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Addicting! nice!

Thank you, my friend!

so addicting :p, i get 12 points :)

Dear Author, I’ve purchased your item, but I have one problem with the version of the editor. Your item was created with r200 while I’m using r198 and I want to open it in my version. So please help me with the revert to version r198. Which new feature that I should remove or change in order to be able to open it in version r198? I’m really glad if you can help me with this. thanks.

Hi Thaitepy, thank you for purchasing my game! The game was created in r198 but later I updated my C2 and opened the game and saved in r200. It is not about features in the game, it is about saving in the last C2 version.

Try updating – downloading (free) the last Construct 2 version which comes with enhancements and bug fixes to make games run faster and better. https://www.scirra.com/construct2/releases/r200

Can i customize this code using eclipse to add others android activities?

Hi there. This game was made using Construct 2 (free). You can use Intel XDK, CocoonJS, Ludei and others to make .apk

How much is the generated APK file size?

i want to show admob interstitial periodically,how can i do that?

Hello AndroidBoy,

1. Create Admob account. Create new interstitial Ad and write down the ad code.

2. Open Construct 2. Right click, insert new object -> AdMob. On the left side paste the Interstitial code.

3. In the Event Sheet add new events: preload and show, etc.

4. Export Crosswalk

5. Open XDK, prepare the options for AdMob and create the mobile application

More info https://www.scirra.com/manual/184/admob https://software.intel.com/en-us/html5/articles/ads-for-crosswalk-and-construct-2

How can i display interstitial on Game Over?

Hi, basically: Add AdMob plugin to the Construct 2 game. Edit properties to add your Interstitial Ad Unit. Go to the Game Event Sheet. Add New Event: On Start of Layout -> Preload AdMob Interstitial.

Find the Game Over Events on the Event Sheet and Add a New Event: Run Once While true—> Show Interstitial.

Read this for more info: —http://help.shatter-box.com/wiki/intel-xdk-admob-banner-fullscreen-ads/https://www.scirra.com/forum/intel-xdk-admob-ads_t122841

Why graphics lose quality? and how can i fix that.

Hi AndroidBoy. Graphics are ready for 720×1280 pixels HD resolution. Most devices and mobiles have less pixels so graphics should have the best quality unless the screen resolution is bigger (which can happen in very few cases). Are you losing quality because of using a high resolution device? what is the resolution on your mobile/device tested?

Graphics can also lose resolution if changing in Construct 2 certain parameters like Low/Medium/High resolution. Try in the Project Properties – Configuration Settings ->

Fullscreen Scaling – High Resolution

Use High DPI – Yes

Downscaling – High quality,


AndroidBoy, let us know if you solved your issue. Also try this Configuration Setting:

Sampling: Linear

I have some questions about this game before I buy it. How can I contact to you(have mail or skype)?

i interesting this game but can’t live preview.