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Congrats on the release of StackTabs for Wordpress! Can’t wait to try it out!

Thanks, if you have questions or need help, please visit the Support Portal at

New support domain is

Thanks benjibenja! Hope you enjoy the plugin.

Hi. Just getting started with the plug-in. Great job coming up with a very simple and effective approach—Nice job!!

I do need to ask if you will consider improving the quality of the stacks, specifically the jagged edges and how the stacks connect with each other.

Just as you wouldn’t use low resolution images in your promotional materials for this add-on and have presented the app in a clean and modern manner, this is how the implemented version should look. Does this make sense?

Thanks.. looking forward to playing around with it. Cheers and thanks..

Hi ahenry,

Thanks for purchasing StackTabs and for your comments. The version you have implemented should look and function the same way that you see on the demo site:

Please let us know if you are seeing a different experience when you implement it on your site. The implemented version should be displayed in a quality high res format.

Also, please follow up by opening a support ticket at This will allow you to include screenshots if you would like us to look into the issue further.

Thanks, Taylor Alton Digital Support

Do the tabs support shortcodes?

Hi ygorla! Yes, shortcodes are provided every time you create a new StackTabs accordion. This let’s you display the StackTabs on any page or widget on your site (via the unique shortcode). To see a live preview, go to and then click on Demos. Enjoy!

Hi, Thank you. Sorry, I meant can I use 3rd party shortcodes in the tabs?

Hi ygorla, in the current version, adding 3rd party shortcodes in the tabs is not supported. This is something we will add to the consideration list for future enhancements. When you purchase StackTabs, you gain access to all future updates to the plugin.

The current version of StackTabs does support HTML within the tabs. So you can mark up the content or add any elements (forms, images, etc) using HTML. Hope this helps address your question.

can the content in the tab be an image or series of images that are clickable and send user to a different post/page/external site?

Hi ssieloff, Thank you for your question. Yes, you can absolutely add images within the tab content. You can add any content that you want. The tabs support HTML mark ups. So, you can add an image in the tab content and have that content link out to another page (internal or external).

I have a working example here:

Click on the tab titled “Quality Customers” and you will see I have embedded an image within the tab and you can click on that image to link out to the a specific page.

Hope this help!

awesome! Next question, is there any limit to the number of tabs? Say I want to have 8 or 10 can it support this?

Also, do you support different “styles” of tabs? Like inter-locking gears or puzzle pieces for instance?

In the current version, each StackTabs can have 5 tabs. However, you can have multiple StackTabs displayed on one page. Here is an example of multiple StackTabs on one page:

The stackable arrows is the only format that can be displayed. Your suggestion for supporting different styles is a good one and we will add it to the consideration list for future enhancements. When you purchase StackTabs, you gain access to all future updates to the plugin.

Is content (text) within the tabs SEO-friendly? On page load, will a search crawler see what’s inside an individual tab without it being open?

Hi Cacurtis, the tabs are SEO-friendly. The content within the tabs can be viewed by search crawlers even when the tab is closed. This is because of the HTML structure based on how the plugin is built. We have also tested the plugin with SEO by Yoast and it works well with this tool too. Hope this helps address your question.


I can’t change the tab color…

This is what I see

Thanks! LS

Thanks for your purchase of StackTabs. The issue you are having is because a CSS class on your theme is conflicting with the color class in StackTabs. Please submit a ticket at and we will email you an updated version that should resolve this issue. We will be posting the updated version on Envato soon, but if you like to get it immediately, submit a ticket and we can get it to you instantly.


Alton Digital Support

Version 1.0.8 has just been posted as the active download for StackTabs for WordPress. This updated version fixes the issue with the color picker on select themes. Please let us know if you have additional questions by submitted a ticket at

Thank you!

Downloaded latest updated and it works now.

It just looks a bit funny…


WOW! Will definitely be using in projects! Its about time we have some horizontal accordion-style without big images and more text focus! Love it! Very professional!

Hi BlueLondon,

Thank you for the kind words. We put thousands and thousands of hours into development and are very proud of the quality of the StackTabs plugin. We are also working on enhancements. When you purchase the plugin, you gain access to all of the future releases and enhancements at no additional cost.

Hope you find a chance to use the plugin. Let us know if there is anything we can do to help.

Hi. Looking to buy this – very nice design! – but want to know if the content area is limited? Noticed all the demos are just a few lines. Is it unlimited in size/content?


Hi esavvides,

Thanks for your comments and questions. I can provide some insights for you on this.

1. The text field is not limited to size or content. You can add as much text as you want to in the content field.

I put together a quick demo page with a StackTab with lots of text:

So while the content window technically is not limited, it does start to present a challenge with the design & visual elements.

The plugin is designed for optimal use to be 200 px in height. You can override this to be whatever height you need / want. For example, on this Lots of Text demo, I changed the height to 300px.

The plugin has lots of flexibility and can accommodate many different scenarios.

2. Regarding adding elements other than text, you can absolutely do this. You have full visual composer to add an edit text. You can see an example of this by going to this demo:

If you click on the 3rd tab over (Quality Customers), you will see an image has been embedded in the content and that image is clickable as a link out to an external page.

Hope this helps answer some of your questions.


Alton Digital Support

Perfect! thanks so much. Will buy now. And the “lots of text” – I don’t plan to use line after line of text, but to break it up with bullet points. Just helps to see what it would look like. Thanks!

Sounds good! Let us know if there is anything we can do to help. You can submit tickets on our Support site

Recently purchased this and it looks like a great plugin. I will try and make use of this handy tool. However, one thing to note. Please see about adding the ability to put more tabs. 5 tabs is not enough is some cases and though you can put multiple boxes on a page it may not be the most visually appealing way. It was not highlighted on the plugin features. I may have hesitated otherwise though its good regardless. I look forward to you expanding the number of available tabs in the future. Anyways, great work on this plugin!

No matter where I place the shortcode on an existing page it renders on the top of a page. Am I doing something wrong? I created a new page and it does the same thing no matter where I place the shortcode.

Hi there,

Sorry you experienced an issue with the plugin. We can give you some general information here, but it would be best if you can submit a ticket at and that way we can explore this further.

The issue is most likely a conflict with the CSS within the template you are using. We don’t know what theme you are using, but what is probably happening is that when you go to pull up the page, the theme is rendering the StackTabs code first and then the page content is loaded / rendered second. This is why the StackTabs is displayed above the content (even if you put the shortcode below the content).

If you want to display StackTabs at the bottom of the page, you need to add this code at the top of the page and then at the bottom of the page add . This will force the StackTabs to display at the bottom of the content.

If you can submit a ticket at, please let us know what page it is happening on and we can research some more permanent fixes for you.


Alton Digital Support

Ok thanks for the follow up. I don’t want it at the bottom either so I will try another theme at some point. If I insist on the theme I am using I will create a ticket so you can figure out what is happening. Thanks again.

Supports custom icons ?

Hi Yorgos,

Right now, the tabs can support any of the Font Awesome Icons

We are planning to develop a way for users to add custom icons in a future release, but in the current version, the icons are limited to any of the font awesome icons.

Hope this helps.


Alton Digital Support


I cant seem to get the icon to show up all i’m getting is the code, i have followed the instruction to ad awesome font

please help

Hi there,

Sorry you experienced an issue with the icons. We can give you some general information here, but it would be best if you can submit a ticket at and that way we can explore this further.

In general, all you need to do is enter the font awesome code in the field titled “Tab Icon Class”. You can get the font awesome codes by going to this page

Let me give you an example. If you go to our demo page at, you will see StackTabs listed on the homepage. The first tab displays a picture icon. So the code in the field Tab Icon Class is picture-o. All you need to put in that Tab Icon Class field is picture-o. The second tab displays a mobile tablet. The icon code for that is tablet.

You can use any of the codes from the Font Awesome page

If you need further assistance, please go to and submit a support ticket.

Thanks, Alton Digital Support

Thanks for the reply all working now

Do you have a new support site? (altonsupport(dot)com) not working

Hi, thank you for purchasing StackTabs. We’re happy to help if we can. Our support site is On that site, you can browse support documentation and submit tickets.

Nice design!

Hello! Run the Plugin also on WordPress 4.7.3 ? course i can not see a update since 1 Year

Thanks for Help olaf

course?? ... because :)

Hi Olaf,

Thanks for your question. Yes, This plugin will work with every version on WordPress because this plugin is not dependent on WordPress core file. If you face any problems, you can submit a ticket at and we will help troubleshoot for you.



Hi there, are u going to update that the plugin can work with the latest version of wordpress (4.7.4?) it’s really important to have the last security update, but your plugin dosent work at all:/ Kill the whole site, http error 500…

Hi guys, I open a ticket but no one answered me for almost a week? : / could u help me to fix it please?

Still got no answer …

Hey Kolorado, sorry for the delay. We did not receive a notice that you had posted a new ticket. We’ve fixed that and have replied to your ticket. Let’s use that ticket to continue working through a fix on this issue.

Pre-sale questions:

Can the Stacktab be modified to respond to “mouse-over” (hover) instead of clicking with the mouse? (I understand that on mobile it would still require touch.)

Can I nest a Stacktab within another Stacktab?

By the way, your demos are great! Very fast, clean, and professional.

Hey SnowWolf! Thanks for the comments. Currently, the plugin does not allow for hover interactions. We will consider this for a future release of the tool.

Stacktabs are displayed based on a shortcode. We have not found a good working model of displaying a stacktab inside a larger stacktab. We have seen some use it within tab functions.

Hope this helps!

Hello, nice Plugin. Is there a possibility to open the first tab already without clicking?