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Providing I have 1. a development environment hosted on localhost 2. a production environnement hosted somewhere else on the internet

I understand that your product can help in finding differences between the two (local, production) data base schema.

Once I havec thez differences, how do I change the production database in order to match the locla database? Do yoiu generate the SQL update script automatically?

Best regards Bernard

Hi ballesta. Nope, this tool only targets and identifies the differences between two schemas. You would have to manage any changes by hand using PhpMyAdmin or any other similar tool.

I created this tool originally to be sure that, when I upgrade any website and CMS system, the two databases are compatible, and I would then modify the “live website” database to be equal to the one on my localhost.

As a professional developer, you would, of course, create a “SQL update script” that modifies the database schemas between versions. But, when you are dealing with 3rd party stuff, that cannot be guaranteed. So, this tool is to aid with such issues.

Hello, the program fails on start up….can you explain what you mean about the changes to windows registry? Can you send me a fixed install file? Help would be appreciated, thanks.

Hi, if you still need support for this item, the only thing you need to change is to locate the file “Registry.cs”, and in line 36 and 45 you will find this: “Registry.LocalMachine”. Change it to “Registry.CurrentUser” and recomple the source code. It will no longer crash upon startup.

Hi can this help me migrate from MYSQL to SQL Server (MS SQL), this would be a very very useful tool if that was available

Very Nice Work