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hello there I’ve been waiting for 3 weeks for your answer in your support !!!! why are you not answering ???? I’ve paid full amount you’ve told me but you are saying we are waiting for apple approve its been since december !!!!

Login: admin Password: gjnjkjr76

admin admin

none of theese works to login as a admin i installed the script and followed every step carefully your general support on help.appteve.com is horrible

i have waited for 2 weeks for your help there when i asked you to help me you offered me help to set it all up for 120 usd its been 2 weeks and still no help from you, no invoice, nothing to pay, no answers

i am sick of this, please just give me the solution to just login as the admin after installing this crap so i can move forward and find someone else to help me from here, as for now no login details works and i have red all the comments to see if i missed anything

your document says one login in comment there is another

so whats the 3:rd that actually works so i can login to the script i bougt from you?

Hi author . i am interested in spotimusic but one question

Someone told me that it will only upload one file to s3 folder . i also tried using my own s3 api then i upload some files it only shows 1 file in s3 and only 1 song can be played from site or app ..

is there any issue or bug . please reply ASAP Regards : Ami

Good evening.
Amazon is a repository of files and any file can be played back on a variety of devices.
All technical questions will be answered on the support site.

“is there any issue or bug” – I have not the slightest idea what you mean.