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How to update the calendar to a newer version?

Since version 2.0 the plugin includes auto-updater which downloads and updates the plugin automatically.

Version 2.0 or newer

1) Go to Dashboard -> St. Event Calendar -> Updates.

2) Click “Check for updates”.

3) If new update is available a blue button “Download & Install” will appear.

Version 1.7.2 and below

Steps to update manually:

1) First BACKUP the calendar folder ( wp-content/plugins/stachethemes_event_calendar ) !

2) Deactive the plugin ( Do not uninstall or you will lose your events ).

3) Copy the new files to wp-content/plugins/stachethemes_event_calendar and overwrite if asked.

4) Re-activate the plugin.

That’s it.


I get this error on activation: Parse error: syntax error, unexpected ‘[’ in …stachethemes_event_calendar.php on line 27

Make sure your server is running PHP version 5.4 or newer

Calendar layout is really REALLY messed up!

Make sure the shortcode [stachethemes_ec] is not wrapped in PRE tags! Check the Page/Post editor in “Text” mode rather than “Visual”

If the calendar style is missing try following:

Go to Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> General -> Other Settings and set “Force load calendar scripts” to “Yes”

I got this error on browser console “top.calfilter.js:56 Uncaught TypeError: $.uniqueSort is not a function(anonymous function)

$.uniqueSort was added in jQuery version 1.12.3.

If you are not using the newest Wordpress version then you most likely have earlier version of jQuery as well.


Open your theme functions.php and at the end add:

wp_deregister_script( 'jquery' ); 

wp_register_script( 'jquery' , ''); 

This function will load jQuery version 1.12.3.

Does this have ical or google cal auto sync features?

It has something similar to sync.

We’ve added option to import .ics events directly from url (for example: every hour or so using the wordpress cron function.

You can give it a try on our live admin demo and see if this works for you.

The feature is located in Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> Import -> Auto-import events from URL

Create Single Page manually.

1) Go to Dashboard -> Pages -> Add New.

For title choose whatever you want. For content add the shortcode [stachethemes_ec_single] Click “Publish” to save the page. Remember the ID number of the created page. You can check it in the browser address field.

For example if the URL is …./wp-admin/post.php?post=855&action=edit, the page id is 855.

2) Go to Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> Single Page.

Add to your address field at the end “&manual=true” so it looks like following: YOUR-WEBSITE/wp-admin/admin.php?page=stec_menu__single&manual=true You should be seeing single field “Set Single Page ID”.

Add the previously created page ID there and click “SET PAGE ID”

3) Go to Dashboard -> Settings -> Permalinks and click “Save Changes” without changing anything. This will refresh your rewrite rules.

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