Discussion on Stachethemes Event Calendar - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

Discussion on Stachethemes Event Calendar - WordPress Events Calendar Plugin

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Great Plugin, just a simple question:

How to remove the Edit-Icon on the frontend calendar page (wich allows readers to suggest chances)?

Despite looking over I couldn´t find the option to disable this function!

Hello, Stachethemes. How are you all?

Pre-sales question: 1. Is it possible to put shortcodes in the event’s description?

I have a hostel service that opens only when we have events. I would like to create an event with your plugin and then add a hotel booking plugin shortcode to the page of the event so someone can view the event and book right away.

Thank you for your time.


Yes, it is possible to include shortcodes in the description.

However, if your shortcodes depend on JavaScript, you will have to configure the calendar settings to open events in “Single page” mode. By doing so, the calendar will load the content directly instead of using AJAX, ensuring that the required JavaScript files are included.

Please let me know if you need any further assistance or clarification.


Askaron Purchased

(Question was also posted on your support system):


I would like to know how to hide the RSVP Button from people who are not registered to my site – so that only logged in users can see the option to RSVP.

I already tried:

this will hide it for all users

.button-class display: none; }

.logged-in .button-class{ display: block; }

but it seems that that does not work as it either hides it for everyone regardless if logged in or not or it just shows it to everyone…

Thank you very much!

I will paste the answer here as well in case someone else require something similar:

This is a WordPress hook that usually should be inserted in the theme or child-theme functions.php file.
 * STEC: Turns off rsvp for not logged in users
add_action('stec_event_get_front_data', function($data){
    if (false === is_user_logged_in()) {
        $data['rsvp'] = 0;
    return $data;

Presale question: does it have a feature for a ticket/event waitlist when the capacity is reached?

Currently, no. The next version coming next month will have option to queue for the RSVP function.

Thanks for your quick reply! So if I create a new event with a limit of 10 tickets/reservations and a new person wants to join this event they can join a waitlist and automatically joins (and also receive an email when joined)

Yes, however, this is specifically applicable to the RSVP function, where users can request attendance without the need to purchase a ticket in advance.

RnRDesign Purchased

Hi, With regards to ticket sales: 1. I saw a comment about using any mobile device to scan tickets at an event, but what happens when it’s scanned? 2. How can an event organiser manage scanning tickets on multiple devices and quickly so as to get attendees in without too much delay? 3. If there is no simple mobile app option with this plugin, can you recommend one that would work and more importantly one that would work offline too? Thanks

Hi I just sent you an email regarding the license activation…

can you please revert it’s urgent

Sorry for the delay. Both keys are reset now.

thank you

Hi, how can i change the size and/or the icon of the map view?


Icons are typically generated based on the event color and the event icon.

However, you have the ability to completely override the icons using the JavaScript hook “stecMapMarkerIcon.” This hook allows you to modify the icon that is generated by the marker.


jQuery(document).on('stecMapMarkerIcon', function(e, data){ 

    console.log(data); // log all data available

    data.temp.stecMapMarkerIcon = "..." // your new marker


Thanks! My biggest issue was the size of the markers. So i tried to make the png smaller AND keep the correct color, but this didn’t work because there are only async methods to do it. So i did it via generating an SVG. Unfortunately can’t post the code here. Issue is resolved, thanks.


please solve this ticket issue

Hello. I want to add your plugin as a module to my catalog (woocommerce) This is a multi-user directory. Users can only create external/affiliate products or catalog mode products without purchasing from the site.

I want users to create events for their offers, like: Sale, Fair, etc. and added their products from the catalog.

I see that you have a section with woocommerce products. I see image view, add to cart button. But I don’t see how you can go to view the product (For example, the title of the product is not a link.) I know that in woocommerce, the product can be added to the cart directly from the archive card, but there the user can see the attributes, a short description, enable quick view, or go to the description if the information is not enough. So: Can the user view the product before buying? Is it possible to add a link or button to the product page?

2. I see there have been questions about WordPress inline comments or your own review system. Is this still in the plans? (Disqus comments are either paid or full of ads. And the Facebook comments are pretty buggy.) Can we disable Disqus/Facebook altogether? I see in your demo only a choice of two, with no option to disable.

Is there a way to add an external register/ticket to the grid calendar view as in a single page?

This is an external link.. if that makes a difference in code… and sorry for the repeated comments.. somehow it was not showing up..

External links have nothing in common with tickets. If you are using external links for your tickets then here is the modifed code:

add_action('wp_footer', function () {

    if (false === wp_script_is('stec-js')) {
        return '';

    <script type="text/javascript">
        (function($) {

            $(function() {

                if (typeof $.stecExtend !== 'function') {

                $.stecExtend(function(m) {

                    if (m.glob.options.view !== 'grid') {

                    const $events = m.$instance.$grid.find('.stec-layout-grid-event').filter(function() {
                        return 1 !== $(this).data('tickets');

                    $.each($events, function() {

                        const $event = $(this);
                        const id = $'id');
                        const originalEvent = m.calData.getEventById(id);

                        $'tickets', 1); // prevent double tickets button

                        if (!originalEvent || ! {
                            return true; // continue

                        const buttonProps = {
                            'class': 'stec-style-button stec-preview-tickets',
                            'type': 'button',
                            'text' : || 'Tickets',
                            'href' : ||,
                            'target' : '_blank'

                        const buttonStyle = {
                            'margin-top' : '10px'

                        const buttonHtml = $('<a></a>', buttonProps);





                }, 'afterFillEvents');


Perfect! Thank you

hello, I extended today the license but I cannot add the license to the site, I have the error: Domain does not match

Is it compatible with divi. I am looking to integrate with woocommerce immediately, but needed in the future.

Thanks that works, in this case do i need to use the divi code block and paste the short code there?

Text module or Code module would do


Hello, I use your calendar with buddyboss, and the description window is blocked in height, much too small, how to enlarge this text window in height?

Also, is there a possibility to block the widget thumbnail/vignette function with the date? I don’t use icons..

Thank you for this beautiful calendar.! Best regards.


wplike Purchased


into buddyboss -> parameters -> activity feed, there are these custom post type declared by Stachethemes Event Calendar:

Thank for your help, regards.

Sorry I just noticed you are talking about BuddyBoss and not BudyPress…

Register labels for the calendar cpts by adding in your theme or child-theme functions.php file:

// Register calendar post type labels
add_filter('register_post_type_args', function ($args, $post_type) {

    $cpt_labels = array(
        'stec_event'     => array(
            'singular_name' => 'Event',
            'name'          => 'Events',
        'stec_calendar'  => array(
            'singular_name' => 'Calendar',
            'name'          => 'Calendars',
        'stec_cron'      => array(
            'singular_name' => 'Calendar Cron',
            'name'          => 'Calendar Crons',
        'stec_esf'       => array(
            'singular_name' => 'Event Submission Form Templates',
            'name'          => 'Event Submission Form Template',
        'stec_sp'        => array(
            'singular_name' => 'Event Single Page Templates',
            'name'          => 'Event Single Page Template',

    if (isset($cpt_labels[$post_type])) {
        $args['labels'] = $cpt_labels[$post_type];

    return $args;
}, 10, 2);

wplike Purchased

Hello Stachethemes, thank you so much, it’s working perfectly :) Best regards.

Hi, is this plugin compatible with buddypress and Youzify?


It is compatible with buddypess but we haven’t tested with Youzify.

Hi there, the front end edition page is showing up in Google SERPs. (URL is /stec-edit/) How can we stop these pages from being visible for non logged in users?


Is it possible to send me a link to your calendar page?

only admin can create event and publish it or user also create event and publish it by admin approval process?


Both options are available.

You have the flexibility to either allow or deny users from submitting events. Additionally, you can choose to require event approvals before they are made publicly visible.

Hello, i would like to know weather i can make an event over several days but with different begin- and endtimes. So for example over the weekend but on saturday from 10am to 6pm and on sunday from 11am to 5pm. Thx a lot.


Repeated events use the same start and end times for each occurrence.


I have a new project for single event page and I have 3 questions before buying a new license.

1. Is it possible to have custom fields on the ticket purchase form, do I need to get the name, phone number and email of each attendee? (in some cases one order can buy two or more tickets).

2. Is it possible to send the tickets directly to the attendee after payment confirmation?

3. Is it possible to create a custom theme for tickets?

Thank you very much!

Best Regards.


1. I am afraid it’s not possible to have variable tickets at the moment. The version 5 will have this option.

2. What do you mean by that? Send by email? WooCommerce already sends confirmation emails

3. No, but I’d like to know more what you want to achieve.


1. OK.

2. For example, my customer buys 5 tickets, I need their all 5 attendee names, emails and phone numbers. It would be great to be able to send the tickets directly to each attendee once the payment is confirmed.

3. I would like to be able to show on the ticket, logo of the event, date of the event (some events happen on two days, with different times Jan/1, 10AM-14PM | Jan/2, 13PM-16PM). Show the event address. And each event may have some particularities that if I can create a layout (or theme) for the ticket, it will bee flexible to do.

Thank You!


Will the pro version import images listed inside an .ICS file?

Images are not standard .ics data.

However, it is possible to handle images data via custom hook.


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