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very nice will you release this as a jquery plugin as well?

Thank you nokiko, most likely i’ll release jQuery version

Extremely innovative as usual. Great work! :)

Thank you Mitko! Appreciated :)

Awesome slider Cray! :)

Thank you Dani :)

Looks awesome Andrey! Well done ;)

Thank you Ivo :)

Awesome work, Andrey! GLWS :-)

Much appreciated Krasi :)

Good work Andrey! Awesome and very creative slider as expected ;) Hope you get a lot of sales!

Thank you Ivo :)

Hi, any eta on the jQuery version? thanks!

Hi ! We have an issue with your plugin. It doesn’t work with the “Jupiter” theme. We’ve tried with different and regular versions of VC but we still have the same problem : “This extension does not have a valid header.” And it’s working on other themes…

Hi agencesand, Can you please open support ticket at and i’ll let you know what to do.

Hi, How can i do center the slider on mobile?

Link is here:


Hi suremer, yes i’m here. Just add in your slider settings for example 3 in Select first slide

Thank you for reply, I don’t mention it. Featured image is not centered on mobile.

Can you check this link on mobile?

Please set Responsive under to 10

this looks incredible!

Build your content query (pages,posts,custom post types) Can stack pull category “pages”?

I updated Visual Composer to v4.9.2 and the blue “Backend Editor” button disappeared from the page/post pages. I narrowed the conflict down to this plugin by turning on 2015 as my theme and disabling all plugins except for visual composer and then the stack slider. Once stack slider is activated, the button disappears. I reverted to my previous version of VC (v4.7.4) in the mean time.

Hi thedeancorp, Can you please open support ticket with url user and pass to your WP admin.

The ticket is open (number 644620). Thanks


Can the cards be landscape instead of portait?

Please check ticket #786981

Cray, this demo link is down showing raw shortcodes @

I would like t buy but have 2 questions.

1. I don’t want any issues going into VC. Would you test and confirm this is working well with the latest VC? VC has had some significant updates since 2015 I believe and would like to know for sure first :)

2. Are the assets of your plugin loaded only when needed so there is no extra load on pages that don’t use your plugin’s features? - I just would like to know so I know if I need to tweak accordingly.

Thanks champ. Appreciate it! Hope to hear back today! Please! Thanks. ;)

Hey Guys, I purchased this pluggin but it seems to be conflicting with the latest version of VC. Any updates coming soon?

Hi gsampson, most likely your theme use modified version of VC. Can you please open support ticket at with url, user and pass for your WP admin and i’ll chek it

Hi Guys Opened a support ticket as this is clashing with visual composer for me as well.


When adding a featured image to a post it goes full screen and you cannot edit the page further and going back refreshes the page so you have to save first, then add featured image and save, then go back and refresh the page.

Very counter intuitive. Please advise.

Breaks VC as well. Will there be a fix soon?

Hi dessibob, can you please paste me here your ticket ID


Emailed access through.

I also have a conflict with the latest version of VC. Any news on a fix?

Hi gigrev, can you please open support ticket with url user and pass for your WP admin and i’ll check it

Thanks for your quick response and thanks for fixing it. :) Great Service

Using latest Visual Composer 5.0.1 and can’t find stack slider on VC modules after installation.

Check my reply!

Still no reply?!

It should be visible now. Please check your ticket