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I work as webmaster and operate several websites myself. Can I use the standard license costing 15 USD on all of these, or do I need a separate license for all of them?

First off all, a big thanks for a great plugin ! Though i do find this plugin quite useful, i do seem to find it a little disappointing that it does not cooperate well with the CKE editor, the button for the STB function does not appear, it will however appear in the standard wp editor, which lacks some functionality ( my personal opinion ). I sthere a possibility to have a STB button to be displayed on the CKE editor ?

Second remark : is it possible to use html instead of plain text or shortcodes ? I believe it could be very usefull, but if i try it will break up the design of my theme.

Thanks for your timely reply in advance !

Thanks for purchasing my plugin!

1. When I’ll finish my current work, I’ll try to resolve problem with CKEditor.

2. Not only plain text and shortcodes can be used as content of STB block. Also allowed any valid HTML tags.

Just bought this plugin, because the free edition seems to be nice. But now the pro edition doesn’t work – there are no themes integrated (if i want to activate, i get a bug…) also a new style can’t be saved – there are no styles ad all.. Is it possible, that i made a mistake – or is the download (size 2,87mb) crashed?

Hi, Kolaja! Thanks for purchasing my plugin.

Use one of two ways to solve this problem: 1. Use FTP to download the plug-in to your server (do not forget to unzip the archive file). 2. Delete the folder “Documentation” from the archive file (it will reduce the size of the archive file) and install the plug-in in the usual way by means of Wordpress.

If these methods do not help solve the problem, do not hesitate to contact me for help. I’ll need administrator access to your blog (and possibly also to the FTP).

I used this plugin (free version) for my client and it got hacked that time, it was I think more than 10 months ago, I wanted to know if you have fixed those vulnerabilities in both pro and free version?

Yes, of course! Quote: “Security of downloading files is provided by the system of WordPress identification (nonces).”

How to completely remove this?

1. On plugin Settings Page (System Tab) turn on checkboxes “Delete plugin options during deactivation of plugin” and “Delete database table of plugin during deactivation of plugin”. 2. Save options. 3. Deactivate plugin.

The shortcode are going to still be there stextbox id= grey

How to remove all these when plugin is removed?


triggering fatal error on activation in newest WP version

What error occurred?

i went into cpanel, deleted this and the free version. reuploaded it and it worked.

Ok! This plugin can’t work in parallel with the active copy of the free plugin.

The ability to add message box in post is greyed out? Why?

Just select any portion of the text you want to highlight! ;)

Installing plugins from the uploaded file: Unpacking the package …

Installation plugins …

The package can not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Installation of the failed plugin.

Return to the plugin installer

I installed wordpress 4.9.1

This file ( contains documentation, unpacked plugin folder and archive file of plugin folder. This structure of archive is the rule of Envato Market. You should unpack this archive at first… Use contained archive file for installing plugin…