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Missoka Purchased

Hi I purchase your item from “codecanyon.net” but try to open the jar file but the error message comes on screen.

Please purchase original copy from store.bluegamerzstudio.com.

If already purchase please contact Blue Gamerz Studio at Store.bluegamerzstudio.com. Please mention your order email, oder-id and UID: Store-00-26-6C-F5-76-0D-27.

please help me

Hello, please check now. Your UID was updated in our system


Missoka Purchased

it’s working. thanks


Missoka Purchased

The same problem reappeared

No no, the ID like Store-00-26-6C-F5-76-0D-27. Which you see in the error message.


Missoka Purchased

it’s working, I hope that the error will not be repeated again

It must be our server down time. The software is very low on memory so you can keep it on in background.

i just buy this, but when i open the plist file i can not. i was follow all the instruction but still zero. can you help me?

Yes, surely we will help you out. Drop an email of the Plist and PNG file to virgil@bluegamerzstudio.com . We can communicate from there to solve your problem.

ok sir, i was sending the file by using email. thanks for uer help.

Good that your software started working.

Just purchased this item and I get this UID: Store-08-00-27-00-0C-1A

Hello Bennet, Thank you for purchasing. I have updated your ID. Let me know if works.

Hi, Thanks it works :)

Your welcome.

After selecting plist file ,when I click crop spirit button it goes automatic my document folder but I put folder path different . Nothing shows any png image . Please solve it .

Please give me support by team viewer . I am stuck this problem by since 2 days. .

Thanks . Now its working .

Your welcome.

i have a message error : please purchase original copy from store

Surely we will check it and let you know when it’s fixed. This is an issue which could be fixed from our end.

okey , thank you !

Hello, the email you shared on mail isn’t registered from the software. If you dont remember the email you entered while registering then do let us know the things you know which you entered while registering. That would be only way for us to track your software ID. The other details could be country, first name, last name, city, company, email, date of registration.

i follow the stepd but i didn’t find nothing when i pressed crop, pleas help me!

Yes we can do a TeamViewer session to fix an issue. However we reviewed your Plist file and found that you haven’t removed the below line, <?xml version=”1.0” encoding=”UTF-8”?> <!DOCTYPE plist PUBLIC ”-//Apple//DTD PLIST 1.0//EN” “http://www.apple.com/DTDs/PropertyList-1.0.dtd”/>

Remove the above line and try again. Also make sure to UNCHECK the “Contains PNG file” option in software.

Follow the video tutorial exactly to edit your spritesheet.

Bro it worked after i formate my pc

The weirdest issue I ever saw. Thanks for fixing it on your end. :)

Is it working on Mac OS 10.13.2 ?

I followed the toturial but it doesn’t gives me anythig

Lets have a Team Viewer session to fix things on your machine. You can mail me the ID and Pass to have a Team Viewer session.

So after the session, all seems good to go? The tool works right?

Dear Support, i already bought this software, but it keeps asking me to purchase it. Could you please solve this problem

Surely, let us check. What was the registered mail ID you used while registering in software? please send it via mail to support@bluegamerzstudio.com

Hi Sir, what do you mean by mail ID?

We need some details from the first time registration of the software. Name, country, email etc. which we could use to identify your id in database.

hi, i have a problem while i try to merge back. the crop image still exist and my original atlas image are gone.

This issue is still a rare bug seen on few people system. Send us your plist and png file on support@bluegamerzstudio.com.

try to update latest java version and problem solve by self.

So which version of Java you had earlier and which one you have now?

recommend an author !! ill give 5 rating for this one

I purchase your item from “codecanyon.net” but its not working

Please share your error screenshot and registered Email ID to us at support@bluegamerzstudio.com

Hey, have you sent the screenshot?

Hi I purchased your item from “codecanyon.net” it worked fine on 1st time but now the error message comes on screen.

Please purchase original copy from store.bluegamerzstudio.com.

If already purchase please contact Blue Gamerz Studio at Store.bluegamerzstudio.com. Please mention your order email, oder-id and UID: Store-80-37-73-A9-A3-74.

please help me

Has your issue been fixed via mail? Let us all know if you still face the issue. This is only a temporary issue for authentication which occurs once.


I created a youtube video for everyone, will post soon. Thanks for the software, its super fast

You can earn via Envato reference program if you create videos and direct people towards this software.

Yes already done !! thanks

i have same problem about licence ( please purchase ….)

Please share your error screenshot and Email ID used to register in software, to us at support@bluegamerzstudio.com .

I’ve followed the instructions, after I did the “merge sprites back” the png plist file disappeared instead. What happened..?

Hello, So did the process of merging finished? Could you try to use different drive? If that doesnt work then try to update Java version.