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Hi, Admob implemented ?

Startapp integrated.

If I buy this game, you can implement admob for me ?

Yes, we can Admob for you. Contant via bilkobilisim@gmail.com before purchase.

is it in eclipse ?

Made with Unity3D.

i can import in eclipse ?

No, you cant import eclipse. If you dont know how to use Unity3D we can help you. Contact via bilkobilisim@gmail.com

iyi günler, bu i?lerde yeniyim fakat art?k takipçinizim. ?imdiden iyi sat??lar.

?yi günler, te?ekkürler.

It works for Windows Phone? It has ads?

Yes, it works. StartApp integrated.

Merhabalar, oyunlar için reskin ve admob ekleme i?lemi yap?yor musunuz?

Merhaba, evet reskin hizmetimiz vard?r. bilkobilisim@gmail.com üzerinden ileti?im kurabilirsiniz.

hi, if i buy this app, and i install unity3d in my computer, can u help me build this to android and windows phone app?

Hi, We can configure game for you. You can contact us via bilkobilisim@gmail.com.

i download your apk file to run, i found that when i click back button, the app do not exit, is this right?

merhaba, unity ile herhangi bir deneyimim olmad?. Uygulaman?z ho?uma gidiyor lakin reskin yapabilecekmiyim emin de?ilim.e?itim belgelerini payla?abilirmisiniz ?

Merhaba, Buradan dökümentasyon i?lemlerine bakabilirsiniz : http://docs.bilkobilisim.com/splash/

i have a question , if i bought the application , can i put in google play store even if it already someone put it there without modify it ? ( is that act will cause a copyright problem )

After you purchase game you can make small changes like: changing game name, game icon, package name or you can change colors. Graphics and sound effects made by us so when you purchase game you purchase license to.

Is this multi pltform or android only? If its multi platform which mobile phones?


Hi, Game is developed with unity3D. You can check from https://unity3d.com/unity/multiplatform this link wich platforms is available for publishing.


‘Not” all code is written for All Platforms. I know Unity 3D is a Multi Platform IDE. I am asking did “You: write the code for “All Platforms”???

Game is developed for mobile phones and work well on desktop based platforms also game is compatible with web player. If we know right for IOS and Windows Phone platforms you should change some pointer events and keyboard events (if available). Except this all code written in unity is multi platform compatible. If you think purchase this game we can help you to publish for platform you want.

hello are you still providing support via email?

Sry not support via mail

hi! this game import android studio or eclipse? thank you

touch not working for ios

touch not working for ios

any suppport?