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Great Plugin. I am trying to get my product I added to an event to add to the cart. I click the cart icon and it just spins. http://tina444.wpengine.com/workshops-events/angel-forum-webinar/


Seems like there’s a small bug I’m fixing today.

Meanwhile open file wp-content\plugins\stachethemes_event_calendar\shortcode.stachethemes_ec_single.php and after line 67 place this line:

$general_settings_values['site_url'] = get_site_url();

This should fix it.

Hi. How can I translate this? https://k60.kn3.net/7FE6106C6.png


Sorry, the icons list is not translatable at the moment. I’ll include them in the next update.

If it’s very important you can edit the strings from file \stachethemes_event_calendar\admin\class\calendar.php line 1829 and below.

Perfect. Thank you.


Pre-purchased comments, is it possible to allow payment for featured events ?

Thank you


No, sorry.


Sk1ater Purchased

Hallo Everyone,

I would like to use the plugin of an other side, Please can you rest the key?

And please add an option, where i can rest the key self. Thanks



The plugin can be active only on one domain at any given time.

To reset your key you can go to your Dashboard -> Stachethemes Event Calendar -> Product License and click “Deactivate” button.

If the site no longer exists then you can send me your purchase key to stachethemes@gmail.com and I’ll reset it for you.

Hello! This is a magnificent plugin. But I’m having trouble updating the fonts. I love how your demo looks…so clean and modern. Mine is putting all the text in all caps and italicizing everything. Think there may be a conflict with my theme’s style settings. Is there a way to override?

That did not seem to work.

Remove the PRE tags from the style.

Yes! That worked. Thank you.

How are you? The entered data of length and latitude … are correct?

View image: https://k60.kn3.net/914FA36BE.png

Ex: -31.25326399999999,-74.00594130000002


Use these: -31.265,-61.5236

Thank you.

It is possible to add a default location? Ex: -31.252598, -61.491642


Develocom Purchased

Where is the documentation for how to use this calendar? Also, I just bought this license and haven’t used it but it’s saying there is a problem and make sure my license isn’t in use. It’s not.



We are in a process of redesigning our demo site and the documentation is still under construction.

You can use the guide in the calendar’s description page on Codecanyon or ask for help directly here.

Your key was activated on your local machine. I’ve reset it for you.

There is a problem in the location. The starting address is always wrong. View image. https://k60.kn3.net/5B6632D4D.png Why? Thank you.


The starting address is obtained through the HTML5 Geolocation feature.

If your GPS is off then it will try to find your location using IP address, Wifi access points, Cell Tower id etc… but the location may be a little off.

For accurate results use the GPS on your mobile phone.


moko2man Purchased

Hi. I using your plugin well. thanks.

I wondering If there’s way to use “URL of specific event”. I need that. Because, when I introduce specific event to someone, I don’t have any exact URL of specific event but URL of whole event page. If I give them url of whole event page, there are too many events. thanks.


I guess you can use the facebook or twitter share buttons to extract the event page url.

Example: https://www.facebook.com/share.php?u=http://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/calendar/event/cras-accumsan-diam-at-lorem/

Then the event page url is http://stachethemes.com/wp-demos/calendar/event/cras-accumsan-diam-at-lorem/


kdkaskaras Purchased

Hi guys, best calendar plugin ever!!! nice job. I have a question… i have sent you a link of image to show you what i need to remove from your calendar. I don’t want to appear the time for start until end of the event. Please tell me how!!!!! Please check the link to see the image



Why don’t you check the “All day” checkbox below the start and end fields?