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Do you have a demo that allows me to log in and test the functionality please?

Also, do you provide the theme on envato that you link to from the preview

You can use account below to testing this module on username: doublemthemes password: doublem@abc

You can see stilo theme at here:

HI Snappytheme , I need to buy this module before that i need to test from admin is it comes to all blocks ? can you please provide me the link to test? My requirement is to apply background images to different blocks ? Please replay me as soon as possible or you can get back to this email id

Please check your email.

Hey – the Stilo theme above is no longer available – do you have any better looking demos of this theme working, the demo site shows the settings but the blocks themselves dont look great.

Stilo theme no longer available but demo site still working my friend.

Does this module use Media module 2.x for uploading bg image or link video?

Thanks for quick reply. Last question, has this been tested to work fine with bootstrap 3 base theme?

It’s not relate to bootstrap. You can insert bootstrap class for block by modules

That is ok, so long as there’s no conflict with Bootstrap 3 theme is what we are looking for. We have use similar modules bought on this site and they don’t fully work that well along with Bootstrap theme. This module: works well but lacks some of the features from your ST block module.

We are about to purchase this module but wanted to know if it supports responsive themes? Also, will you be adding extra options like turning the effects on/off on different viewports? other similar modules on CodeCanyon do but they are bundled with themes. Sorry for asking many questions, it’s just that once purchased, there wouldn’t be a refund if it isn’t what we were looking for. cheers,

I am interested by this module but I have a question: is videos responsive? Moreover I want to insert different videos in several blocks , is it possible?

Hello @fannn, not responsive. You must css for responsive. Each block you can set one video. You can use account below to testing this module on username: doublemthemes password: doublem@abc

I have purchased ST-Block. But, I have not been able to make the background image responsive. The block ID is st-block-1. How can I make the background image for parallax responsive with css? A css example code would be helpful…Thanks

Please contact me via email to get support.

I have purchased the ST-Block. However, I am only able to save the “Stellar parallax ratio” in whole numbers, for example, 0,1,2… The hint text says this, “The ratio is relative to the natural scroll speed, so a ratio of 0.5 would cause the element to scroll at half-speed, a ratio of 1 would have no effect, and a ratio of 2 would cause the element to scroll at twice the speed.” So, why cannot I use a parallax ratio of 0.5? Am I doing something wrong? When I save the block with a 0.5, it says the value as 1.0. Thanks for any help..

Thanks for the prompt support. Your ST Block module works great with Drupal and with Bootstrap 3.x theme. I like the parallax and the responsive images.

You are welcome pro!

Hello, I have a problem. I can’t delete the background for change.

Hello, Thank you for purchasing “ST Block”! Contact me via email to get support.

hi, when i see my stblock with a video (used with html5 <video> tag on local server) background on android, video is black and don’t work, may you help me? thank you very much

Hi, This module only support iframe now.

Hi, i’ve an issue with Microsoft edge and Microsoft internet explorer with video background…. i don’t see the video May you help me?

Send me your address site to check it

Hi, I sent a support request 10 days ago, but didn’t receive any answer. I can’t delete the background for change.

Oh may be i miss your mail message. I think this problem relate to folder permission. Can you try set permission 777 for folder “sites/default/files”?

I*m having isues too with deleting the backgroundimage – i’m using the ST Block module with the Unik theme – folders permission set to 777 didnt solve the problem

a work around is to replace the image in content/files

Awesome work. Good luck