Stachethemes Event Calendar - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

Stachethemes Event Calendar - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

What is Stachethemes Event Calendar

With Stachethemes Event Calendar WordPress plugin you can include all kind of information about your event like introduction section with detailed information including photo gallery, even schedule, guest list, location map with directions, weather forecast, merchandise and even comment section!

You can try the back and front-end for free here!

How to use it

This is quick user guide for more detailed information please visit the plulgin documentation here or contact us on

Plugin Requirements

Keeping your WordPress up to date will minimize the problems you may experience.

Browsers: IE10, IE11, Firefox, Safari, Opera, Chrome, Edge
Scripts: PHP 5.3, jQuery 1.12.3+
Compatible with: WooCommerce 2.5+, Visual Composer 4.8.x Wordpress version: WordPress 4.3 and above


To install Stachethemes Event Calendar go to your “Dashboard” then “Plugins” click “Add New” and “Upload Plugin”.
Click “Browse”, pick the Event Calendar archive and Click “Install Now”.
After installation click “Active plugin” and a new menu should appear named “Stachethemes Event Calendar”.


How to update the calendar to a newer version?

Version 2.0 or newer

1) Go to Dashboard -> St. Event Calendar -> Updates.
2) Click “Check for updates”.
3) If new update is available a blue button “Download & Install” will appear.

Version 1.7.2 and below

Steps to update manually:

1) First BACKUP the calendar folder ( wp-content/plugins/stachethemes_event_calendar ) !
2) Deactive the plugin ( Do not uninstall or you will lose your events ).
3) Copy the new files to wp-content/plugins/stachethemes_event_calendar and overwrite if asked.
4) Re-activate the plugin.

That’s it.



As of version 1.4 the plugin requires activation.

To activate the plugin go to Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> License and paste your purchase code and click activate.

Obtaining API Keys

Weather API
To obtain free API KEY register at

Google Maps
To obtain Google Maps JavaScript API Key go to

To obtain Disqus Shortname register at

To mange your Google reCAPTCHA API Keys got to

Displaying the plugin on the front-end

Plugin Shortocode:


Shortcode attributes:

cal - include only following calendars. 
Example: [stachethemes_ec cal=1,2,3] 
where 1,2,3 are calendar ids
view - sets default view.
Example [stachethemes_ec view="month"]
Values are agenda, month, week, day
show_views - show/hide top menu views buttons. 
Example [stachethemes_ec show_views=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
show_top - show/hide top menu. 
Example [stachethemes_ec show_top=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
agenda_cal_display - show/hide agenda calendar slider from agenda view. 
Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_cal_display=0]
Values are 1 or 0.
agenda_get_n - number of events to show in agenda view per "look for more" click. 
Example [stachethemes_ec agenda_get_n=5]

So for displaying upcoming events you can use something like following:

[stachethemes_ec view="agenda" show_top=0 agenda_cal_display=0 cal=1]

This will display the agenda accordion only with upcoming events from calendar with id 1 Show only today events from calendars 2,3 example:

[stachethemes_ec view="day" show_top=0 cal=2,3]

From Dashboard go to Pages or Posts
Add New Page or Post, fill desired Post/Page title and inside the Post/Page content write [stachethemes_ec]. Click Publish. This page will display the calendar when visited. You can place the shortcode in any existing Page or Post as well.

If you are uncomfortable writing shortcodes the plugin supports WPBakery Page Builder (formerly Visual Composer) as well.

Creating Calendar

To create a calendar category go to your “Dashboard” then “Stachethemes Event Calendar” and click “Calendars” from the menu. Fill Calendar Name, Color, Timezone and Visibility (public or private) and click on “Create Calendar” button. A new calendar should appear under “List with your created calendars”.

Creating Event

To create an event go to your “Dashboard” go to “Stachethemes Event Calendar” and click “Events” from the menu. Select “Calendar” from the list or create one if you haven’t created one yet. Click on “Add Event” button. Fill desired event details and click “Add Event”.

Keep in mind that most event tabs are optional. You can fill all the tabs before clicking on the “Add Event” button.

Adding items with WooCommerce

1. Go to Events.
2. Select Calendar.
3. Click Add Event or Edit Event.
4. Click on WooCommerce tab
5. From the dropdown select the WooCommerce product you want to add to the product.
6. Click Add to Event

All of the products logic is handled by WooCommerce itself. We are simply linking the product to the event. You don’t write prices etc. through our plugin. When you are creating an event there is a new tab “WooCommerce” with list of all products you have.

You can select product(s) from the list and click “Add to Event”.

On the front-end if the event has linked products, the calendar will pull from WooCommerce the product details along with buy button, short description, prices etc. On clicking the buy button the plugin sends ajax request to WooCommerce plugin and then refreshes the Cart on success.

Plugin Features

- Embed events option NEW
- Display events in calendar or in single page
- Share events on social media: Facebook, Twitter and Google +
- Allow users to submit events from the front-end
- Create single or multiple day events
- Pick any color you like for your calendar category
- Repeat event daily, weekly, monthly or yearly
- Duplicate event
- Set featured event
- Import & Export .ics files
- Option to choose how many times the event to repeat
- Option to put gap between repeats
- Add information about your VIP guests coming to your event
- Add detailed event program description by dates and/or hours
- Add Merchandise Tab to your events
- Add weather forecast information about the event location
- Attach files to the events so your users can download
- Add unlimited number of images to your events
- Send e-mail invitations for your event
- Change all fonts and colors to match your theme
- The plugin is fully responsive to fit on any mobile screen
- The calendar can be translated to other languages. Comes with en-US-po file
- Enable user discussion on your events through Disqus.
- Show/Hide Search Button
- Show/Hide Filter Button
- Show/Hide View Buttons
- Show/Hide Time Zone
- Enable/Disable Remind feature
- Change Date Format: YY-MM-DD, DD-MM-YY or MM-DD-YY
- Change First day of the week: Monday, Saturday or Sunday
- Change Time Format: 12 or 24 hours
- Change the Default view: Agenda, Month, Week or Day
- Change Events visibility from Public to Private
- Change Weather degrees from Celsius to Fahrenheit
- Change Weather wind from Mph to Kph
- Customize Invitation e-mail content
- Customize Reminder e-mail content
- Unlimited number of events per day
- Unlimited number of event categories
- Google Maps with directions
- Filter Events option
- Search Events by date, name or keywords
- Shortcodes
- Enable/Disable comments
- Option to enter keywords to event to show on calendar search result
- API (Beta)
- Auto Updater
- Grid View
- Many more are coming soon!


Icons by Font Awesome. Check them out!
Comments section by Disqus
Map and reCAPTCHA by Google.
Weather Forecast by

For more information about upcoming updates follow us on Facebook.

Change log

20.02.2018 Version 2.1.0

- Share event now has option to embed the event on other sites via iframe. Uses the WP-API and can be turned on/off from St.Event Calendar -> General Settings. 

13.02.2018 Version 2.0.8

- Bug fix where plugin was not working on IE
- Bug fix where plugin was triggering fatal error on PHP 5.3 

07.02.2018 Version 2.0.5

- Added grid view.
- Bug fix where some strings were not being translated.
- Bug fix where activator was not activating license on domains running on https protocol.

30.1.2018 Version 2.0.2

- Activator now uses API version 2.0
- Bug fix where updater returns "Not authorized" when trying to update.
- Admin uses css instead of less.
- Bug fix where message "Single page not set" was displaying.
- Bug fix where "Open events in single page" was not working.

25.1.2018 Version 2.0

- Plugin now uses custom WP Posts instead. Old database is obsolete.
- Added auto-updater to the plugin.
- Added API (beta)
- Added email notification when event has been approved.
- Search function updated. On click the user will be redirected to the event's single page. If the event is part of recurrence the search will return the nearest occurrence from "now".
- Single page is now obsolete and has been removed.
- Cache is now using the WordPress Transients API.
- Added new admin menu "Migrate" for database migration purposes.
- Other bug fixes & code improvements. 

28.11.2017 Version 1.7.1

- ICS Export library has been updated to version 2.1.1
- New shortcode [stachethemes_ec_export]. Creates export button for your calendar events. 


[stachethemes_ec_export cal=1] where cal is your calendar ID (required) [stachethemes_ec_export cal=1 text="Custom button text"] 

- Bug fix where you were able to export events from admin export link.
- Awaiting approval events now display submit date.
- Added new filter "stec-icons" which allows adding custom icons.


 add_filter('stec-icons', function($arr) { /* $arr['css-class-name'] = 'Display name' */ $arr['my-custom-icon'] = 'My Custom Icon Name'; return $arr; });

 - Advanced RRULE now includes EXDATES
- Featured events are not always on top regardless of time
- Added option in general settings to disallow submission of expired events. Shortcode attribute create_event_form_allow_expired (1/0) 

Example: [stachethemes_ec create_event_form_allow_expired=0]

23.10.2017 Version 1.7.0

- Bug fix where if min_date or max_date is set in the shortcode attributes the query returns no events.
- Added option to set Single Page manually. FAQ on how to do that will be added with release.
- Bug fix where "create event" form is accessible in the admin even if there are no calendars.
- Fixed "Notice: Trying to get property of non-object in stachethemes_event_calendar\admin\view\events\tabs\general.php on line 71" in the admin area. 

13.10.2017 Version 1.6.9

- Bug fix where "Display date in user local time" if set to "yes" sometimes displays the event on wrong date.
- Added partial support for iCal RECURRENCE-ID. Supported values are: 1) TZID followed by DATETIME in format YYYYMMDDTHHmmss 2) UTC DATETIME in format YYYYMMDDTHHmmssZ Examples: RECURRENCE-ID;TZID=America/Chicago:20171030T224500 RECURRENCE-ID:20171030T174500Z
- Added shortcode parameter to [stachethemes_ec] "create_form_cal". This options allows to specify which calendars to display in the "create an event" form. Example: [stachethemes_ec create_form_cal=1,2,3]
- When moving event from one calendar to another in the admin menu, by default the event will inherit the color of the calendar.

19.9.2017 Version 1.6.8 

- Bug fix where EXDATE is not excluded if the day is not set to "All Day" 
- Bug fix where on some domains the calendar deactivates every week or so.
- Added copy to clipboard button next to share buttons
- Added filter_location shortcode attribute. Will now display only events with specific location.

Example: [stachethemes_ec filter_location="London, UK"] [stachethemes_ec filter_location="New York, NY, United States"]

Note: location filter looks for exact match (case insensitive) "London, UK" will not match "London" or "London, United Kingdom" 

FAQ on how to update: 

11.9.2017 Version 1.6.7

- Added new menu Import/Export Calendar Settings. You can now export your calendar General and & Fonts & Colors settings and reuse them later via Import option.
- Bug where Facebook webcal urls were not accessible by the calendar due to blocked content error.
- Bug fix where cron was importing the events without icon even when icon was selected.
- Bug fix where stec.js may crash if rrule has value of null. 

25.8.2017 Version 1.6.6

- Bug fix where cron jobs won't sync properly if the back-end visibility is not set to public 
- Added new option in General Settings: Agenda List Order (Ascending / Descending) Shortcode attribute name: reverse_agenda_list=1 (0 - off) 

Example: [stachethemes_ec reverse_agenda_list=1]

- Added new shortcode attribute agenda_tooltip=1 (0 - off). If set to 1 it will display the event tooltip in the agenda slider as well.

Example: [stachethemes_ec  agenda_tooltip=1]

13.8.2017 1.6.5

- Bug fix where the repeater does not work in the admin area on Safari browser
- Bug fix in RRULE to support UNTIL date in local time
- Back-end events are sorted by start date.
- Bug fix where "Add Images" admin button is not clickable.
- Standalone create event form. Shortcode examples:

Default form shortcode

[stachethemes_ec_create_form selector=#my-button] 
Turns the form into popup. If the button with id my-button is clicked the form shows up. Accepts class selector as well.

[stachethemes_ec_create_form create_form_cal=1,2,3]
Only calendars with id 1,2,3 will be visible in the calendar selector.

- Added new param upcoming_only. Shows only upcoming events. Example:
[stachethemes_ec upcoming_only=1]
Can't be used along with expired_only parameter.

- Added new param featured_only. Shows only featured  events.  Example:
[stachethemes_ec  featured_only=1]

- Added new param expired_only. Shows only expired events. Example:
[stachethemes_ec expired_only=1]
Can't be used along with upcoming_only parameter.

- Added Edit event link on the front-end next to each event title. Link is visible to super admins only. On click admin is redirected to the event's edit page.

3.8.2017 1.6.4
- Search by event location
- Added 4 new icons
- Attendees now receive e-mail notification
- Agenda menu now has day selector
- Remember calendar selection in admin panel
- Added Day Exceptions to the repeater
- Custom RRULE string. To turn on the option press CTRL + ALT + SHIFT + R in the repeater pop up menu. Allows you to paste complex RRULE string directly to the field. Example string: FREQ=YEARLY;INTERVAL=3;BYMONTH=10;BYDAY=TU;BYMONTHDAY=2,3,4,5,6,7,8 ( Every 3 years October on Tuesday the 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 5th, 6th, 7th or 8th )
- Added weekly cron schedule
- Bug fix in the export function where the plugin was cutting the description text if multi-line !!! IMPORTANT !!! Before updating make sure you backup your calendar including the MySQL tables!

22.6.2017 Version 1.6.3
- Fixed bug where single event page shop section buy button may not work properly.
- Added translation strings for the icons list in the admin section.

12.6.2017 Version 1.6.2 
- Removed WooCommerce deprecated method calls.
- Added "Select Options" button to the price tag if the product has variables. Also the price tag shows min-max price range. 

3.6.2017 Version 1.6.1
- Fixed conflict between the calendar single page's opengraph and Yoast Seo plugin.
- Fixed conflict between Bootstrap date-picker and jQuery-UI date-picker.
- Description content is now passed through the_content filter.
- Plugin now sends e-mail notification if event is awaiting approval.
- All events tabs are now optional.

24.5.2017 Version 1.6.0
- Agenda list now displays events from activate month's day instead going to the 1st day of the month.
- Added default icon to calendars as there is default color.
- Bug fix where +1 More was not translating correctly.

6.5.2017 Version 1.5.9
- Agenda list can now display expired events\
- Fixed bug in Agenda list where "Look for more' button sometime skips event
- Fixed bug where reminder was not working in single page
- Fixed bug where reminder was setting incorrect remind date in default calendar view
- Fixed bug where add to cart button was not working in single page 

4.4.2017 1.5.8
- Removed "+1 More" and "+n More" hardcoded strings and replaced with translatable strings.
- Meta description field now gets the short description instead of the full event description.
- Bug fix in the repeater where the repeated event was skipping the initial repeat if the user's clock is in negative GMT offset. (GMT -2 etc)
- Bug fix where menus and other elements were displaying the event title instead of the actual menu title ( removed title filter) in Single event page. 

23.3.2017 Version 1.5.7
- Added micro-data schema to single event's page. Single page's share buttons now properly include Title, Description and Image.
- Added new option in General Settings "Display date in user local time" to display the events in visitor's local timezone.
- Added new option in General Settings -> Other tab "Admin access level". This field allows the admin to specify user access level (excluding the super admin) required in order to view the calendar in the back-end. Defaults to "edit_posts".
- Added new option in the import section "Overwrite events". If checked the existing events will be overwritten. - Agenda "Look for more" button now looks 12 months ahead (up from 6 months).
- Bug fix in the event's single page where the attend option was visible at all times if the counter was disabled.
- Other minor bug fixes.

23.2.2017 Version 1.5.6
- Bug fix where imported events may have incorrect time.
- Bug fix where the single page shop tab was not displaying the product price.
- Added Czech language pack (thanks to Martin Kabát)

2.2.2017 Update 1.5.5
- Bug fix where single page sometimes may be not accessible when theme settings are updated.
- Added editor for the introduction field in the admin area
- Improvements in the .ics parser.
- Added new import option "Delete events". If checked it will remove events from your import calendar if they don't exist in the .ics file.
- Added additional style that should prevent most theme css conflicts.
- Added new [stachethemes_ec] shortcode filters: min_date and max_date. Example: [stachethemes_ec min_date="1 Jan 2017" max_date="31 Jan 2017"] This will return only the events from January 2017

9.1.2017 Version 1.5.4
- Agenda list now shows upcoming events from the set month and year. Was fixed from "now" before.
- Woo Commerce: added meta data "stec_event_start_date" with value of the event start date.
- Added option to enable/disable events and weather data cache. Events cache lasts 12 hours. Forecast cache lasts 1 hour. Cache can deleted at will from the Cache sub menu.
- Improvements in import events where \n tags were not handled properly.
- Bug fix in weather forecast. 24 hours forecast starts from current time.
- Bug fix in the Single Event Page where the reminder was throwing js error.
- Minor style improvements in Single Event Page and Calendar Event's Introduction Page.

16.12.2016 Version 1.5.3 
- Added "Select All" button in the calendar filter menu on the front-end. Shows only if there are more than 3 calendars. 
- Added option to set coordinates for the map location since the geocoder sometimes fails to find the address 
- Bug fix where the guest's social links were showing only http:// 
- Import events: if the imported event has no DTEND value the calendar will assume the event is 24 hours. Previously the event was ignored. 

- Bug fix where updating the event erases the event external link and sets it /0.
- Bug fix where front-end submission was not retrieving user roles properly.

29.11.2016 Version 1.5.2
- Added new repeater. New repeat options: repeat on specific days, end repeat after X recurrences, end repeat on specific date.
- New import option - don't import expired nonrecurring events.
- New general setting option - hide/show share icons.
- New general setting option - hide agenda list
- Calendar selection is removed from front-end submission form if there is only one calendar available.
- Bug fix: Facebook share tab now closes after sharing link.
- Bug fix: Plugin now properly retrieves user permissions. 

31.10.2016 Version 1.5.1
- Bug fix affecting daylight saving time
- Bug fix where js may produce fatal error if Force Load Scripts option is set to "Yes" 

09.10.2016 Version 1.5
- New feature: Display event in single page
- Added option to share events on Facebook, Twitter and Google+
- New general option: Open events in. Values are: "Single Page" or "Calendar" 
- Event time span is now visible in Events list in the admin section
- New secondary buttons
- Bug fix where schedule was not expanding on mobile devices
- Minor css fixes - PHP Strict Standards notices fix

- Bug fix in Import Section where Bulk Delete Cronjobs returns "Nonce did not verify" error. 
- Fixed admin styles for the file inputs and checkboxes

- Bug fix where cron jobs were not firing in version 1.4.5

16.09.2016 Version 1.4.5
- Added French language pack
- Bug fix in the repeater
- Bug fix for PHP 5.3 support
- Other minor css/js improvements.

09.09.2016 Version 1.4.4
- Fixed compatibility issues with PHP 5.3
- Network Activate creates tables for all multi-sites
- Fixed issues where importer add events with wrong timezone
- Added German translation (de_DE) .po file 

05.09.2016 Version 1.4.3
- Shop tab redesign now includes item quantity.
- PHP 5.3 support.
- Back-end calendar visibility option.
- Fixed .POT translation template file.
- Captcha is now off by default.
- Week view dates mismatch fix.

29.08.2016 Version 1.4.2
- Calendar pre-init loader.
- New css3 preloader since SVG animations are deprecated.
- Dashboard notifications for new submitted events that are awaiting approval.
- Export event to .ICS format from the front-end.
- Import event to your Google Calendar from the front-end.
- Added shortcode parameters to the Visual Composer element.
- Humidity number is rounded.
- Other bug fixes.

- FIX for Fatal error: Can't use function return value in write context in stachethemes_event_calendar/front/class/calendar.php on line 54 Feature implemented in PHP 5.5. Target version is PHP 5.4. 
- Other minor css fixes 

16.08.2016 Version 1.4.1
- New design for Schedule and Weather tabs.
- New feature: You can now schedule to automatically import events from URL per given timespan. Uses wp_cron.
- Front-end create form is automatically hidden if user has not permission to add any events.
- Added new font-awesome icons.
- "Go to event" text changed to "Visit event website" to avoid confusion.
- Bug fix where event create form was not submitting the data if reCaptcha is turned off.

9.08.2016 - Hotfix
- Bug fix where 12 PM is displayed as 12 AM on the front-end.
- Bug fix where featured small image and avatar default image were not displaying.

4.08.2016 - Version 1.4 hotfix

- Activator now uses SSL protocol.
- Added new option in Fonts and Color section: "Add !important rule". This option adds !important rule after each generated style.
- Bug fix where some color settings were not working.

3.08.2016 - Version 1.4 hotfix

- Fix where some users experience problem with activator because of cURL misconfiguration.
- Increased event preview size in mobile view to115px (up from 85px).
- Added option in general section to hide "Create an event" form.

2.08.2016 - Version  1.4

New Feature: Create events from the front-end.

- Visitors and site users can now add events to your calendars.
- You can specify which calendar to make available to users, access level required for users and if approval by administrator is required before the event go public.
- Google reCAPTCHA is included as an option in the submit form.

Added: The calendar now require license activation!
Added: Option to import ics files via URL.

Changes: Visual layout improvements.

FIX: Importing .ics file multiple times will not duplicate events that were previously imported.
FIX: Bug fix where events may not be sorted correctly on webkit browsers.

28.06.2016 - Minor additions to version 1.3.2
 - Reduced the event timespan label in certain cases (when ends on same day etc...)
 - Added option to start the calendar on user defined date through shortcode attribute "start_date". Example. [stachethemes_ec start_date="1 September 2016"]
 - Removed title="..." on hover, no longer needed.

25.06.2016 - Version 1.3.2
- Added featured tag in the event options.
- Added featured filter.
- Added duplicate event button.
- Added link for further reading in introduction tab (Even Info).
- FIX: WooCommerce admin tab will show published products only.
- FIX: "Headers already sent..." error during activation if wp_debug is enabled.

16.06.2016 - Version 1.3.1
- Minimum width increased even further to 280px
- Added new event icon fa-hand-o-up
- Minor css fixes

13.06.2016 - Version 1.3
- Added iCalendar (.ics) import/export support.
- Fixed issue with Loco Translate and other gettext editors.
- Added "View Cart" and "Checkout" links in the WooCommerce front-end tab.
- New general setting: "Agenda Calendar Display". This option hides/shows agenda calendar slider.
- New add/edit event setting: "Counter". Hide/Shows the event counter.
- New Fonts & Colors Event Content setting "Event info title and text align".
- Bug fixes for older versions of iOS and Safari (7.1+).
- Visual improvements for mobile devices. (iPhone 6, iPad Air, Android Galaxy Note 4, Nexus 6, Motorola G 2nd Gen and so on)
- Other minor css fixes

3.06.2016 - Version 1.2
- Added Tooltip on event hover.
- Tooltip can contain Image, Title, Short Description Text (new field), Event Status, Counter, Location and Event Timespan.
- New General Setting: Enable/Disable Tooltip.
- New General Setting: Agenda events limit per click.
- New General Setting: Auto-focus event (Yes/No).
- New General Setting: Auto-focus event offset (- / +) px.
- New General Setting: Show event title on all cells (Yes/No).
- New General Setting: Top Menu (Show/Hide).
- Filter (show/hide) calendars/events by Wordpress User Role.
- Added several new icons.
- Bug fix in comments (Disqus) tab.
- WooCommerce buy button now visible if customers can purchase.
- Some minor CSS fixes.

26.05.2016 - Version 1.1
-  Added WooCommerce support. You can now add products to your events.
-  Added option to customize notification and reminder e-mail content from General settings. 
-  Added 40+ new icons to choose from.
-  Added option to hide GMT time from the front-end.
-  Fonts & Colors minimum font-size is now 9px.
-  Bug fix in the agenda view where some events were not displayed in the list.
-  Bug fix where custom style tab css was not generated on the front-end.

- Added new button in the top menu that allows to filter events by calendar.

- Bug fix in the calendar event repeater method.

16.05.2016 - Version 1.0
- Release