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thanks it works fast great service

Glad to help you out. Thank You :)

This is really a good tool! However, could you please show me how to extract the sprite sheet into folders? The original image includes alot of small images in several folders (in texture packer) but after I extract them to seperated small images (sprites), they are just in 1 folder

Thanks for liking the tool. Thanks for the great suggestion. We will try to make editing simpler by splitting in multiple folders. You can always mail us your complete suggestions :)


enaass Purchased

when i want to merge images my png image deleted ?

Hello, Which Image is deleted? Please contact me on virgilcwylie@gmail.com regarding any issue. Also send me the Plist and PNG file.

This comment is currently being reviewed.

Hello, thank you for the kind words. I would like to see your Plist and PNG file. Please send it across on virgilcwylie@gmail.com


teamgy Purchased

I just purchase this but i am getting error

“Could not find the main class. Program will exit”

I am using Windows 7, x64

Have you installed latest JRE?

Try Installing latest Java JRE


DMWAPP Purchased

Not work. My Plist Editor tool With a different look; No frame column display, Source ColorRect, Rotated, and Preview as in your video tutorial. Why???

And i don’t understand with “Folder Path”, File can not be extracted to my users folder name.

Please quick support me! Thanks

The Plist Editor tool has got a new look and new features. The Video Tutorial is of older version. The “Folder Path” is the path to the folder were you need to extract Sprites. Example: “c:/FolderName/”, so all sprites from plist would be extracted in “FolderName” folder. Regarding your Display issue. Please share the screen shot on virgilcwylie@gmail.com . Make sure you have checked “Contains PNG Sprite” if your plist have ”.png” at the end of every frame name. For more discussion email us and we can take it from there. We will be updating the New Video Tutorial soon.

Hello, Please reactivate my Sprite sheet Plist Editor for Texture Packer and BuildBox tool .


Yes we are working on the new update to fix this issue. Problem occurs when anyone changes the way they connect to Internet. Sent you another copy of software via mail. please check.


Your Welcome

Unfortunately doesnt works!

Hello, I have received your email. Please send your Plist and PNG file on mail. Please follow this tutorial https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WqeKjpU_e9E

Was your issue resolved with the video tutorial specific to your plist we sent on mail?

good evening ! I don’t know why it didn’t work for me because i followed the tutorial ..the problem is when i click Crop sprites ,your program open to me that folder ” C:\Users\taha\Documents ” automatically ,and when i check the folder that i told him to save the png’s in.. i found it empty Can you help me plz Or Can a sent you the plist file and you do it for me ?

Nevermind,it’s just worked for me now !! and it really a good softwar 5/5

Thanks for the review. We plan to make this software a good experience for all OS users. Because of which there are some limitations which we couldnt figure out. We are working on this software to make it a better experience for all our customers. Again thanks for good comment and review. Good Day

can i use these for unity sprites, for example sandy world source code

Does it have spritesheet made out of Texture packer? Share the Plist and png file of spritesheet we will confirm. You can mail us.

Hi Sir I Have Just Purchased Sprite Sheet Plist Tool And I Get Error In Software Registration “There was trouble connecting to internet. Software needs to be online”

Just sent you a offline version of the software. Hope that would work.

Ok sir i will try it and inform you thank you so much

Ok sir i will try it and inform you thank you so much

Does this software will work with eclipse source code ???

Do you have spritesheets with Plist file? If you have Plist file similar to the Plist file shown in the tutorial video then you can buy it. Else if Plist is different then I would suggest you check out our other software Spooky. It works with any PNG spritesheets but has less accuracy.

hi the software keeps saying to me: please purchase the original version even i already buy it thanks

Hello, this happens when sometimes the system ID changes. Please send the screenshot of the error message to virgil@bluegamerzstudio.com and we will update your ID. Sorry for inconvenience. This is only way we can avoid illegal users from using the software.

license problem after purchased http://prntscr.com/g8b1a7

Please check now. We have updated your ID. Let us know if it works.

Hello, Make sure that the png file with the same name as of Plist is in the same folder. Send us the Plist file along with PNG and we will check it out for you. Thanks for reaching out to us.

Hello, Please activate my Sprite sheet Plist Editor for Texture Packer and BuildBox tool .


Hello please share the company name which you used to register the software.

license problem after purchased http://prntscr.com/g8b1a7

Thanks for that. Please check now. Also check the version of software we shared with you via Dropbox.

Thanks now That’s work

Your Welcome :)


irox3r Purchased

Hello, when crop sprites why not keep the original order of the images in Preview?

When i click on SHOW FILENAME for preview… Filnames can not be seen, they are too small, and many images on Preview are cut…

Please make an update when possible.

The Order of the Sprites is as per its present in the Plist file. Yes there is a problem of File Name visibility. Yes the preview images cut as well. They cut as we try to scale them down keeping their aspect ratio. In our next update we will give more flexibility to the customers so they can control how many Images to show in Preview. Thanks for letting us know the issues. We are glad people are using the new features. Thanks again, the update will soon be coming with more features. Also we are working on a brand new Asset store where you can download the sprites to replace.

I have bought, but after days, please purchase an original copy … https://prnt.sc/gtbibw

Sure, we will check and get back in a while.

Ok, now please check you software.

We have updated your ID.


lofers Purchased

pls update my id software not run after buy


lofers Purchased

it’s running now thanks

Your welcome, but in future directly mail the screenshot of id on support@bluegamerzstudio.com

Your welcome, but in future directly mail the screenshot of id on support@bluegamerzstudio.com