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the plugin is not loading on my website. can we have some support for it?

Hello EnneagramNL,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Please send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the issue.


Hi! Some pre-sale questions, and the possibility to show some additional tabs with woocommerce default info:

1. When this option is active: “Shipping & Delivery > Shipping Options > Force shipping to the customer billing address”, is possible to show/edit one single “Billing and Shipping Address”?

2. Reviews tab: a tab with default woocommerce reviews of user.

3. Comments tab: a tab with post/pages comments of user.

4. Coupons tab: a tab with available coupons for user.

5. Additional data tab: a tab with forms that ask the user date of birth and gender.

6. Social tab: if social login installed, a tab that show social accounts linked with user.

7. Subscription / Memberships tab: show default woocommerce Subscription / Membership.

8. Tracking order tab: default woocommerce tracking.

9. Show in dashboard last login, registration date and how many orders have been placed.

10. Mailchimp tab: manage subscriptions to lists (if Mailchimp plugin is installed).

11. A logout link.

Many thanks!

Hello xoxo,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. Before I can answer your questions, I would like to mention that the primary feature of this plugin is to convert normal loading of tabs into AJAX loading. The Tabs addition feature allows you to create new (empty) tabs in which you can add content as per your choice. That content may not be solely generated by this plugin.

1. Yes, if this option is enabled, the plugin will show only one billing address in “Addresses” tab.

2. If you have any third party plugin which lets you show reviews using shortcode or a function, you can create a new tab and paste the shortcode in the tab content. Another way is to create a php template file with same slug name and paste the function call in that file. The plugin supports both methods. But it can not generate reviews content on it’s own.

3. Similar to #2, you can use comments function or shortcode (provided via theme or third party plugin) in tab content or template file. For example, you can call comments template of WordPress in a new template file named my-comments.php placed in theme folder. The plugin will detect it and will show comments.

4. Yes, possible to show coupons tab, but the content shall be provided by you. i.e. paste all available coupons in the tab content or use a shortcode which generates all coupons list.

5. Yes, you can use Contact Form 7 plugin for generating a form for birth date, gender, etc., and then use the shortcode in tab content. Important: The JavaScript required in form will not be loaded via AJAX. The forms will work without JS.

6, 7, 8 and 10: Similar to above mentioned points. If you have a shortcode or function to show that data, you can use it in tabs.

9. Sorry, that is not possible with this plugin.

11. Logout link is available by default in WooCommerce.


By defaul, woo given no shortcode. So no way to move these tab anywhere i want. Because each tab grouped in frontend. Your plugin will given shortcode to create each endpoint as independent page?

I found solution 2 for this case. Step 1 & 2 we can disabled in woo setting/ account/My account endpoints. Remove Edit account & Eddress, which mean will disable these endpoint

step 1: remove complete endpoint:

Step2: Remove complete endpoint

Step 3: Your code Create ajax load page. Which mean will direct view edit function, without middle page used to view only.
Can you update this?

Hello JuliaAbraham,

I will give this a try. The form needs to be checked for validation errors and appropriate response upon submission. It is not just an ajax load of URL. :)


Hello thank for your support. Never mind. I hire freelancer direct coded add woo to sub menu without use ajax now.


lao6097 Purchased

5 Stars for you. Fantastic plugin.

Thanks very much, Leonidas. I appreciate your positive feedback and 5 star rating. :)



bopar Purchased

Just bought this plugin. But, please added compatibility with Enfold theme. Thank you!

Hello bopar,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Can you please send me your site URL and WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it with the theme.



bopar Purchased

Hi friend, I have send a email. Please check it! Thank you.



JuneChen Purchased

Hi there,I have bought the plungin and installed it,and I added two tabs in the Custom Tabs but it did not work ,nothing happen to myaccount page.My web is ,please help me .Thansk.

Hello JuneChen,

Thank you for purhasing the plugin. I just replied to your email.



I just purchased your product SS WooCommerce Myaccount Ajax Tabs and i’m wondering is it possible to change the colors of the tabs and fonts since i am planing to use black color theme?

Wish you many sales!

Best regards, Jan

Hello Jan,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Yes, it is possible to change tab colors with some custom CSS. Kindly send me your site URL and WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will provide you necessary CSS. Please also mention the desired color scheme for tabs and tab content.


I just send you an email. I would be very glad you could help me out :)

Hi, could you please tell me if this is compatible with the WP Job Manager plugin?