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Good work.

Feature Request: Add a “sponsor my website” option for big spenders with shortcode option. I.e. Homepage display. Maybe with a timer.

You could add a “partner” template that displays a carousel of logos like the Envato logos. This would work by making the image they upload 25×25 pxls ( for example ) and then dropping heading text beside it. This category is for top paying site sponsors. Complete with shortcode.

Ok we will try to maybe add this to the next release.

While I think it’s a great idea, remember that I’m just one customer ( who has yet to purchase ;) ). What I suggest you do is add it to your ideas… and only add it to your road map if that’s the direction you’re heading.

Maybe set up a voting forum and I will post the idea there. See how everyone reacts. If it gets votes, then do it. If it doesn’t, then dump it.

Yes some templates would be great. The templates would be minimalistic style but it would make a huge difference.

Your idea came in a perfect time as now I’m concentrating on the artices/posts from the writing and generating income view.

I’m going to add to collections and will purchase soon but please if you can include a few other templates :)

Thank you Sponsormyarticles. Awesome job

Also, you can tell your developer to update the CSS files in the following folder:


There are two files:

front-form.css – this is to change how the form looks sponsor-style.css – this is to change the style of the sponsor listing.


Is there a way to include this on selected posts using shortcodes?

I just realized it wouldn’t look nice if I had the sponsor button on all posts by users who aren’t my Contributors or Editors :)

Unfortunately we don’t use shortcodes. But we did think of this situation so what you can do is add those posts into a category and then exclude them from the sponsor button to be shown.

In the settings page you will see exclude categories. Just tick the category and the sponsor button won’t be shown.


this plugin is definitely very interesting for me and I would buy it… If there were some more features… I have couple of questions:

1) Is it possible to have more regions for sponsors on the page with the post (i.e. 1 section in the header for higher price then the 2nd section under the article)

2) Is it possible to localize the plugin and its default messages?

3) Is it possible to set payment for just a date range (i.e. sponsorship just for 5/7/10/30 days) or only one time payment without any removal od that ad in the future (I would like to choose – lifetime sponsor or time-limited sponsorship)

4) Is it possible to stylize or set the layout/colors of the box?

Thank you,


Hi Martin,

Thanks for your interest. Here’s responses to your questions:

1. Unfortunately no. The plugin was designed to just have a sponsorship section at the bottom. The reason for this is to make sure the sponsorship section doesn’t look too busy.

2. Not at this stage

3. No, the plugin is set for lifetime sponsorship. We don’t believe time-limited sponsorship works.

4. Yes, this is done via a CSS file.

Awesome plugin!

What prevents me from buying though is that I cannot set a time for sponsorship. Would love for my visitors to choose for how long they would like to sponsor and for them to receive notification when sponsorship runs out, so they can renew.

Reason being, that I don’t want to charge high prices (which might keep people from sponsoring) but don’t want to give away that backlink for a few $ for a lifetime sponsorship.

To me it would be perfect with time-management.

Still fantastic plugin!

Hi flavius7,

We don’t believe time based sponsorship works (unless your website receives lots of visitors) so we did not include it in this plugin. We may change our minds in the future.

All the best.

Hi there,

Just letting you know we have added the time based sponsorship feature.

Pre-sale question:

Can each article have its own price of sponsorship?

We’re looking to use this for a local museum who want people to ‘sponsor’ an artifact (ie: each is its own post/article), and they all have different prices.


Hi storyboardsolutions,

Unfortunately this is not possible. The cost is set globally so each article has the same price.

Hi there,

No this is not possible. The cost for the article is set in the admin panel and is global.

Thanks for replying.


i confirm that lifetime or limited time choice would be great

Thanks for your feedback. We created a poll to see how many people request this feature. Feel free to contribute. http://www.sponsormyarticles.com/time-based-vs-lifetime-sponsorship/

Hi there,

Just letting you know that we have added Time based sponsorship.

Intersting Plugin,

Does it work with Wordpress 4.1.2?

Yes it does work with 4.1.2

Hi guys, this is “almost” exactly what we need. I think

Does the plugin allow us to set up a way that people can sponsor an author (I have multiple authors) and allow people to pay money in each post + on the authors profile page. We will then use something like paypal adaptive payments to make a commision on the way through. Is that possible with this plugin?

Thanks for your interest. Unfortunately we currently don’t have that feature to set up sponsorships by authors and commissions.

Nice Plugin,

Does it work with Custom Post type ?


Thanks for your kind words.

Unfortunately the current plugin will only work for Posts. We may add Custom Post types in the future if we get more requests.

We do hope custom post type and option to auto list without approve from admin.


Hi Altoman, the latest version has the custom post type.


Your plugin looks really useful… congratulations!

1.-I wonder why it has few sales?

2.- What is the main different between free and paid version?

3.- How does it look in mobiles? is it responsive?

4.- Are the logos saved in wordpress media library?

5.- Are the link do follow or no follow?

Thanks Regards

HI Arutam,

1. Glad you think it’s useful. We do also sell this plugin on other platforms and via our website 2. Free doesn’t have all the features as the paid version and has a default sponsorship which cannot be removed 3. Yes, it is responsive as long as the Wordpress theme you’re using is also responsive. Please check http://www.digitalsignageblog.com as an example 4. Yes the logos are saved in the WordPress media library 5. The links are DO FOLLOW.

Thanks for answered my questions and I apologize for didn’t answer back you.

I am planning to use this plugin and I have couple more questions.

1.- Can I modify the size of the logo visible in the sponsor area? 2.- Do you have the feature to see a total count of views, clicks or any stats? 3.- Can ads blockers hide the sponsor?

Thank you in advance!

Sorry I didn’t realise you posted this.

1. If you know a little about CSS then you can modify the size. 2. Unfortunately, we don’t have any analytics 3. I don’t think so as it doesn’t popup.

Hello, I wanted to order the free version at http://www.sponsormyarticles.com/free/, but the checkout does not work.

Could you please let me know what error message you receive?


aowona Purchased

Hello! I am having problem with javascript:void(0) method whrn I click on”Becone a sponsor for $X”nothing happens. Please how can I fix it?


aowona Purchased

I don’t think the problem is about the Wordpress version since it worked with 4.9 using another theme. Here is the theme: https://themeforest.net/item/panes-wordpress-on-one-page/5026910?_ga=2.17815353.1476550579.1517581623-80419690.1517581623

I also contacted the theme vendor to advise. I’ll keep you informed.

Here is the website: http://otheatre.com Or use this example: http://otheatre.com/?s=toronto

Are you able to confirm that if you set the theme to the wordpress default, the same issue happens?


aowona Purchased

Sorry for the delay. Yes it works with WordPress default. Since I noticed that your plugin uses javascript:void(0) instead of href or something else, that might cause the conflict. I am wondering if there is a way we can replace the use of javascript:void(0).