Steady Project - Bug Tracking

Steady Project - Bug Tracking

Available Languages

I need help translating Spanish, Italian, Russian! Contact me if you can help :)


Steady Project is a project management and bug tracking application that is used to help in the life cycle of software development. Steady Project has the ability to create tickets, teams, and projects. Users are notified via email of ticket updates so they can stay on track of what they are working on. There are built in statistics in your dashboard so you are able to see the progress of projects. There is also the ability to upload and attach documents to your tickets for easier file management.

If there are features you would like added for future updates please make a comment and let me know! This is an application I want to run continuous updates for so keep the requests coming!

Steady Project is built on the Laravel PHP framework and must be installed in an environment with MySQL as your database backend. The documentation and installation instructions are located within a folder called install. There is also a youtube video showing you how to install it. Please be mindful it requires PHP 5.4 and Mcrypt extension installed on the server to run. You also need the app/storage folder to recursively be 777 (Full permissions).

Don’t see a feature coming up? Go ahead and put in a comment for a request!

If you have ANY problems at all installing the application please let me know as I want to make sure everyone has a 5 star experience :)

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Install YouTube Video


Tutorial YouTube Video




Update 3.6.0 – Included – 19 Mar 15

Portuguese language support.

Update 3.5.0 – Included – 27 Feb 15

Notifications when users leave message conversations.
Invite users to join a conversation.
Users can now have profile descriptions.
Language fixes.
2 new themes!
Bug fixes

Update 3.4.0 – Included – 21 Feb 15

Danish language support.
Setting default timezone.
You can now edit tasks.
Various XSS bug fixes.
jQuery/bootstrap updates.
Messages now have “last activity” column.
Viewing a message shows timestamps.
Various bug fixes.
Contact me for more languages. I just need some help translating :)

Update 3.3.0 – Included – 04 Jan 2015

German language support.

Update 3.2.0 – Included – 12 Dec 2014

French language support.

Update 3.1.0 – Included – 5 Nov 2014

Personal Messaging

Future planned updates

API for logging tickets externally
Custom date formatting.
User Profile Photos
Uploads to S3