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allwal12 Purchased

Calendar is slow to load. I have your calendar installed on http://www.fbcnn.org/resources/ Thank you for the help


The calendar is actually not loading at all because if you check your browser console you will see javascript errors. I’m not sure why this is happening. If you are using some cache/code compression/optimization plugin try turning it off.

pre-sales question: I need a calendar for healthcare. It means all doctors can have private calendars that are not accessible to eachother. I need this calendar to be associated to the logged in user. Is this possible? Can the user, my doctors have the possibility of adding events by them selves and since they manage their own agenda, to approve what appointment is more convenient for them?


so, if i have 200 users, they first need to go to the back-end, set their calendar as Just Me, move to the front end and start working. is that right? or does this calendar create a private page per user when needed? sorry to bother you, I made other mistakes buying wrong plugins and don’t want to fail again. I really like the way of your calendar moves and interact. my only concern is the way the privacy and implementation for each user is managed. could you please give me a light in my enormous sea of darkness? thanks

1) Users log in your back-end

2) Create calendar and set the visibility to “Just me”

3) Then this calendar is visible only to them in the back-end and front-end.

4) They can create their events from the back-end and front-end.

Note front-end “event create form” lack some options from the back-end.

Give it a try and if it does not work for you I will issue you a refund.

thanks, i will buy it now

I can not change the colours of my calendars. The colour selector does not come up

I do not know how to check this, please can you assist in checking it?

Note: The colour selectors of other plugins seem to be working fine.

You can send me wp admin access to stachethemes@gmail.com and will check it out.

Ok, I have sent an email with the details


zerotechz Purchased

Just manually updated the calendar plugin by following appropriate steps and now my events aren’t showing up on the page…They show up under the calendar in the backend but not frontend


zerotechz Purchased

Just tried to add my previous events as well manually back to my calendar and now they aren’t showing up either…Really wish now I had not done this update…Everything screwed up…I thought that if we deactivated the plugin overwrote our files then reactivated we weren’t supposed to lose our events ? Not only have I lost them I cant even add events now and make them show up !!@

Did you de-activate and re-activate the calendar?

If you provide me with wp-admin and ftp access I can try to recover your events. You can mail to stachethemes@gmail.com

looks vey cool, is there a shortcode just for countdown timer as I want to display in a post or page; NEXT EVENT IN: x-x-x-x ?


No, sorry but it’s interesting idea.


GrupoBalta Purchased

Hey bud, i have problems with the plugin in my wordpress. i have wordpress 4.4.5. The plugin don’t appears when i create any event, just appears the loading animation. Can do you help me please? Check it: http://www.mitaddelmundo.com/

I did the instructions but, the website stay quiet with the loader animation. Don’t charge nothing, maybe another fix for this issue? I also tried with different jquery versions but nothing happens.

If you check your website source you can see on line 571 you are still loading old version of jQuery (1.11.3)

If you provide me with ftp access I could try to update it myself. You can send credentials to stachethemes@gmail.com

i send you the credentials, be carefull please. Thx bud.


FranzVz Purchased

Hi is there a way to set the background image on an event (per event)? Or do you have to do it through CSS?


Where exactly do you want this image? Screenshot would perfect.

Hi! I have questions before purchase. If user logged in wp – his email or name will add in event? And if I want create 2 different calendar – it’s possible, they don’t depend each other?


Their user id.

And if I want create 2 different calendar – it’s possible, they don’t depend each other?

Yes, they are independent.

You can try out the admin demo here http://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/tbb/wp-admin/

Hi, we run tours and looks like the plugin is going to work great for us. My question is: if we’ve got a recurring event (tour) with a limited number of spots for each date, how do we link each of the events to an appropriate product? For now I seem to only be able to link all the events to one product. Or perhaps there is an easier way to set it up without the need of creating dozens of events and dozens of corresponding products? Thank you!

Hello, is it possible to limite the agenda view to show only events for the current months? Meaning the user would have to use the switch months to go ahead 1 month. Thanks – Andrew

Also, another quick question. I really need to hide the view dropdown because the only one I can use is Agenda. I have looked for the class to set this to not dsplay but I can’t find it. Thanks

Found the answer to the hide view – in the shortcode. Thanks


Does this plugin allow us to create a calendar as a widget? I need to also have the calendar in the side bar.

Hi, two quick questions:
1. on multisite, each site has it’s own individual events?
2. logged in users can create events front-end without approval from admin?

How can i disable clicks on events (it throws me to 404 for some reason) on all views including agenda.

Got it.. Didnt have single page created.