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Doesn’t appear to work in IE 11

I’m sorry it is because I am using a free hosting. I’ve tried at my localhost, and it can run. I’ll try to put it somewhere else.

Now fully compatible with IE 10+, with adding feature

Nice job, I like it :)

Thank you..

Hello, It looks great,

May I use any/other SVG file? I mean a customized map made for me for a City?


Yes.. You can use any SVG file. For guide you can access this documentation. Thank you..

As a GIS person, I find this pleasing :). You might want to build in GeoJSON and TopoJSON in a future release

Thank you.. :) .. Okey, I will try to add it in a future release.


Do you cover all countries all over the world, i.e. I need a map of Nigeria with all their different states with the same functionality of yours.


Of course, you can use any svg files of any countries in the world. Just put your correct path of the maps in url option.

Hello, Pre sale question: I want to go with Demo 07 which display the cities map with city details. So, my question is I just want to show City only (for example only Manhattan City) so is it possible and if Yes then How? Can I add these map in website which is build in wordpress. Thanks!!!

yes it can. provides a map of the city you live in any form svg and upload them to your website and set the url option.

yes it can. provides a map of the city you live in any form svg and upload them to your website and set the url option. you can raise or eliminate the information on the legend. If you want to display information only for one area then you just set the id to map the data option. This plugin can be integrated with wordpress because this jquery plugin which uses javascript. you just need to insert js files associated. thank you. hopefully help.

Hello I have purchase this plugin and it’s not working with latest jquery plugin. there is 1.7 is in use and i want to the latest one minimum 1.11 Please help as soon as possible.

Hello i found one more issue, svg not resizing according to its container. please help us its a major issue. container shows scroll on both sides

Can you give me your link to my further checks. What web browser do you use? because I’ve been doing testing for various types of web browsers and have not found the issue like this before. Thank you.

Thanks for you quick reply I am looking it, in a windows safari. for ex. check your ajax example09. I really appreciate your support

Sometimes the map level onClick fires, sometimes it doesn;t. Any ideas on why that is?

Sorry new reply, I recently returned online after a holiday yesterday. Can you provide a link that I can check?

It’d be nice if this worked better with bootstrap. This is an almost perfect solution for what I need, but since it doesn’t work well with bootstrap, I’ve gotta keep looking for an alternative… Too many finicky kind of irritations.

Can you explain further what you want from compatibility with bootstrap?

I’m an ASP.NET developer, and the base MVC app in Visual Studio uses bootstrap. I have removed everything one by one until I got a flawless map working, the started re-adding some of the default scripts added by visual studio. Turns out Bootstrap causes some issues with the map. Hover color flickering on and off on mouse movement while still over the same state, especially oddly enough while moving the mouse upwards or to the right. I know it’s boostrap because it was all I had included at the time.

Another oddity, with boostrap there are some elements that use #dddddd as a default color. If I also use this same color in the map, it causes issues with mouse over and selections. Once I changed the default color from that, it worked better, but still has issues with the mouse movement and the hover coloring flickering on and off.

I also had to change the positioning of the tooltip because the tooltip was waaaay off, althought to be honest, I’m not sure that was boostrap’s fault.

I don’t have it published online anywhere, it’s for an internal intranet. But I only included jquery, and the scripts for this map component, along with bootstrap, and can duplicate the flickering issue. It should be fairly easy to reproduce yourself by including the bootstrap CSS and JS files.

Awesome theme

It seems the click events in your demos no longer work in Chrome, although they do still work in IE. Can you think of a reason why this might be? Or at least a way to resolve it?