to delete my username from there if you want.

Whats new on the update? Thanks!

Hey Alerma! What’s new is the ability to send users in your team a personal message. There is also numerous bug fixes and the tickets tab is organized a little better based on status. The is updated. I’ll be updating the description today :)

Hey Alerma! What’s new is the ability to send users in your team a personal message. There is also numerous bug fixes and the tickets tab is organized a little better based on status. The is updated. I’ll be updating the description today :)

Thanks so much to andrewpuch ! He help me a lot for install Steady Project in local server on private network of my office with so much restrictions. His support is very good. I playing now with this script and i am very enjoy. I will post later my opinion about Steady Project after using a little.

You’re very welcome! Glad we got it all sorted out!!!! :)

Good catch :) thanks very much!

Hello thanks again for your find. I have now fixed those issues :)

Hi. What about branding? I mean, can I change or use my logo and layout design?

Thanks! GG

Right now I don’t have the ability to upload your own logo but it uses bootstrap css so it shouldn’t be too hard to modify the header. It also comes with multiple theme designs you can see them via the settings page to change the theme :)

I keep getting a login issue. How do i know what my initial login is?

Okay thanks! That is a good feature request :)

Do you currently have the feature that you can reply to the email you receive and update a ticket?

Unfortunately that wont be possible because everyone’s system is different. The best I could do was get an email out to the users as sort of a notification.

Is there a way to change everything that says steady projects quickly?


Hello! Shoot me an email with the areas you want to change I can give you some guidance.

hello, nice script. are you planning on updating to laravel 5? rgds Martin

Hey thanks! I do plan on it in the future. It doesn’t offer many improvements for the application so it hasn’t been a rush. But it is on the roadmap :)

Hi, if i navigate to /public it works but if i go to my actual domain path

It shows me teh directory listing of everything.

Which part of server.php am i supposed to edit?

Thanks for such a great and simple gui and simple.

Hi, i did watch that video. But it dosent show how to do that process. Are you saying i should go into cpanel and make a subdomain called

And then somewhere in my cpanel i have an option to change where root is?

That is something i have never done before and is out of my self taught knowledge level.

Could you please help me a bit more.

Yes I would recommend making a subdomain because then you can point to the root of steady project application which is where the index.php lives. You should not have to put /public on. I have not really used cpanel myself but I am able to do it in my hosting provider fatcow really easily.

Let me know if that makes sense and you can get it running.

hi. i just purchased this program and working good except one. is there anyway to remove the rule “The project name may only contain letters, numbers, and spaces.”?

Unfortunately that cannot be changed because the way the URLs are generated I cant have things like $ or # in it or it wont be a valid URL.

I send you an email more than a month ago, still haven’t heard anything. Could you please tell me why some of the links is not working, especially the ajax calls?

I installed according to your tut.

rgds Martin

Martin I am afraid I do not recall getting your email I am sorry! Could you email me again?

Installing this thing is very hard. I’ve got a VPS setup with standard CPanel, and they want me to change my document root folder form Public_HTML to public_html/public

This is not possible easily, you gotta do it through SSH. Not good if you don’t have experience with SSH.

I wanted a simple script that I could install out of the box and connect to the DB.

Guess this is not it.

Not recommended until you wanna mess with SSH and things like that.


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Hello, how to add a new language to system?

The languages supported are in the language portion of your settings. Unfortunately no new languages are supported at this time.