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1 – Which version of Sqlite generated? 2 – Allows for paging LIMIT ? thanks

SQLite version 2. The standard functions (selectAll() and loadByFields() that pull the data accept the “limit” parameter, as well as “group” for group by and “order” for the order by condition.

Hi ,

Dose this support Sqlite3 ?


I cannot tell you for sure, I only could try in on version 2. If you have v3 supported on your server, you can send me a v3 database and I will test it and tell you if it’s supported. Just contact me by email.

it is not working with sqlite3 version. COuld you help me to solve this

It has only been tested with SQLite v2. Can you send me by email your database under v3 with the default article table?

As I said it to @sibisan, I am ready to see how to adapt it to sqlite3, but I need your help for that because my server is not supporting that version :)


You can use the same db (database.db) form your example to make the correct calls for sqlite3. I was getting and error about not finding SQLiteDatabase class so Ived changed the “new SQLiteDatabase()” to “new SQLite3()” and then the error changed to “Error 2” //db owner different from the web server’s one ‘your comment’

If you can adept this to work with sqlite 3 i well buy it again :)

If not , well ill just have to wait until i get the chance to use it with normal sqlite. Nice script btw.

You don’t need to buy it again if you already did. Nice to propose :)

Will definitely look into it very soon and try to have the 2 versions supported in the same time (by having a version parameter to declare for ex or something like that).

@sibisan support to SQLite3 has been added.

The framework is now supporting SQLite2 as well as SQLite3. You will just need to update the version number to “3” in the “Db_connection.php” file as specified in the documentation to have it working with SQLite3 databases.

Wow , nice. Thanks yougapi, ill test it tomorrow .

If i’m use custom query. do i need to gen genClass.php? i just want create instane for query.

$a1 = $new->DB()

do query with custom query because if i’m want to join 2 table may be its can not do it. Any suggest?. Thank

You can try to instantiate the SQLiteTable with

$t1 = new SQLiteTable('your_table_name');
and execute a custom query with
In the custom query you can have any query (including join tables).


I am creating a Mobile Web App, I have a MySql database. It all works fine, but I want to “sync” or cache a PHP files and/or database, so when a user does not have internet connection, they could still be able to view the information.

Is this the right script for it? Or any tips or links on how to accomplish this.



SQLite still needs a server to be supported. I know that Firefox is using an SQLite database to store user settings etc, but cannot help you more than that. This item needs PHP to run.

The script has a function to create tables and fields?

Yes sure, it has a function that can be used to execute queries.

the example does not work out of the box, and I am tired to check out what is wrong.

PHP Fatal error: Class ‘SQLiteDatabase’ not found in ///Db_connection.php on line 41

You probably forget to include the correct file, please send me a link and temporary FTP and will help you out, you can contact me through my profile page, thanks

Does ist support SQLite through PDO ?

No, it’s using classes (no PDO )

Unfortunately on every shared hosting environment I use, SQLite 3 is only available through PDO . The other access methods connect with the old SQLite 2 version. As I hear, this is very common behaviour. However, this makes your code a less than ideal solution for me, since I want to use SQLite 3…

Cool, please thread your comments using the reply button situated ta the bottom of your first posted comment, thanks ;)

Will continue to support the script, because i see that already more than 3 years of not releasing updates?

I don’t think that would work, nor if sqlite supports that kind of functions. I would suggest to encode the characters in UTF8 before storing them ;)

How to do it?

That really depend on your program and how it’s encoded etc, you need to see with your programmer ;)

hi i get this error on local-host Fatal error: Class ‘SQLiteDatabase’ not found in C:\wamp64\www\sqlite\sqlite_framework\Db_connection.php on line 41

I can help you if you put it online and send me a link and temporary FTP access, if you are having the same issue