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the plugin is not loading on my website. can we have some support for it?

Hello EnneagramNL,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Please send me your site URL and login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the issue.


Hi! Some pre-sale questions, and the possibility to show some additional tabs with woocommerce default info:

1. When this option is active: “Shipping & Delivery > Shipping Options > Force shipping to the customer billing address”, is possible to show/edit one single “Billing and Shipping Address”?

2. Reviews tab: a tab with default woocommerce reviews of user.

3. Comments tab: a tab with post/pages comments of user.

4. Coupons tab: a tab with available coupons for user.

5. Additional data tab: a tab with forms that ask the user date of birth and gender.

6. Social tab: if social login installed, a tab that show social accounts linked with user.

7. Subscription / Memberships tab: show default woocommerce Subscription / Membership.

8. Tracking order tab: default woocommerce tracking.

9. Show in dashboard last login, registration date and how many orders have been placed.

10. Mailchimp tab: manage subscriptions to lists (if Mailchimp plugin is installed).

11. A logout link.

Many thanks!

Hello xoxo,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. Before I can answer your questions, I would like to mention that the primary feature of this plugin is to convert normal loading of tabs into AJAX loading. The Tabs addition feature allows you to create new (empty) tabs in which you can add content as per your choice. That content may not be solely generated by this plugin.

1. Yes, if this option is enabled, the plugin will show only one billing address in “Addresses” tab.

2. If you have any third party plugin which lets you show reviews using shortcode or a function, you can create a new tab and paste the shortcode in the tab content. Another way is to create a php template file with same slug name and paste the function call in that file. The plugin supports both methods. But it can not generate reviews content on it’s own.

3. Similar to #2, you can use comments function or shortcode (provided via theme or third party plugin) in tab content or template file. For example, you can call comments template of WordPress in a new template file named my-comments.php placed in theme folder. The plugin will detect it and will show comments.

4. Yes, possible to show coupons tab, but the content shall be provided by you. i.e. paste all available coupons in the tab content or use a shortcode which generates all coupons list.

5. Yes, you can use Contact Form 7 plugin for generating a form for birth date, gender, etc., and then use the shortcode in tab content. Important: The JavaScript required in form will not be loaded via AJAX. The forms will work without JS.

6, 7, 8 and 10: Similar to above mentioned points. If you have a shortcode or function to show that data, you can use it in tabs.

9. Sorry, that is not possible with this plugin.

11. Logout link is available by default in WooCommerce.


By defaul, woo given no shortcode. So no way to move these tab anywhere i want. Because each tab grouped in frontend. Your plugin will given shortcode to create each endpoint as independent page?

I found solution 2 for this case. Step 1 & 2 we can disabled in woo setting/ account/My account endpoints. Remove Edit account & Eddress, which mean will disable these endpoint

step 1: remove complete endpoint:

Step2: Remove complete endpoint

Step 3: Your code Create ajax load page. Which mean will direct view edit function, without middle page used to view only.
Can you update this?

Hello JuliaAbraham,

I will give this a try. The form needs to be checked for validation errors and appropriate response upon submission. It is not just an ajax load of URL. :)


Hello thank for your support. Never mind. I hire freelancer direct coded add woo to sub menu without use ajax now.


lao6097 Purchased

5 Stars for you. Fantastic plugin.

Thanks very much, Leonidas. I appreciate your positive feedback and 5 star rating. :)



bopar Purchased

Just bought this plugin. But, please added compatibility with Enfold theme. Thank you!

Hello bopar,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Can you please send me your site URL and WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it with the theme.



bopar Purchased

Hi friend, I have send a email. Please check it! Thank you.


Hi there,I have bought the plungin and installed it,and I added two tabs in the Custom Tabs but it did not work ,nothing happen to myaccount page.My web is ,please help me .Thansk.

Hello JuneChen,

Thank you for purhasing the plugin. I just replied to your email.



I just purchased your product SS WooCommerce Myaccount Ajax Tabs and i’m wondering is it possible to change the colors of the tabs and fonts since i am planing to use black color theme?

Wish you many sales!

Best regards, Jan

Hello Jan,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Yes, it is possible to change tab colors with some custom CSS. Kindly send me your site URL and WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will provide you necessary CSS. Please also mention the desired color scheme for tabs and tab content.


I just send you an email. I would be very glad you could help me out :)

Hi, could you please tell me if this is compatible with the WP Job Manager plugin?


Yes it is possible to stack tabs under one another using some CSS. I will help with that if required. Currently icon support is not included in plugin settings, but you can easily add icons via CSS if your theme already has any icon library (like Fontawesome) included.


Thanks, I just purchased your plugin, please could you help me with the CSS for having the tabs stacked in mobile view?


Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Can you please send me your site URL and the WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will send you the CSS. I can suggest a general CSS here, but depending upon your theme’s existing CSS, I will need your site URL to check the markup.



cfu3i29 Purchased

We already have the Woocommerce account page matching the theme. Does your plugin override styles or is there an option to use the theme’s styles instead?

Hello cfu3i29,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. It has a built in option for disabling plugin’s own styling. In that case, theme styling is used. Even if you do not use this option, theme’s stylesheet takes priority over plugin’s CSS.



dnnsjsk Purchased

Hey, the active link is showing up above my Menu bar.

Here is the link:

When I disable plugin CSS then this doesn’t happen. Tried lowering the Z-Index to 0 already, but no success.

Loving it otherwise!

Hello dnnsjsk,

Kindly send me your site URL. I will check it. In the meanwhile you can also try increasing the z-index of the navigation bar. The z-index of active link is 99. You can assign a value greater than this.



dnnsjsk Purchased

just put the active link to 0 and it worked. :) thanks!

No problem. :)


It seems there are still some issue with the cache into the navigation tabs?

I explain my issue:

I have the plugin YITH Request A Quote Plugin installed

1. When I navigate into the tabs, into the quote list, I have a simple quote link in the table and also a button link in the same line (the same url for both links) 2. If I click on the simple quote link or the button link for the first time, I enter the quote correctly.

3. BUT Then if I go back to the quote list (navigation tab) and I click onto the button link, now nothing happens, the link is not triggering… However, the simple quote link still work…

Could you please help?


Hello wonderfulevents,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. I would like to know how you are displaying the quote link in tabs. Is it via any shortcode? The “Add to quote” button uses JavaScript for adding the code, and may not work when the if the content (with the quote button) is loaded via ajax tabs. I can tell more if you can send me your site URL with a WooCommerce customer login details. You can email me at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.


I forgot to say that am using both plugins YITH “Woocommerce Request A Quote” Plugin and “WooCommerce Customize My Account Page”

I do not understand why you are talking about a “Add to quote” button?

I sent you details to your email.



Thank you for sending the details. I have added necessary fix and sent you the archive. The plugin will be updated here soon.



mbalic Purchased

Hello, I’ve noticed a small bug whereby if you Disable Shipping and Shipping calculations from the default Woocommerce Settings – since we only sell digital products – the ajax functionality on the “Edit Billing Address” button breaks in My Account. Instead, it reverts to non-ajax loading the page.

Also, it would be great if there were an option to not set the HTTP address header upon selecting a tab, and retain the single My Account address in the address bar.

Thank you!

Thank you for the quick feature addition and support! I also tracked down the issue with the Billing ajax with your help.

One small bug: when loading an individual Order (or subscription) with the view-order endpoint, the primary “orders” tab is no longer highlighted as selected. Is this another theme related issue?

Also, it’d be appreciated if you moved the settings for the plugin within the Woocommerce tab of the Admin area. I keep forgetting where to go!

Few more bugs:

- Adding payment methods (add-payment-method endpoint) also does not highlight/select the payment method tab.

- Switching to the payment method tab via ajax with a saved payment method still shows the Woo notification “No saved methods found.”. Loading the page directly, however, does not show this notification.


1. For each tab, WooCommerce adds an “is-active” class name which is used for highlighting the tab. In Orders tab, it does not add an active class when individual order is viewed. Further, individual odrder is not nested withing the Orders endpoint. So may be due to this reason WooCommerce doesn’t add the class. For example:

Orders URL:

Individual Order URL:

As you can see, the “orders” slug is removed. The AJAX plugin only detects these classes and highlights the tab. If it is not available in WooCommerce, it will not appear in ajax feature too.

2. Yes I will add a link inside WooCommerce admin menu. I will also keep it in old place because other buyers may have difficulty in finding it if removed.

3. If a custom tab is added with “add-payment-method” endpoint, it highlights correctly. I just tested it. See . If it is not working at your end, kindly send me the URL with customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check it.

4. I will have to check this on your site as in #3. So please email me the details.



Allexxo Purchased

Yo brow can you fix it to work whit smartphones also you are king

Hello Allexxo,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. It is responsive for smartphones too. Can you send me details of the issue you are facing? A screen shot will be helpful.



I love your plugin but i have some problem.

My order table in order tab not responsive. It not fit to Iphone screen.

How to fix it?


Hello pongsakornm78,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Tables are styled in theme with different cell padding and border styles. I will need to check your site to see those styles and make them responsive. For that, kindly send me your site’s “My account” page URL and guest customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com.



cutalaxy Purchased


Like the Plugin. Thanks.

2 Problems:

1. If i Change the Language (wpml) the “normaly” original my-account is showing.. only my native lang (de) works. how can i set up that on all language you plugin works?

2. if i go to adresses, then edit one adress, then i cant “abort”, if i click on adresses again, they stay on this page. only a refresh (f5) helps. Can you fix this, that i have a “reload” if i click on adresses again?

thank you

Hello cutalaxy,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Please find my asnwers below:

1. The plugin works with all languages, and is translation ready. It can be a specific issue with WPML. To confirm, kindly navigate to your WordPress admin’s Settings > SS Ajax Tabs Settings. Inside the “General” tab, disable the ajax tab feature by checking the “Ajax tabs feature” checkbox. Save these settings. Then check the my account tabs if they still work correctly with WPML. If it works by disabling ajax feature, kindly send me your site URL and customer login details (of WooCommerce) at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the issue.

2. When any tab is loaded, it is then saved as cached content. It is to save multiple ajax requests and server load. I am adding a new feature in plugin which let’s you disable the caching of tabs. This feature will be added at my earliest.


THe demo is not working . How could be possible to see it ? Thans

Hello Borisla,

Thank you for browsing the plugin. I just re-checked. The demo is working fine. Kindly log in to using these details:

User: customer123 Password: customer123



mrhocs Purchased

Hello – I also confirm – there is a 502 error when visiting your demo link.

Hello mrhocs,

This seems strange. I am able to access the link properly. Can you try directly visiting the link . May be in iframe preview it is not working.



GRSMIE Purchased

Hi when I create a custom tab for payment method and set the end point for payment-methods the card details are displayed twice – how can I fix that?


Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Kindly send me your site URL and WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check the issue.

In the meantime you can also check by deleting the default “payment-methods” endpoint from the WooCommerce Settings > Accounts > My account endpoints. If that doesn’t work, I will check from the URL you send.


Hi, Question here:- Is this plugin not compatible with osward theme ?

I have installed this plugin but it does not work.


Hello Kashif,

Thank you for purchasing the plugin. Kindly send me the URL of your installed theme with WooCommerce customer login details at xconsau[at]gmail[dot]com. I will check and let you know if the plugin is compatible with it. I suspect the theme might be overriding myaccount tabs markup with different class names. I will check that and suggest appropriate solution.


Hi, Login info sent on gmail.



cutalaxy Purchased

Hello The Mobile Style is not optimal. The Menu are horizontal, so the User have to scroll the menu.

Is there a way to get a responsive way to show all the menus maybee among themselves? or a dropdown.


Yes it is possible to show all tab items in 1 or 2 rows without scrolling. For that, navigate to WordPress admin’s Appearance > Customize > Additional CSS. Then add the following CSS in it:

@media only screen and (max-width: 768px) {
    .sswcmaat .woocommerce-MyAccount-navigation > ul {
        height: auto;
        overflow-y: visible;
        overflow-x: visible;
        white-space: normal;

Publish these changes, and then check the site by clearing all caches.