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Nice game GLWS!


How to add new question?

is this work with database or xml?

Within the project there is an XML file with all the questions and answers and these are divided by levels of difficulty (1, 2 and 3) By the way, there is no limit on questions.

Pls make image (big) + text question. I want use Movie trivia game. I plan use picture…

Mmm, let me think about the possibility of developing that part. If it is not very complicated, I may do it.

not work with arabic language How do I activate the language

Hi. Thanks for your purchase. To use Arabic languages, you would have to generate a spritefont with the necessary letters.

You can do this with the following tool: Https://www.scirra.com/forum/sprite-font-generator-v2_t86546

When generating the new character image, you must load it into the project in C2 and update the “Character set” and “Char Width JSON” properties for the changes to be applied correctly.

If you need more detailed information, you can give your email and so I can explain in more detail or even make the change for you but I would need help with the Arabic alphabet since I do not know it.

Can you modify to me

Nice Work GLWS =D


Hello! Great work! How can I do to load the questions without random? Can you help me? I found this: Int (random (1, XML.NodeCount (”/BD/Difficulty [@level =’” & Var_Game_Level & ”’]/Question “)+1)) What do I remove or add? I new this. Thanks! Greeting! Ah Merry Christmas!

My apologies! What happens is that I leave the questions and answers under comment in the XML file. There is only one active question. That’s why it always comes out the same. You just have to remove the comments and that’s it. Likewise, I have uploaded the correction and as soon as Envato approves, the update will be available for download. Thank you and once again, apologies for the inconvenience.

Hello! I removed comment from file XML questions but still is random : ( Greeting!

When you open the project, you should see the events page “Variables”. Within this there is a constant called “CONST_GAME_MODE”. You must initialize it to the game mode you want:

0 = Random Questions; 1 = Consecutive Questions;

Any other help you need with pleasure I will help you :)

How to edit the xml file?

Oh my language doesn’t support spritsfont can you please make the non spritefont version for me. korngumphoo@gmail.com

Hi. In the last update, the project has the ability to work with spritefonts and text labels (No SpriteFont) The only thing you would have to do is to change the text since it is in Arabic, but you can place what you need.

I buy this quiz but i can’t use this code. bcs can’t support korean language. How can I use Korean language quiz in XML??

Thanks your answer, But when i edited Question.xml( added korean Language) no more operation your quiz game. I want to know how to edit question.xml https://drive.google.com/file/d/0BwHIOz1HKE9BRExmMEE0RDFWcVU/view?usp=sharing

Can you send me your Questions.xml file so I can analize your work there? My email is leandrus.dasilva(@)gmail.com

Thanks for sending me the file, I check it and everything is fine.
The game works both in random question mode and in consecutive question mode.
I do not know then what is the problem, could you specify in detail what is happening?