SQL Importer PHP Class

SQL Importer PHP Class

SQL Importer PHP Class

SQL importer as called scripts is SimpleSQLImporter PHP Class , used for importing database SQL data to your MySQL server database.

With this script you could import database easily and more eficiently. Also could use on Small Project as Database Importer. Also has been tested importing MySQL database with 500MB size on localhost server using SimpleSQL Importer from export data PHPMyAdmin export files.

This package includes application to use DUMPING your SQL data to your server easily, fast and better.

Compatibilities & Requirements

  • MySQL database server same type ( eg : MariaDB )
  • PHP 5.x ( prefered PHP 5.3.x ) with PDO or MySQLi or MySQL extension installed.
  • SQL syntax must be valid if want to success import.


  • Support insert SQL data by input / Variable.
  • Support insert SQL data file address / url.
  • PDO , MySQLI or MySQL as use for database Connection and method.
  • 3 example files ( using : file upload, direct input and SQL file address / url )
  • Documentation
  • Big Size SQL data import Tested ( 500mb SQL data : PHPMyAdmin SQL Export file ).

Sucess Execution

  • Successfully Import 500mb++ SQL Data from WordPress Database without lost data.
  • June 4th 2014 : Successfully execute 178921 rows , at once import proccess without lost data. ( using example IPV4 address to country using data from )

Exclusion & Guarantee

  • With using this scripts is not guarantee 100% data successfully insert to the SQL Database server.But we have test it importing 500MB of WordPress database without error ( must be set php execution time limit with unlimited to prevent error max execution time )
  • This scripts tested using PHP 5.3.x ( 5.3.28 ) so … we could not guarantee run with earlier php version.
  • Exception : Please make sure the SQL data have no comment (—: sql comments ) on one line after syntax !! or current syntax on one line will not being execute.!

Documentation Usage Example


June 4th 2014
  + Adedd example SQL data for IPV4 Country , has convert from CSV to sql data parted per 100 Values for execution. ( 178921 rows will be inserted ).
  + Addedd set_time_limit(-1); into php example scripts. As example when using " Big SQL Data  Dump".