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Can’t get the login to work – tried all the suggestions above – anyone please help

got it to work – had a redirect in my htaccess…

Hi, Demo website wasn’t available though I’ve purchased this application already and seeing issues. It works only in case when html code added on pages on home directory but not working for other pages. Eg. code is working on abc.com when StarReview is saved in subfolder with exactly folder name as specified and changing folder breaks all system. And in case code is added for feedback/rating on abc.com/product/example page then it doesn’t load the widgets or any of its part.

Preview is dead!

Do u have a demo love no to test ur product cas the link you have posted is not working thanks


I recently purchased this review system. Can you disable the DATE on the reviews from appearing? We have some old reviews that we want to transfer over to this new review system. However we don’t want all of them to show they were posted on the same day. Let me know. Thank You!

Good morning, SUBMIT won’t work on my site. I had changed to absolute URLs and checked all links via page source to be valid or not. Any other fix? Thanks!

Good morning, SUBMIT won’t work on my site. I had changed to absolute URLs and checked all links via page source to be valid or not. Any other fix? Thanks!

e5622617-2aa3-4184-9bb0-10a6b9595cd9 – 19 Jul 2016

I got it fixed.

1. you have to apparently have absolute urls in 3 areas for starreview.js in starreviews\assets\js

2. the installation documentation forgot to mention <!- Jquery -> <script type=’text/javascript’ src=”http://ajax.googleapis.com/ajax/libs/jquery/2.0.3/jquery.min.js”></script>

The Live Demo, removed?

is this item supported?

there are only affiliate sites !!!! What the F*

Hello I have bought their script very nice script. But I have problems with the install. Could you please help me for implemenation?

Thank you for the purchase could u please let me know what seems to be the issue?

need live demo pak.

Hello, Is there a way to preview StarReviews? Is this still supported? Thanks.

Is there anyone answering these questions?

Hello there id like you to answer a few questions if possible. 1. Can this feedback system be implemented in PHP (laravel) based website?

2. Can this be customized and turned into a user rating feedback system like ebay where buyer and seller leave one another feedback rating.

Please let me know. Thanks

Does it come with custom fields?

is there support?


Whether the support is Available?


tyquan Purchased

Hi, can this be made to work with my users admin. Where when some one make a review, comment on their pages they can login the admin and control the reviews on their pages.


tyquan Purchased

How can I make all reviews approved with out logging in Admin to do it.


tyquan Purchased

Never mind I got it to work..


gnieva Purchased

Hello Adriaan,

I have purchase your StarReview script. I followed all the installation steps, but when I want to login, I enter admin / admin, and it just goes back to ask the login credentials, it does not enter the dashboard, neither it rejects the credentials.

What can I do?