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is this scripts support PHPMyAdmin Export file?

Yes absolutely , because this script is especially importing MySQL data from PHPMyAdmin sql export files.

MySQL data is not completely insert into database

Please make sure you have right syntax of MySQL data , and if you have file that has been export by phpmyadmin and please make sure you’ve not change it or if you’ve change it make sure you have the right SQL syntax. Some case are :

  1. SQL data is invalid on some line.
  2. You have SQL comments one line with SQL Syntax ( if you want comments SQL data , you must comment it as the new rows.
  3. Maybe Timeout , depending about your server setting time out execution. So please set time to unlimited time eg :
  4. has error on your php application or mysql server.
  5. Has error on your PHP scripts that running or extends this scripts.

is this scripts support BIG DUMPING SQL data?

Yes! this scripts allowing you to dumping big data. And please make sure you have set time out into unlimited execution time.

What kind / type the database support?

This scripts only Support MySQL data eg : mysql or maria DB that have same syntax.

This script compatible with PHP version 4?

we are doubt , and we recommended you’ve use PHP version 5 . because this script has not been tested on php 4 or older. And we recommended to use PHP 5.3.x or later.

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