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Very useful, bookmarked

Thank you. I will add more functions to next coming version.

hello, nice work, can u tell me how to import install.sql to my Mysql Database???



You can email your hosting detail then I can install it for you. (free) Normally, You can import sql in phpMyAdmin.

admin / 123456 doesn’t work.


It works for me.

Just a suggestion for your system (which would make it even better.)

Right now if I want to check “domainname.com” then I need to create a monitor for that domainname.com, and if I want to check ftp for that domain, I need to add another monitor for ftp.domanname.com. What would be nice is if the system gave you an option for “pop”, “DNS”, “ftp”, etc is to add the “subdomainname” for checking that port. For example create a monitor for domainname.com, and if you want to check dns, then you could have a radio button to add dns, or even add the subdomainname for those that have a different subdomain name – like ns1.domainname.com to the front of the domainname.com – or even ftp.domainname.com; to be able to do this for each of the services. That way you wouldn’t have to have a separate monitor for each and every subdomain.domainname.com.

BTW : good work – a nice little script you created here. All I need to do is figure out how my hosting provider cron scripts work (they are a little different)!

admin 123456 doesn’t work for me either.

Nice script, i installed and everything is working as it should be.

Where is the demo?

Can i see one demo?