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how many levels?

30 levels are there, but it is very easy to unlimited levels. Documentation is provided.

I just installed demo APK and it’s showing error. Required XML atribute “adUnitld” was missing. so how I test?

We apologise there was little confusion. We will update the code by tomorrow.

No problem. please reply me when you have an update. I have a plan to buy this but I will test in my device first. Thanks for this nice game. :)

Surely. Thanks :)

nice game, good luck with sales! :)

Thanks and same to you. :)

Hi your apk is working on Samsung note 3 that was the reason i buy it but on HTC ONE it stuck on the 1st page even the downloaded code give you the same result the option for play & share disrepair and it says “Required XML attribute adunitid was missing” I did added admob ID, but it is not showing ads or open the game, Thanks!

I try the apk it is working on galaxy Samsung note 3 but on HTC ONE and one more android device the app shows you splash image and music and it freeze with error. sorry it is not working this time to i hope you will tackle the problem.

Yes, we are working on the issue, the new apk was changed due to Angry Bird copyright name. We shall update you in 1-2 days for sure. Thanks for your patience.

No problem see you soon, Thanks.

Just curious but wouldn’t there be copyright issues with this app? Surely Angry birds and the characters are copyrighted to Rovio?

We have changed it and waiting for the reviewers to update it with new name. Thanks.

Surely this is a copyright violation… Rovio will come down on you with their lawyers.

Okay. We will change the character.

Yes, full support.

Good luck with sales.

Thanks bro.

game have leaderboard ?

No, but can be implemented.

Hi, you says “We shall update you in 1-2 days for sure” 1 month no word from you are you updating the app?

Hi, we apoligise for the delay. We will work on it today and send you the updated code. Please email us at support@desk87.com


advertisement used Intertitial admob or banned only ?

Yes, admob is there.

ADMOB intertitial or banner only ?


I recently bought this app 2 weeks ago. And shows this error: Required XML atribute “adUnitld” was missing

Put your admob ID.