Status Saver for Whatsapp

Status Saver for Whatsapp

What is Status Saver for whatsapp:

This is an Android Application that allows you to-

  • Save, Share and View Whatsapp stories
  • Get install notification when a new story is available to download
  • With In-Built viewer, view images and videos inside the app
Template is Developed by maintaining Google’s material design guideline and it’s very lite. Developed in Android Studio v3.1.3

Template Features

  • Navigation Drawer:
    This template has a navigation drawer .You will have multiple options available here.
  • Rate This App:
    There is an option in navigation drawer named rate this app. User can rate this app through clicking this link if the app is published in google play store. You can also configure interval for a dialog to show user to rate this app.
  • Share:
    User also have an option to share this app .
  • Color Customizations:
    You can customize the color as you want .
  • Lite:
    This template is very lite in size.
  • Documentation:
    Template includes a step by step documentation and consists of clean and readable Code.
  • Android Studio Support:
    This project is developed by latest Android Studio.

Demo Download


  • Support :
    You will be given full support if you face any problem while setting up this template.
  • Compatibility :
    -Multitasking supported
    -Android Studio Project
    -This template supports Android 4.1 and up
    -Custom status bar colors work on Lollipop and up