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To upgrade from 1.7 to 2.0 , do I follow the 1.7 upgrade steps ? Will the 2.0, when activated, convert the existing events into the new format ?

Hmm, while this worked on my local box, the one online shows for every event on the frontend “undefined” but they are visible in the backend. Any suggestions ?

OKay, it seems that PHP 7.1 is required for 2.0, if that is indeed the case, I suggest to add that to the pre-req information

The minimum php version required is 5.3 although we recommend at least 5.4.


robertan Purchased

I have a couple of problems with the display. The Month drop down and View Type drop downs are positioned badly.

Also how would I not have an end time for an event.


I have added one event in May.

Thanks for a reply.


robertan Purchased

I resolved the display issue by removing the pre tag that got copied with the shortcode and it looks good now. I don’t want to display an end time so I’m looking to see if I can add a display: none tag to the code unless you have another suggestion. http://www.computerserviceseh.com/lvis/calendar-2/

End date can’t be hidden at the moment. I’ll see if I can add option in the next update.


robertan Purchased

I look forward to it. Thank you.


koundane Purchased

I purchased the plugin. In the submission form, I want to hide or remove the following fields: Location (optional), Website URL (optional), Icon, Color. By default will use the calendar color, All Day, Repeat Event, Search Keywords, Notes to the reviewer (optional). I also want to change the max. uploadable file size. Please let me know how to do it.


Add this filter in your theme functions.php file:

add_filter('stec-create-event-form-front', function($form) {

    $new_form = array(
        'fields' => array()

    $new_form['fields']['title']             = $form['fields']['title'];
    $new_form['fields']['description_short'] = $form['fields']['description_short'];
    $new_form['fields']['description']       = $form['fields']['description'];
    $new_form['fields']['image']             = $form['fields']['image'];
    $new_form['fields']['repeat']            = '<div style="display:none;">'.$form['fields']['repeat'].'</div>';
    $new_form['fields']['calendar']          = $form['fields']['calendar'];
    $new_form['fields']['start']             = $form['fields']['start'];
    $new_form['fields']['end']               = $form['fields']['end'];
    $new_form['fields']['email']             = $form['fields']['email'];
    $new_form['fields']['captcha']           = $form['fields']['captcha'];
    $new_form['fields']['submit']            = $form['fields']['submit'];

    return $new_form;

Upload filesize is configured from your server settings. I’d suggest you to contact your host support about that.


marianea Purchased

hi I bought the plugin, then after installing it, I remove the demo test, but still enable to re install it again, I wrote an email to you but never receive a solution


You mean you can’t reactivate your purchase key? If so, send me your purchase key to stachethemes@gmail.com


marianea Purchased

i did

Your activation has been reset.

Something is really strange with the update from 1.7 to 2.1.8 ( that is the version you can download and the final update to 2.1.9
1) 1.7 deactivated, 2.1.8 downloaded and installed, this will be in plugin dir stachtelthemes_event_calendar 2
2) activated 2.1 , migrated DB
—> Can I now remove 1.7 as it will delete the all data, will that have any impact on 2.1 installation ( so far I have not done that )
3) checked for upgrade and got 2.1.9 , this will result in two entries in plugins , 2.1.8 and 2.1.9
-> IS that the correct behaviour?
4) deactivated 2.1.8 and activated 2.1.9
5) now I am back with “Undefined” for all events in any frontend view
-> Is there a known bug ?


1) Having two versions active at the same time could produce unexpected results therefore I’d suggest you to keep just one.

2) Removing 1.7 and prior will not have any effect on version 2.0 as the database is different.

3) No you should have only 2.1.9

5) Clear your wordpress cache. This should fix it.

Thanks, it created, for whatever reason a second directory under plugins, so I deleted that, cleared the browser cache and its all now working :-)

Search for backend really needed

With getting close to 200 events in a calendar, the backend becomes a real pain to use, as the only way is to find things via the CTRL-F of the browser and that is for teh title only, no tags, no other fields :-(
When are you planning of offer a decent search filter for the available fields?

I think we could add search filter with the release of map view update.


steve512 Purchased

Hi! First of all great plugin! I just have a small issue with the ical import feature. In general i works pretty damn good. The only issue i have is that when i have a recurring event in my “to import” calendar and one of the event in the recurring event is edited it shows twice in the plugin calendar. You can have a look at the website www.evang-thening.at every sunday where we edited the recurring event it shows twice. But in the original calendar it is only once. Thanks again for the awesome plugin.

Best regards Stefan


Thanks for letting me know I’ll add this issue to my todo list.


amito2 Purchased

I have a client that cannot add a date exception in the Event Calendar. She gets an error void(0) in the left bottom corner of the screen. On my pc everything works fine. Could that be something like a javascript problem?


What browser is your client using?


koundane Purchased

I purchased the plugin. In the submission form, I want to hide or remove the following fields: Location (optional), Website URL (optional), Icon, Color. By default will use the calendar color, All Day, Repeat Event, Search Keywords, Notes to the reviewer (optional). I also want to change the max. uploadable file size. Please let me know how to do it.

Hello, I just bought your calendar. He is great. But I have a problem: when I’m in the agenda form, I have the shop tab that works. In other cases (grid), this opens a new window and the tab is no longer clickable. In this gray space, I can not have more than three events. Look for more does not work. Thank you.


Could you provide me with link to the front-end?

Hello, I bought this plug in because of weather function. However, it seems to be inconvenient to input the coordination manually. Is there any way to automatically extract the coordination from inputted gmap? Second question, my site restricts users to access backend, so users can’t create a calendar by themselves. So is there any way to bring calendar creation page to frontend? Or automatically create an empty for every new user after they register an account with calendar id = user id? Regards, Hamilton

Thank for your response. I hope you can fix the 1st issue asap. In the 2nd issue, I can do the second option by myself, however, it is not a good way. Creating the frontend is a better solution as user can create, delete and edit the calendars and events. Or at least create a simple form to delete or edit the repeater, or duplicate event.


hamiltonvn Purchased

Please check color picker and repeat selection window, they are not responsive and out of viewport in mobile devices. And the color picker should have an option which is default picker: simple or advanced . The advanced one is almost useless in mobile view.

Autofill coordinates will be included with the next update and will be released hopefully by monday.

Hello there! Please, some pre-sale questions, if I may (with the disclaimer that if some have been already answered in desc. or previous inquiries, I apologize for not seeing it): 1. How’s the responsive design and functionality? Any known issues? 2. Are there problems with SE indexability? 3. Any known major plugins conflicts? (Yoast SEO, Wordfence, WP Super Cache etc.)? 4. Does it have the option to save organizers and event locations descriptions to be reused whenever needed? (eg. an organizer that has events in multiple locations) 5. Are pictures automatically resized, cropped, or placed “as is”? 6. Although I’ve seen a comment regarding translation in which you’ve replied that it must be done by .po – .mo, have you implemented a translation feature in the backend?

Sorry if these questions take a lot of your time. As soon as I receive a reply from you, I will surely buy this awesome plugin, ‘cause my mind is already set and your direct competitor started being’ ridiculous with all those paid addons :)

Have a great day! Theo


1) You can check the responsive design live on our demo http://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/calendar/

We’re not aware of any issues. The minimum required width which is 270px.

2) Events are custom post types (stec_event) so you may have to add them to your xml sitemap

3) No. Maybe you will have to disable yoast seo og meta data for event’s single page because we are using our own OG generated meta. I’ll see if we can automate this in the next update.

4) No.

5) Images are using background-size: cover which basically means:

Resize the background image to cover the entire container, even if it has to stretch the image or cut a little bit off one of the edges

6) No. You will have to use either gettext editor like Poedit or plugin like Loco Translate. Both are free.