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Hi, is there a way to configure this so that the video title appears below each thumbnail?

Do you mean something similar to the way google image search works? If so then no, we might consider this as a future option though.

I cannot see the demo, so it is an error or something?

The demo should be back up any time, we switched hosting servers and it seems to be taking its time to update. Sorry for the inconvenience.

As you have not updated, I gave you 1 star. I will evaluate you again when you update it.

Is there an issue with being able to load a video by clicking the thumbnail on FF 25.0.1 on Mac OS X 10.9?

I get this to work fine in all the other major browsers tested but in FF it does not work. I tried your demo as well and it doesn’t work in that browser either.

Great. Not so sound facetious, but are we talking literally this week or will it likely be longer than that? I have a project I need to finish up and if I know it is going to be longer I will look for an alternative solution. No offense. I just thought this worked when I bought it. I guess I should have read the comments a little closer.

It’s ok, thanks for your understanding, as soon as we submit a new version and it gets approved by codecanyon you will receive a notification. The new version also unlocks usage of other video file hosting providers such as Vimeo so it could be worth the wait, eventually.

Any word on this update? I feel like you guys should put up a disclaimer or something that this doesn’t work on all browsers. You have it listed as working with everything and it clearly doesn’t. I think once you get the bugs worked out this will be a fantastic product but until then it’s a waste of time for those of us looking for a truly cross browser solution.

Quick question. I was wondering if you could help me with the titles below each thumbnail in the thumbnails list. They appear for a brief moment on initial load but then disappear. Please see the following link Thumbnail Issue

I got it figured out. Thank you.

Do you guys have any idea how long before the promised update that deals with the replacement of the original Tubeplayer plugin which seems to be having iOS related issues.

Hmmmmmmm, I guess the ongoing support has gone on…

We’re still around guys, just that the code is not ready for release just yet. We’ve been experiencing issues along with the replacement of the Tubeplayer plugin. The upcoming version of StarTube has been unlocked for use with more video sharing platforms. We tried to get in touch with the Tubeplayer developers for a temporary iOS workaround but received no response.

Ok Great! Thanks and looking forward to the new release.

Can this script pull only videos from particular youtube user?

Can videos sorted by recently added and most views?

bought plugin “StarTube – YouTube Video Gallery Powered by jQuery” installation error “unable to install archive. correctly plugins found. Plugin installation failed.” What to do?

Can I show my self videos? (for hmtl5: mp4, webm, ogv)

No, the player is designed to embed remotely hosted videos from YouTube only.

I think this author have not support anymore. It has not improved for almost past one year, so the bug won’t be rectified.


Given the fact that Tikku’s TubePlayer plugin has a compatibility issue related to iOS devices, we’ve looked into using an alternative player but ran into buggy solutions eventually, and decided to wait for an update on TubePlayer, hoping it would address the problem. Sadly, there hasn’t been one in more than 1 year. We tried to get in touch with the authors repeatedly but received no response at all.

Now that we are forced to replace the player all together to get rid of the bug, any suggestions are welcome from you guys.

why not use something like jwplayer. It supports youtube, vimeo, mp4, etc. You would have a much wider audience for your gallery, myself included.

Hi kkjaer, thanks for your suggestion. I’m aware of JW Player which is potentially a great video player, however it is not a free product, and its integration into StarTube is not an option at this time, unfortunately.

Thank You Much for the Update! Even though I never experienced an iOS issue with the previous version I will still go ahead and update my installation..

Hi, zdeforce, please make sure you backup your current setup before attempting an update. You will need to make style edits as well, as part of the upgrade process.

Hello.Even if you set the video quality of YouTube videos at “hd1080” it is not possible to play them back at high definition. Other people have already reported this problem; can’t you fix this bug? If you are unable to reproduce this bug, then try experimenting with Google Chrome with one video, two videos, and so on.

Thanks for reporting this, monbran4989. The error has now been fixed and an updated release should be available as soon as Envato approves the files.

Thank You Much for the Update! Perfect!

You’re most welcome!

It is possible to place the title of the video like this picture? See http://i.imgur.com/6Z3JYPZ.png

The new release includes both javascript and CSS modifications to reflect the newly implemented option, so you may wish to use a tool like WinMerge to compare stylesheet versions in order to extract the changes only and apply them to your code.

The update is already available?

It’s currently queued for review and should become available any time. Envato will email you a notification when that happens, please hold on.

I bought the plug in but it won’t install. it gives me this message:

Unpacking the package…

Installing the plugin…

The package could not be installed. No valid plugins were found.

Plugin install failed.

When i download the packet, it’s only 166kb. is that correct?

Hi reidpowell,

I assume you’re trying to install it using WordPress but this is not a WP plugin, it’s a html version of the gallery and needs to be installed manually. Please follow the enclosed instructions to get it up and running.

Thanks for your purchase!

sorry, i thought this was a simple plugin. am i able to get a refund

You should contact Envato for any refund related matters, thanks.

Good! but menu button number is tiny in mobile. Very comportable. RSS FEED is still not avilable. :)

Hi mobilemonster, you must be referring to the navigation “numbers”, am I right? The size is controlled by CSS which can easily be customized. If you’re having troubles with that, I can always point out the exact line of code to be edited, it would probably only be a matter of changing font size to a bigger value :)

The description says you can “Set the number of thumbnails to show per page in the navigation panel”. Is there a limit to how many? Haven’t purchased yet, need to know this answer first as I want to display 20+ or so on the page.

Mine is IE11 running on Win7 desktop and Win8 notebook, and seems others are having issues with the player opening blank until you either F5 refresh or ctrl+F5 clearing the cache to refresh. At first I thought another .js on my page (menus) was conflicting so I moved it around a bit, and then removed it completely, but I still can’t get a clean page opening or refresh everytime I open it. The page is http://www.f-106deltadart.com/videoclips.htm if you wish to take a look. You will see on that page there are no menus because I removed them.

I think I got it! And I believe it was a script conflict, which is fine because I don’t need that on this page anyway, so… removed! Page seems to open up fine now everytime, we’ll see if it stays that way :)

Hi mcgeepj2, I would be more than happy to thank you for confirming that the problem is gone but it actually still isn’t :)

As a matter of fact, for some reason IE keeps failing to fire the function which generates the initial player code, I still see a problem on your website, on my end. I’ve been debugging it for a few hours now and have finally resolved the equation. So a new version of StarTube should be available to you as soon as it passes the Envato review process but if you wish to get it sooner drop me a message by visiting my Envato profile page and I’ll reply back with the updated code attached.

Thanks a lot for reporting it!

Youtuber v3 support ?

hello, I’ve recently purchased, and downloaded the source file, but not working on internet explorer, ms edge browser, please help me to fix the issue, I need urgently apply this on a website.