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Hi, I still have not received response from the ticket #0102 in the support area.

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As soon as the results will be known by your question, you’ll be sure to write the answer. All your questions in our support under control.
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Hi, I just downloaded the latest version and going through configuring the backend site. For some reasons, after setting the config.php, database.php and importing the smusic.sql DB, the home page is not loading! Navigating to the root direct which redirects you to login page but it throws the following message (Step 12 from your documentation): I’m getting the typical: “The virtual host was set up successfully.” on the page Do you know why I’m not to see login page?

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Thank you for purchased our product.
Unfortunately, we do not provide support in the comments and via mail.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Also, do not forget to write the ticket license code and read support item: https://codecanyon.net/item/spotimusic-personal-streaming-music-service/17012623/support (Maybe there’s an answer to your question)
Please note that the studio is open from 11 am to 17 pm, except Saturdays and Sundays. Response time on a ticket from 20 minutes up to three business days, and we do not have support around the clock.
As experience has shown, the answer usually within 30 minutes.
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ok sure, I just created a ticket within appteve.com

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No need to duplicate messages. We have a perfectly working notification system.
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Can this support m4a and instead of s3 can I use URLs to to link the music?

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Thank you for purchase our product.
For all technical questions we have support site.
Please go to http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
We will respond to you shortly.
Do not forget that our time zone GMT +1. The studio is open from 10 am to 5 pm, except weekends.
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‘KVNProgress/KVNProgress.h’ file not found

Showing Recent Issues Failed to import bridging header ’/Users/bader/Desktop/SPOTIMUSIC_V2_iOS10/iOS_APP/spotimusic/spotimusic/spotimusic-Bridging-Header.h’

all app eerror

Good night. For all technical questions we have a support site. Unfortunately, we do not provide support in the comments and via mail. Regards, Appteve


SnDer Purchased

The ‘default’ loggin ‘admin’ & ‘admin’ doesn’t work.. Can’t get in..

I have had an open ticket in their system for about two months. The last message is that within 3 days of my last reply my request was going to be worked on. I have reached out multiple times to your company but have not received any type of response. I am reaching out on the product page in hopes for some type of response.

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First of all, tickets are handled by users application support and error handling.
Customization of products or as not associated with Codecanyon and writing messages here can not speed up our actions.
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Is this app compatible with Swift 3?

Good day. Compatible Xcode 8.1 Swift 2.3

Hello, makes the app compatible for Swift 3 and ios 10? That would be pretty cool. Notifactions were only as an idea when someone uploads a song or a song adds to the playlist.

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Marvin R.

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The application is compatible with Swift 2.3, Xcode 8.1 iOS 10.
This is quite enough for comfortable work with the project at this time. Regards, Appteve.


Are you planing to create a report system to know all statistic about plays, views, users, etc.

If I will charge the users, I have to know that to pay the musics owners.


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No, we do not have plans this functionality. We can do only by private request.
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Ok. You mean custom job, right?

So, can we talk about that in order to know the budget for the job?


For all technical, pre-sale and customization questions we have a customer support site. Please open http://help.appteve.com and create a new ticket.
Regards, Appteve

https://itunes.apple.com/nl/app/beat!/id1147833928?mt=8 This app live sample crashes after you click Create account button

Excuse me, what relationship we have this application? After the purchase of the user code, we disclaim all responsibility for the use of the source code. We are not obligated to monitor every copy of our source code and watch whether it works.

Someone asks for a Live App tests and you posted that link and I tried it. Your sample live app didn’t work. What exactly are you trying to tell me?

I wrote above you – we are not monitoring the user application. I do not want and do not try to tell you, is that you are asking me quite strange questions. Once again, what we have in relation to the application? No. Why? Read above. We have had 100 times forgotten about this app. If you have additional questions, for this we have the support site. We look forward to your specific questions there.

Could you upgrade to swift 3 sir?

Good day!
What you do not like Swift 2.3?
You know what to do production applications to the new version of the Swift is not correct? Swift3 unfortunately not yet fully finalized with a bunch of bugs and errors. Regards

Hello I am a web developer, but barely new to iOS and Swift… IF I buy your script can you give me a walkthrough on how to upload it to Apple Store? I have an active account already. And as far as changes go, is it simple to make changes to the feel and look of the player? I have a server with Amazon and ALL my user files are stored on buckets. Once I complete this project, do you happen to have this version for Android as well?

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Thank you for being interested in our product.
Complete with the source code, there is a step-by-step documentation for configuring the script and the application.
Since the process of publishing an application to an app is individual for each user, we do not provide such documentation. More details on how to do this can be found on the official website of Apple.
In order to make changes to the design, you need minimal knowledge of working with the application development environment, in this case it is the Xcode.
More details on all your questions can be answered by our specialists in the support service. https://help.appteve.com
The version for android is available here:


Hello there, i wanted to ask if you guys are considering updating this app so it is fully compatible with swift 3 instead of 2.3? also what would be a ” rough estimate” on running this app on Amazon servers?

thank you in advance

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I plan to buy this but I don’t any knowledge of how it works or how to have my content in the app since I don’t know nothing about coding. Would you mind helping me to customize this App for xtra $$? I really like the concept. I send you personal message as well.