Oozman does not currently provide support for this item.

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:crying: Hi ;


An Error Was Encountered

The URI you submitted has disallowed characters.



How can I fix the problem?

Thanks for the email. I’ve already fixed this for you. Let me know if you have more questions.


Need some help installing this getting the following error.

No input file specified.

How did you get this error?

This might be the best script in the world. However, no demo = no purchase.

Sorry ‘bout that matt. I’ll work on it.

wow pare

magaling po!

thank you po. :)

hi, for this project can i register google adsense ? sorry i would like to ask you how to make website for register account google adsense ? how many content for register account google adsense ?

What do you mean? Sorry, I didn’t get your idea. Let me know, maybe I can help. :)

i have been trying spin content all page but google adsense not approved, i don’t why

I’m not sure why. Unfortunately, google adsense is out of my control. Let me know if you have more questions.

Hi , i want to test your demo . Thx .

Sure, I’m happy to help. Just let me know.

Help with installation www.meupost.com/

No input file specified.

any demo? I would buy this script :)

This does not work, Pessimo support, I lost my money.

Hi support,

Has this script been upgraded to support multi users, if so how many…?


I want to buy this script, but I need to see the demo ? can you show that ?

Script doesn’t seem to work, also no support available? why not just remove this script from codecanyon?

Is this script updated to be able to buy it?


This looks like a good product, but with no demo and no response to inquiries, you may as well remove it from envato and save people the aggravation!

Sorry about the hassle, I was occupied to update this item. For sure, I’ll be back on this as soon as possible. Thanks again for understanding.

Any update from the seller?

I also would like to see a working demo before buying it.

I was pretty busy to update this item. But for sure I’ll be back for updates and be more pro-active. Thanks for understanding.

Hi, is this still working?


Vito227 Purchased

No this is a Dead Script! There have been No updates since 2012