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I downloaded the free app, on iPad 2 with IOS 6.x After it loads, hit any button and the app fails and minimizes. I hit each button and the same thing. Can you update.

Hi there is a new version on itunes as of yesterday, please download that version. This game was created for the iphone though, and works great on that device. If enough people ask, I will create a Universal Code. Thank You for your interest.

App is broken. Give me a refund asap, I tried using it on Xcode and it failed instantly….. you can’t even test the app from launch, horrible.

Hi Supercrew please send a screenshot to guramrit@goldhydrogen.com so I can assist you, as it is working perfectly on my the iphone and in xcode. Thanks

Hi Supercrew88 Please send me a screenshot so I can assist you. I am here to serve you. Thank You.

Hi Supercrew88 I am guessing the app is working perfectly as I have not received a message from you.

I do offer Reskin Services for this app as well as reskining services for any app you have, even if it is not an app you purchased from me. I am here to serve, so if you have any questions please feel free to ask. I can be contacted at info@goldhydrogen.com . Thank You!

are your app support admob Ad ?

Yes you can add admob. I can do this for you if you would like. Email info@goldhydrogen.com

Hi, I downloaded your app today to check it out before purchase but found a couple of bugs while playing.

1. after the end of game – the Facebook does not work ( i have signed in already)

2. twitter button crash the app 3. mail crash the app

Also could you please advise if the square can be change to say an png graphic for reskinning purposes?


Hi Albytheworm,

1. Yes we updated the Sssnake yesterday for IOS 8 and submitted to apple yesterday. We have also released update to Code Canyon today and it should be up in a few days.

2. Same as #1

3, What do you mean by the square?

The New Update for ios 8 is now available on Code Canyon!

Hi, can’t run in xcode, got an error can’t find Chartboost.h

Downloaded today !

Hi Thanks for Your Purchase! I will walk you through it, basically you need to setup a chartboost account, then drag sdk to code.

Step 1. Create an account on Chartboost Step 2. Download Chartboost SDK https://s3.amazonaws.com/chartboost/sdk/5.0.2/Chartboost.tar.bz2 Step 3. Remove existing SDK from the code Step 4. Drag Downloaded Chartboost.framewok into the code Build and run

Hi Pauljaimes the new update for ios 8 is now available to download! Thanks for Your Business!

its not working either. Cannot compile the project.

Hi Paujaimes

Let me assist you, please email me a screenshot of the error. I will walk you through the issue. Im not sure why it is not working on your system as other people are having it compile correctly. brandon@goldhydrogen.com

its not finding the ”.pch” files.. even if we put the right path to it, i believe the project is broken, can you please include one that is fully working with all the required libreries

please email me at brandon@goldhydrogen.com The file is not broken, other purchasers are not having any issues. Please send me an email so I can help you.

Cant achieved it, i got this error :

Neilextpeer/Nextpeer.h file not found.

Any help :(

This is xcode ios7 bug,try this step carefully. 1: right click on the nextpeer framework sdk and click more to trash 2: add latest nextpeer sdk on your project

I fixed this and i got another http://3naizah.com/do.php?img=173

Please follow the steps http://prntscr.com/51bo29

After removing all these sdk’s/frameworks , do add theme again (Please download latest from their respective websites).

Thank you

i have emailed you, please help me soon. thank you.

I have responded to your email. Thanks!

Trying to compile it, getting an error on screenshot. any help is appreciated. thank you



Just purchased and downloaded and can’t compile

Neilextpeer/Nextpeer.h file not found.