StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

StackFood Multi Restaurant - Food Delivery App with Laravel Admin and Restaurant Panel

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SatckFood is a Multi restaurant food delivery system developed using Laravel and Flutter frameworks. Using StackFood, you can reinvent the way of food ordering and delivery system with its superb admin panel. With StackFood’s readymade and highly responsive mobile apps, you’ll get a seamless user experience for sure.

Now the question is, why do you need to go with StackFood instead of other food delivery systems available in the market? Well, there is much to talk about it. We just need a few minutes of your valuable time to give this a read. 

After that, we hope you’ll purchase StackFood AUTO-MAGICALLY to elevate your online food ordering and delivery business, as it’s a complete package within your reach!

15+ Reasons to Buy StackFood:

  • StackFood is a complete package for your online FOOD ordering and delivery business.
  • 2 SUPERB Web panels: Admin Panel & Restaurant panel. (Developed Using Laravel)
  • 3 mobile applications: User app, Restaurant app, and Deliveryman app. (Developed using Flutter, Please note you need to purchase the Restaurant and Delivery Man app separately)
  • 1 Web app and Landing page. (Developed Using Flutter & Laravel blade)
  • All the apps are available on PlayStore (Android) & AppStore (iOS).
  • Phenomenal features to enhance the online food ordering and delivery system.
  • 100% responsive design to provide a great user experience.
  • The admin dashboard holds everything together.
  • Managing customers at ease.
  • Constant development with regular updates.
  • Active customer support to help.
  • Clean, well-structured, and maintainable code
  • Value for money system.
  • Flexible prices, no surprises!

All being mentioned, in order to control your business effectively and get the desired revenue, there will be no better option than StackFood.

N.B: The best way to test the system is to register as a customer and create a Deliveryman credential via the admin panel. Be aware that all demo data will be reset every 1 hour.

Well, do some downloading and browsing to test before moving forward!

Have you completed it? How was the experience? Still not on board? Well, you might miss any noteworthy features that you looked for. That being said, let’s have a look at all its remarkable features which you can definitely COUNT ON!

Remarkable Features of StackFood:

As per the previous statement, StackFood is jam-packed with outstanding features which can help you to make your online ordering and delivery easier, and smarter than ever before.

Accurate Zone-based Business: From the admin panel, numerous zone or areas can be set up to operate the business. Setting the business coverage area is as easy as summing 2+2 using the map drawing tool of StackFood. And food can only be ordered according to respective business area customers.

Set Your Business Up: Using Business Settings in the admin panel, you can easily set up your business. There’s more in this section! From this section, you can integrate- social media, and payment methods, and configure- mail, SMS module, and notifications settings. Lastly, you can set your Terms and Conditions, Privacy Policy, and About Us page up!

Admin Commission Feature: The admin can set a default commission for all restaurants from the admin panel however if the admin want can set individual commission for a specific restaurant. Not only on restaurants but also on the delivery charges.

Multi Restaurant Support: How many restaurants do you want to add to your business? Make the number countless! StackFood supports multi restaurant business model. As a result, you can add the number of restaurants you want. There is no limit whatsoever.

Multilingual Support: No matter in which country you’re in and want to operate your business, StackFood got your back here. The apps support RTL and any language.

SMS OTP Integrated: To keep your food ordering and delivery business safe and secure, the SMS OTP system has been integrated with StackFood. By having these bunch of integrated SMS gateways, you can easily verify your users in a smarter way.

Orders & Dispatch Management: Handling orders is as easy as pie with StackFood. You’ll get a complete overview of your order status from the Orders section of the Admin panel. On the other hand, the dispatch management section will help you to monitor your all ongoing orders.

Food Management: As an admin, you can control the whole Food section by managing categories and subcategories, attributes, addons, and more. Plus, you can add products to any restaurant. And the Restaurant panel also will get a food management feature.

Order Scheduling: You can schedule orders within a set timeframe (each slot for 30 minutes) using Stackfood. While you’re having your breakfast, you can order your lunch and dinner with StackFood.

Deliveryman Management: You can add deliverymen as many as you want and manage them effectively in the admin panel. Hiring a deliveryman is possible in two ways: freelance or salary-based. For deliveryman, you’ll get an app by which you can operate your delivery system quite simply. Last but not least, using the StackFood admin panel, can directly assign (manually) an available delivery man in order.

Business Promotion: With StackFood, you can easily promote your business. The Promotions section in the admin panel will allow you to do it. Using campaigns, banners, coupons, and push notifications you can take your marketing to a whole new level.

Customer Management: This admin panel section comprises many things related to customers. From viewing customer lists, wallets, loyalty points, and subscribed emails to customer live chat; all are under one roof! Manage your customers effectively and GROW!

Direct Chat with Admin: Customers can directly chat with Admin for any issues or queries. Most of the online ordering and delivery systems don’t have this feature but StackFood provides this for better customer engagement.

Employee Management: The more your business grows, the more people you need to handle all things! That’s why StackFood comes with an Employee management section for you! You can add employees, and assign them particular roles to manage your business smoothly.

Analyze Report and Statistics: StackFood’s Report management section of the admin panel helps you to get the day-wise and food-wise reports. As a result, taking the required steps on anything that is not doing good, will be easier for you.

100% Responsive & Feature-packed App (Android & iOS): You will get StackFood mobile app source code with this bundle. We developed this by flutter so the app can be usable on both android and iOS.

Built-in POS System: To execute online payments, POS service is now a must. And each restaurant is likely to pay extra for this. But with StackFood, you’ll be getting this service totally FREE of cost as it’s included in the bundle. Having this service in your system, restaurant owners can manage walk-in customer’s orders easily.

Integrated All the Popular Payment Gateways: All the payment gateways have been integrated with the system to manage the payment procedure from anywhere in the world.

Outstanding System Settings: There are two different themes have been added for you. You can handle the app and landing page settings from the admin panel. A built-in gallery is also available and ReCaptcha is for security purposes.

Hassle-free Transaction Management: You can easily collect cash from restaurants and delivery from the admin panel’s transaction management system. Not only just this, restaurant withdraws, and deliveryman payments are also manageable through the admin panel.

Ordering Process with StackFood In A Nutshell: As Simple As It Could Be

Ordering and delivering with StackFood is simpler than ever. Below is the step-by-step process of ordering and delivery in a nutshell. If anything seems confusing to you, feel free to contact our support team. They’re always ready to help!

  1. The first step is for the customer to place an order with the restaurant. Remember, customers cannot order from multiple restaurants at once.
  2. The deliveryman will be notified about the order in the Order request section of the Deliveryman app and will accept it so that the order can be delivered.
  3. The restaurant owner gets the order in the dashboard when the delivery boy confirms the order (if delivery confirmation is delivery man) and starts processing the order and hands it over to the delivery boy when the order is ready to deliver.
  4. Digitally paid orders will go directly to the confirmed status and will appear on the restaurant’s dashboard without the delivery boy’s confirmation.
  5. It is not necessary to get the delivery men’s confirmation if the store’s confirmation model is enabled, but after the restaurant’s confirmation, the delivery men will receive the order for acceptance.
  6. Upon accepting the order (if COD), the Delivery Guy confirms it, picks it up, and delivers it to the customer.
  7. For orders picked up at the restaurant, all steps will be managed by the restaurant.
  8. When a scheduled order is placed, all operations will begin 15 minutes before the expected delivery time.

All being mentioned, what do you think, is StackFood worth the money that you spend? Well, we would like to say, if it was not a “Value for Money’’ then within this short period of time we couldn’t make this number of sales.

Don’t Just Go for Words, Go for Credibility

Instead of going with our words, see our client’s valuable feedback (Codecanyon) on StackFood! They’re the people behind our inspiration to do good work. 

We hope you’re clear about what you’ll be getting with StackFood

Change Log-

Version 6.3 (Hotfix) 24 May 2023
- Fixed admin panel login cache-related issue. 
- No changes in the app and web
Version 6.3 19 May 2023
- Made the backend and web panel compatible with PHP version 8.x 
- Made the flutter apps compatible with flutter null-safety
- Made the admin panel compatible with new react design
- Price showing issue solved in RTL
- Fixed some other small issues in the admin panel, web, and apps
- All apps compatible with flutter version 3.7.10
Version 6.2(Hotfix) 29 March 2023
- Fixed react activation problem. 
- Fixed some 500-related issues for some specific servers. 
- No changes in the app and web. 
Version 6.2 23 March 2023
- Reorder from the order history and managed item and restaurant availability when reordering
- Improve refer and earnings, customer will get refer earnings after the first order is successfully delivered
- Bulk import and export improvement
- Based on recently viewed or recently ordered restaurants show your restaurant section in the app. 
- Dynamic withdraw request method created by admin
- Subscription order from customer web and app, Customers can place orders subscription-based for example daily, weekly, monthly, custom date range, and slot.
- Delivery men online time log
- Delivery men Incentive/Bonus based on earnings managed by admin
- Shift for delivery men 
- Managed OTP hit count and block for some minutes
- Delivery fee Increase option for dynamic reasons like rainy weather
- Landing page RTL and multi-language
- Admin panel and store panel multi-language supported and translation option from admin panel
- Apple login for iOS user app
- Digital payment order status manage
- Search location in the map when adding restaurants in the admin panel and other places
- Print option managed for any language
- Fixed some issues
- Make compatible the apps with flutter's latest version 3.7.7
Version 6.1.0 09 February 2023
- Compatible with the StackFood React user website
- Delivery man vehicle types with minimum and maximum delivery coverage with extra delivery charges. 
- Admin and Restaurant panel compatible with RTL
- Zone-wise Maximum delivery charge with the optional option
- Search improvement by search tag in the product
- Customer-wise coupon
- New reporting with lots of improvements to existing reports
- Restaurant-wise coupon
- Coupon discounted amount managed by coupon creator and shown in expense list
- Proper management with expense reports for product discount
- Maximum order amount for COD orders
- Order cancellation reason for admin, restaurant, delivery man, and customer
- Cuisine-wise restaurant
- Recommended items on the restaurant page
- Tax include and exclude options managed by admin
- Managed notifications for admin and restaurant by firebase
- bKash payment gateway updated
- Required admin approval for joining the basic campaign
- Managed force updates for delivery man and restaurant app
- Fixed some other small issues
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter version 3.7.1 
Version 6.0.1 31 December 2022
- Subscription transaction and other related issues solved.
- Order edit issue solved.
- Order Refund Improved.
- Some notification issues fixed.
- Social Login issue solved.
- Fixed some page export issues.
- Best reviewed food price-related issue fixed in user app.
- Some order request-related issues solved.
- Fixed some other small issues
- Make compatible for react web version
Version 6.0 26 November 2022
- Changed the food variation system in both logic and UI
- Introduce subscription based restaurant model with a dynamic package and free trial option
- Social login system for user app
- Refund model Improvement
- Complete new designed landing page
- Proper route naming and management
- Expense calculation for free delivery in the admin panel
- Refund, cancellation, and shipping policy page
- Distance-wise restaurant sorting in the app home page
- Fixed some small issues
- Make compatible with flutter version 3.3.8
Important Note: If you update your admin panel you need to update your existing food variation as we changed the food variation system. 
Version 5.8.1 19 September 2022
- Fixed some design-related issues in the admin panel
- Fixed some chatting issues in the admin panel
- Fixed admin role issues in the admin panel
- Update payment gateways to the latest version
Note: No changes in apps
Version 5.8 05 September 2022
- Complete redesigned and reorganized admin and restaurant panel
- Live chatting with Customer to admin, Customer to restaurant, customer to delivery man, delivery man to restaurant
- Show restaurants on the map with detailed view
- Complete rearranged POS for both admin and restaurant
- Fixed small issues
- Query optimized
Version 5.7.1 04 August 2022
- Fixed some issues
- Performance improvement
Version 5.7 05 July 2022
- Auto-refresh for ongoing order details in the user app
- Zone-wise delivery charge management
- Admin’s commission in the delivery charge
- Cash in hand overflow for the delivery man - The delivery man can't able to accept orders if the amount is over.
- Changed restaurant-wise Delivery Charge
- Tracking of delivery man ( Time log, availability & Assigned Orders)
- Fixed problem for user delete with refer & earn
- Improved some design in the user app
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improvement
Version 5.6.2 20 June 2022
- User account self-delete option in app
- Fixed some other known issues
Version 5.6.1 31 May 2022
- POS for admin panel
- Order processing time managed from admin and restaurant
- Test Data delete option
- Provide all zones data based on delivery location (If there are multiple zones overlapped in a location)
- Refer and Earn system
- Delivery man tip option managed from admin
- Update Address details ( additional fields like road, house, floor )
- Food search option in the restaurant
- Food without image
- Image zoom option
- Multiple themes for the user app homepage
- Fixed some other small issues. 
- Performance improved
- Compatible with flutter 3.0
Version 5.5 12 May 2022
 - Fixed iOS browser login issue
- Fixed Payment gateway redirection issue
- Update payment gateway SDKs
- Fixed Category page restaurant to food switch issue
- Fixed some other known issues.
- Added SMTP setup test by sending a test mail
Version 5.4 –25 April 2022
- Wallet payment option for customers
- Add fund option in wallet by the admin
- Loyalty point based on order value
- Convert loyalty points into wallet balance
- Refunded amount in wallet balance
- Improved landing page design 
- Mail for customer registration, order place, add fund by admin, self registration for restaurant and delivery man
- Social media URL
- Mail subscription option for collecting mail address
- Fixed landing page data update issue in the admin panel
- Fixed digitally paid order mail in the admin panel
- Fixed some other small known issues. 
Note: If you face any login related problem in user app after the update, please delete the vendor folder from your server and then again update the admin panel. The update process will create the vendor folder again. 
Version 5.3 –03 March 2022
- Fixed opening and closing time issue
- Multi-language for app data
- Daywise multiple opening and closing times for restaurant
- Dynamic schedule order slot duration managed from admin
- Dynamic digit after decimal managed from admin
- Background custom sound
- New payment gateway Liqpay, PayTabs, Paytm, bKash.
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improvement
Important note- As changed the restaurant opening closing times structure after system update need to update all restaurants opening closing times.
Version 5.2 –10 February 2022
- Fixed lots of minor issues
- Changed some database structure and Queries for better performance (by load testing and seeding huge data). 
Important note: There is a possibility to reset some reporting after the update.  
Version 5.1 (Hot fix) –18 January 2022
Fixed some issues for version 5.0
- Compatible with Flutter 2.8.1
- Fixed product and restaurant import issue
- Fixed restaurant bank info updated issue
- Order refund notification added
- Addon price issue fixed for restaurant panel
- Recaptcha loading issue fixed
- Deliveryman approval issue fixed
- Restaurant schedule order issue fixed
- Restaurant veg/non-veg issue fixed
- Fixed some other small issues 
Version 5.0 –11 January 2022
- Veg/Non Veg with Turn on/off and filter option in Admin, vendor panel and User app. 
- Zone wise employee management
- Dynamic order cancel permission for restaurant and delivery man
- Google captcha on all web panel login with default captcha
- Restaurant self-delivery without deliveryman
- Dynamic 12/24 time format
- Offer price on home page for user app
- Coupon page in user app
- Restaurant and delivery man self-registration page turn on/off managed by admin
- Category wise restaurant in user app
- Address edit and change option on the checkout page
- Earning for per order in deliveryman app managed by admin
- iOS notification issue fixed
- Android 6 app loading issue fixed
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improvement
Version 4.2 –06 December 2021
Hot release for some issues
- Fixed restaurant discount issue
- Fixed coupon issue in order
- Hide/Show customer review from admin panel
- Deliveryman current orders count in canceled order issue solved
- Added no internet screen in user app
- Address multiple delete issue fixed
- Restaurant closed issue fixed
- Performance optimize
Version 4.1 –21 November 2021
- POS system for restaurant panel with option for access turn on/off by admin. 
- Landing page data management from admin panel
- Category Filter in product list
- Map search improvement in admin business setup
- Pagination for apps where needed
- Fixed admin profile update issue
- Fixed the Google Maps issue in the admin panel, created by google Maps API's latest version release.
- Improved home page and restaurant details page loading time in user app.
- Delivery time, minimum order view in user app's restaurant details page
- Most reviewed food section in user app's home page managed by admin
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improvement
Version 4.0 – 20 October 2021
- Order update from admin panel.
- Restaurant Order confirmation model
- Fixed Order sound in restaurant and delivery man app
- Restaurant wise delivery man
- GST number in invoice with on/off option
- Popular and new restaurants on the home page with turn on/off option
- Category sorting. (High, Medium, Normal) - Default (Normal)
- Offday management for restaurant
- Temporary closing option for the restaurant.
- Fixed iOS notification
- Privacy policy and terms & condition page added in all app
- Some design improvements in app and web
- Show review and rating list for the restaurant in user app
- Fixed some other issues
- Performance improvement
- New payment gateway
Version 3.1 – 25 September 2021
- Maximum assigned order for delivery man managed by admin
- Fixed issues for flutter 2.5
- Performance improvement
Version 3.0 – 21 September 2021
- Make the backend compatible with restaurant app
- Flutterwave new payment gateway
- Free delivery over amount setup from admin
- Apps force update setup in admin
- Same food with different addon add option
- Updated to flutter 2.5
- Fix some issues
- Performance improvement
Version 2.1 – 10 September 2021
- Hot fix for bulk upload issue
- Fix restaurant employee login issue
- Fix stripe currency problem
- Fix the google map API version issue
- Show existing zones in map when creating a new zone
Version 2.0 – 03 September 2021
- Web app
- Bulk import and export
- Image gallery
- Maintenance mode added
- Refund option for a digitally paid order
- Fix some issues
- Performace improvement
Version 1.0 – 24 August 2021
- Initial Release.

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