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Interesting … couple of questions:

1) can you make the whole area of the “hidden” block clickable and not just the link? I’d love to be able to display some narrative text/description and have the ability to click anywhere within the revealed area and have it act just like you had clicked on the physical link

2) can I have mulitple walls on separate pages? I’d like to have a page of Gold level sponsors, a different page and wall of Silver level sponsors and a 3rd page with a wall of Bronze level sponsors.

3) I am a Wordpress freak … can this be easily integrated into WP pages/posts?

If you can make your product do these things you have a buyer!!!!

@ssieloff > First point is possible. > Second point its joomla module so you need to copy it on joomla sites and put on different page . > no its only for joomla now a days.

PLEASE make a WP version … PLEASE !!!! :-)

Email me on pulseextensions@gmail.com will give you wordpress version , thanks.

This is really good and usefull. Saves a lot of screen real estate.

I would want to use it to the left and right of my page outside (like the advertising background banners on msn.com?)

Could I setup two on one page 1 advert wide outside my main divs like that?

You using joomla than Yes you will able to do it and sure we will help you to set two on one page , Happy to help you thanks for your time with us.


You told ssieloff that you had a WordPress version – do you actually have one?

STYLE1 : HOVER AND DOOR LEFT OPENING doesn’t make sense. You should re-word it to STYLE1 : HOVER AND THE DOOR WILL SLIDE OPEN

great idea for an extension!

Sure we will update it soon , thanks for your time to take a look and suggest us.

I just bought this module however it seems to conflict with my content slider. I just renamed the jquery 1.4 min script and it worked. Is there another fix for this?

just Email me your URL / Admin access and FTP access we will help you there so it work , thanks.

Jesus!!! this is a prehistoric plug in from the Stone age

From uploading images to separating square from horizontal logos.

I would have been better off putting my logos on a html joomla module

Hello, i long ago bought this module, it is very good for me. But I would like that when I make a click inside the logo does not come back and let me see the contents and when I make another click on content, the logo back to the original place. Is this possible?


We can costumize diferente type sponsors in same page, like 2 diferente gallery?

I have 4 sponsor level and in same page i want show the level one with “x” size, and the level 2 with “y” size, level 3 “z” size …

Its possible?

very good work !