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Uniquely brilliant….

Easy and simple yet versatile.. Looking forward to more from you and your PC or rather MAC afer seeing the code. Are you working on anything else? :)

thankyou webguy, yes I am, should release shortly, its a starbar extension.

wow, i’m not sure i totally understood the goal of this item.


hi tristanb,

say you have designed a webpage in an image editor.

you have an image of how you want the menu to look, in say 3 states, and a div on the html page you’ve created. starbar can turn that image into a menu on that webpage in one line of code, thats the idea behind it. I grew tired of specifying css rules or specialised javascript everytime I created a website.

Are their instruction on how to incorporate it into a mysql db (for example the star ratings ?). thanks

yes there is. in the documentation. Just specify your mysql username, password, and database, and the name of the table you’d like to use, it does the rest. Many thanks

bookmarked, this looks really cool. Good luck with your sales :)

thankyou ryan

It’s a shame to have fixed the price of this project to a mere $ 9. :P Should be much more!

I really like the idea of this after using jquery and mootools on a number of projects and having problems with these javascripts conflicting each other and with others due to the commonly used $ var. It seems like a real time saver and easy way to implement custom menus with animation.

There are lots of examples out there which can be freely downloaded and used which use the above mentioned frameworks but it should be duly noted that starbar is independant will not conflict and can be used easily to create 100% custom menus and user interface elements in a quicker way, you should make a big point of this. Good work. I think this is a definate buy.

I would like to change the javascript code for my need. You can not release the code starbar_p.js without encryption? Your script is excellent. Thank you.


I’m using example 3 of the star rating documentation, How do I change the colour of the (good,average) text. thanks

this script is really beautiful, but google and co. is never gonna find you :(

Can I setup an number of star ratings on same page

Q1… Q2… Q3…

The like have on the page bar graphs to represent previously submitted ratings?

How can i restrict user to vote only one time? I used with databse, but every time i refresh page i can vote again. How to disable this?

P.S – vote=rating

Hi. Great product. Finally using it after purchasing after awhile ago. I have the load property set, but if the previous voter vote 2 out of 5 stars, when I refresh the page, it shows three stars with the text “rating 2 out of 5 stars with 1 vote” – why is it showing an extra star?

demo says “You shouldn’t be here.”