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Awesome work! Good luck! :)

Thanks :)

that is awesome

Thanks you, trying our best

Hi guys, congrats for your elegant solution for animated stars generation,

Is it possible to name in your JS an exact container where I want the stars to appear on the website?

I’d like to integrate it in a woocommerce store only for some product images, and these images are displayed in DIVs.

Thanks and regards, Alex.

Hi alexiarna,

Apologies for late answer. Yes it’s possible, products HTML that have StarshineJS effect should have additional div for effect.

HTML should look this way: <div class="your_wrapper"> <img src="yourImg.jpg" /> <div id="yourID" class="effect" /> </div>

Ahh, no problem, thank you, Will I be able to hook it to a class instead of an ID? I’m asking because I checked and there is no ID in the image divs, only classes; otherwise the structure of the code is the same as you specified before – which is cool!

Yes, you can. But you need to insert additional div into the html.

Hello! This beautiful star and I want to buy them. I just can not figure out how to insert them to the site. I have a website on WordPress and it has a slider. The slider has a static title (text), I want this headline to impose these stars. In the slider I have a custom field to insert the code – css, javascript. I can just insert your javascript in my field and it will work, or am I wrong?

Hello, if you can insert custom js and code, you can. Maybe it can require some html change also. Of course it requires minimal html/css/js knowledge.

Awesome work. Good luck

Great work and very helpful stuff. Thank you!