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Hi themac, How is the best way to contact you?


got some servertroubles yesterday – but answered your mail right now



I like the script, It can be translated to Spanish? installation manual exists?


hi bosco,

thx for your comment :)

a readme exists and the installation is fairly easy – translation into other languages can be done copying an exiting language folder and modifying the containg language files (i.e. copy en -> es)


Is this compatible with wordpress? I just purchased it and It does not seem to be working with wordpress. If it is, how do you set it up?

Do you mean as a subdomain? How do I do that?

it would be enough to create a directory (i.e. called SPM), upload your files into that directory, modify config, point browser to your SPM-folder and follow setup instructions

all of my items don’t need an explicit host or domain

hope this helps ya

Followed your directions, still not working. I’ll send you a detailed email.

I need to change the date format of mm/dd/yy to dd/mm/yy, is it possible? Another issue is that I have already completed all the translation into Spanish .. you interested in this upgrade?



thx for purchasing SPM :)

the date (and date-time) format can easily changed global in the common.lang.php (keys: datetime_format, date_format)

to get dd/mm/yy just change the two lines to:
     'date_format' => 'd/m/y',
     'datetime_format' => 'd/m/y H:i',

and yes, would be nice if you send me the spanish files, so I could integrate them to the item :)


thx jmframil

Hello, we are using the system and we have a problem.

Users have the ability to create projects and tasks and for our company we should add a common user type that can see everything that is assigned and NOT can add tasks and projects.

this is possible?

thanks John


I think this should be doable, there are variuos otions

the combination of “View all projects of assigned customers” and “View only assigned online customers with their files” will allow to view projects and times of customers which are assigned but witjout possibility to add/modify times

todos would be stil possible by default


create projects okay we can do as you say, but I want the tasks only the administrator can add. and that the employee does not have the ability to generate new tasks in your projects



there is no task/todo permission system on SPM at the moment


long time since the lest update :) , but:

Simple Project Manager 2.20 out now

upped and ready to download

  • fixed: quote troubles in various forms
  • improved: some additional links added to reach different sections faster
  • added: different views for customers list (online/offline/all) incl. default view
  • added: different views for projects list depending on customer’s state (online/offline/all) incl. default view
  • improved: default language can be set in the config
  • added: last active projects linked and ready to restart/stop on dashboard
  • added: showing highest used customer number when adding new customer
  • added: project times report for each user on user’s page
  • added: own project times report on profile page
  • added: possibility to upload multiple files on customers’ documents page at once
  • improved: focusing “OK” button on confirmation pages by default
  • added: allover search for customers, projects, project files, customer documents and knowledge base entries
  • updated: translated missing Dutch (nl) language parts
  • fixed: some smaller fixes and removed unused codes, arguments

best wishes

I have several times tried the script to run to bring stable, it worked well. I just think for me the handling very inconvenient … but that may be just my personal opinion. However, the class there are people who make the work! Thank you.

hi, i ve created user but i cant login with its user-pass, can u help me

ok got, need to active them

question, can u emailme, i may some custimization, so i need quote, thankss


thx for pruchasing SPM :)

can u emailme, i may some custimization, so i need quote, thankss
feel free to drop me a short message through my envato profile page -> click here


Hello, i was thinking to use the script again but i forget my username and pass. Is there a way to get that info back?

Thank you! I was wondering, is it possible to use money instead of hours?

would be possible if you mean the displaying of spent time calculated in money, you have to add a(your) multiplicator whereever you like to get the money for the spent hours

i.e. projects.php
round($row->diff/60/60,2) . " h
round($row->diff/60/60,2)*80 . " $

Yes thank you! I also try to make one row for time input. So only start date and the time would be money? That would be great!

—Simple Project Manager 2.22(.01)

released and avail for download

Password Manager since V2.22

  • possibility to save sites/URLs with username and passwords
  • passwords will be saved encoded to the database
  • only with the SPM-User password these passwords can be decrypted
  • possibility to save clear text passwords next to the encryped ones
  • included random password generator
  • ...

2.22.01: fixed mistake in the update instructions (config section) ...
$lang = array();
it should be
add lines below
instead of
replace with

so sad :(

It has everything I need… but not responsive

y any chance if i want to give restricted use access to add new customers? how can i do that because currently only admin can add customers. but i need an option that the user can add new customers.


why not just following the instructions and replace your parts or consider my hints???
if ($todo == "edit") { 
    permissioncheck($pm_auth_userlevel > 1 || (in_array($pm_auth_uid,array(1,2,3)) && !$id));
if ($action == "edit") { 
    permissioncheck($pm_auth_userlevel > 1 || (in_array($pm_auth_uid,array(1,2,3)) && !$id));
the ”==” you’ve forgotten too – I just corrected the bracket failures, missing functions, not used =-Signs, any other mistypes I haven’t checked direct in project


Thanks very much its working now :)

great :)

I Want to hide customer from customers.php page ones they have 1 project report generated.

is this a pre-sale question? Such a feature is not implemented out of the box.


Is this tool dead? No updates since a very long time? The interface is looking rather outdated :-(


I’m still using SPM every day, but you are absolutely right – interface is really outdated – there will be a new item based on SPM (which allows to upgrade) ussing current techniques in the next months

best wishes

wow!!! That would be great!!!! Thanks!

its suitable for labor or contruction building project? i want to tracking how much material stock, and how much materials used by a month or a day, and buy or added some materials to inventory based on a project or based on whole project


not out of the box – it’s possible to develeop some functions and features to the customers and projects to SPM with PHP/HTML/SQL/JS skills

but I would rather built a tool straightened for your needs from scratch

hope I could help so far and if haven’t a dev on hand you can contact me in this issue